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    Diet on crab sticks helps to lose weight in 4 days on5 kg

    The diet on crab sticks is becoming more and more popular method of losing weight every day, allowing for a relatively short period of time to lose a significant excess weight.

    Can I lose weight on crab sticks ^

    The basis of the diet is the use of natural crab sticks. This product is well suited for dietary nutrition, since it contains only 80 kilocalories per 100 grams and after heat treatment and freezing it retains its nutritional useful properties for a long time.

    The advantages of the power system are:

    • Harmless weight loss for 4 days to 5 kg;
    • Saturation of the body with vitamins E, A, Group B and fatty polyunsaturated acids;
    • Cleansing the body of toxins, slags in the intestines and a decrease in blood cholesterol;
    • Easily tolerated without causing harm and without causing side effects;
    • The price of crab sticks is acceptable and affordable.

    The main disadvantage of the dietary method is poor-quality production of crab sticks, which can together with the desired weight loss cause harm to health. Therefore, when choosing them, pay close attention to the composition prescribed on the package.

    Many unscrupulous manufacturers make a product from soy, starch and other harmful components. Real, quality and beneficial products should only contain minced fish( surimi) and salt.

    Main dietary rules:

    • Daily consumption of crab sticks should not exceed 200 g;
    • In between meals, you need to drink 200 - 250 ml.drinking water or unsweetened green tea.

    The diet system based on the use of crab sticks is contraindicated in atopic dermatitis, kidney disease, liver and allergic reactions to fish.

    Crab sticks diet: menus and recipes ^

    Menu for 4 days

    The four-day procedure may seem rather rigid due to a limited diet, but during its use there will not be a strong feeling of hunger. The food ration consists of a liter of kefir with a fat content of 2 - 2.5% and crab sticks, the daily norm of which should not exceed 200 gr.

    The sample menu is made by the hour, however, depending on the situation, it can be reviewed.

    • 8.00 - sticks of 50 g, 300 ml of kefir;
    • 10.00 - sticks of 20 g, 200 ml of kefir;
    • 13.00 - a stick.50 g, 200 ml of kefir;17.00 - a stick.50 g, 200 ml of kefir;
    • 19.00 - a stick.30 g, 100 ml of yogurt.

    Staying for four days of the above diet, the weight dropped can reach 5 kg.

    Protein diet on crab sticks

    The protein diet is perfect for those who can not refuse meat and fish products, but will be able to refrain from flour products, sweets and fruits. Thanks to this technique, the fatty layer, and not the muscle mass, will be actively burned.

    Crab sticks - a fish product, with which you can quite well diversify the diet menu of protein dietary techniques. The approximate food ration of the protein diet program for the day can be as follows:

    • Breakfast: crab curd roll( filling with low-fat cottage cheese, garlic and greens wrapped in sticks), green tea;
    • Second breakfast: a glass of milk;
    • Lunch: white boiled chicken meat, stew of peppers, tomatoes and carrots, bread black, tomato drink;
    • Snack: a glass of milk;
    • Dinner: bran bread, kefir, salad( crab sticks, eggs, boiled pieces of beef, greens).

    However, you should know that it is advisable to use a protein diet for not more than two weeks, in order to avoid the appearance of health problems.

    Popular recipes for crab diets ^

    Among the recipes for dishes with crab sticks used for dietary food rations, the most popular are the following:


    • Wands wipe through a fine grater, add boiled egg and clove of garlic, season with unsweetened yogurt.
    • Then from the received weight to collect balls and roll in grated egg yolks or cheese.

    Dietary salad

    • Ingredients: 200 gr.sticks of crab, fresh cucumber and 8-10 pcs.cherry.
    • All finely chopped, add mixed finely chopped garlic and greens.
    • Then refill with oil( olive, linen).

    Crab balls

    • Crab sticks( a packet or 200 g.) And two boiled eggs to pass through a meat grinder.
    • Chop the garlic clove with garlic and add to 150 gr.grated low-fat cheese.
    • Mix the whole mixture with a small amount of sour cream, roll the balls and roll in the greens.
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    Results, reviews of thin and doctors about diet on crab sticks ^

    Positive results of diet on crab sticks are to effectively reduce weight in a short period of time. In addition, the main dietary product contains proteins and carbohydrates, which gives the nutrition a balance. The diet is tolerated without much difficulty, but it can cause difficulties in retaining weight after its termination.

    Therefore, the correct way out after a diet program, especially after the end of the four-day procedure, is based on the following mandatory recommendations:

    • In the early days( 2-3) it is necessary to adhere to a five-time meal based on dishes from oatmeal, rice, pearl barley, fresh salads, curdled milk or yogurtin the mornings, tea unsweetened drinks and broths;
    • In the next 3 days, the menu gradually introduces fruits, fruit dishes, juices and lean soups;
    • In the future, the food ration is gradually replenished with meat, fish and other dairy products.

    However, it should be remembered that the main rule of weight retention is the maximum restriction of floury sweet products and fatty foods.

    Reviews of the diet on the crab sticks of many women are different. Some people speak about it positively, arguing that this diet program is highly effective in terms of losing weight, is transferred with ease, it does not show hunger, fatigue and other side effects.

    Others, although they were satisfied with the result, could not keep the achieved weight. This defect is explained by the fact that, after calorie restriction and active fat burning, the body starts to accumulate lost fat reserves again. But, adhering to the right way out and exercise, you can easily keep a slender silhouette.

    Apply this dietary method preferably not more than once every 4 months. Doctors are quite skeptical about this diet, because, in their opinion, such weight loss can lead to deterioration of well-being and beriberi. Therefore, they recommend the main product for weight loss to use in conjunction with other high-grade food products.

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