• Herpes sore throat in children: treatment of ailment

    With the birth of the child, parents acquire a small piece of small happiness, but they still do not know what difficulties await them. Angina is very common among others. She is most often affected by children. They sometimes have just a sip of cold air, one serving of ice cream or talking to sick children.

    Promotes the development of herpes sore throat in children with reduced immunity, as well as if it occurs against a background of influenza or adenovirus infection. The path of transmission of herpes sores is fecal-oral and air-drip. Herpes sore throat in children does not require special treatment. How to treat herpes sore throat see below.

    Herpes sore throat: symptoms of

    The onset of herpes sore throat corresponds to a common cold: a small runny nose, a sore throat, a dry cough. However, the next day there is an increase in temperature to 39-40 degrees, which can last for 5-6 days, chills, weakness in the whole body, severe sore throat, difficulty in swallowing due to an increase in the tonsils, inflammation of the cervical and mandibularlymph nodes that are very painful when touched.

    In the throat you can see the picture: redness, puffiness of the tonsils, pharyngitis, and also a characteristic sign of herpetic sore throat is a rash form of small vesicles with a diameter of 1-5 mm. Over time, they burst and small, shallow sores are formed on this place. Healing occurs 4-7 days later.

    Children under 4 years of age may not have major symptoms of the disease,the virus could be from the intestinal group and so the baby complains of the colic in the abdomen, nausea and refuses to eat.

    Specific typing methods are used to determine the type of virus, but currently it is not in demand. It is used only with prolonged disease or ineffective treatment.

    Herpes sore throat in children: treatment of

    Herpes sore throat: symptomatic treatment. If you make the diagnosis of "herpes sore throat", then you need to start a quick treatment, because in time the cured sore throat can give a number of complications in the form of meningitis, encephalitis, myocarditis, rheumatism and pyelonephritis. However, herpes sore throat in children does not require specific treatment. The pediatrician assigns to each child an individual treatment regimen, depending on the general condition, stage of the disease and allergic anamnesis.

    On the first day, they are prescribed antipyretic and analgesic. Of course, you can not do without antiseptics and antihistamines. Sometimes antiviral drugs are added, and if a bacterial infection has joined, antibiotics are indicated for use. Do not be superfluous will be drugs that increase immunity and vitamins.

    Treatment of the throat with angina

    Undoubtedly, an important measure in the treatment of sore throat is a rinse of the throat. You should spend at least once, per hour. It helps to remove the swelling of the tonsils, cleanse the infection and dead epithelium and improve overall well-being. For the rinse you can use decoctions( chamomile pharmacy, medicinal sage, peppermint, St. John's wort, etc.) and tinctures of herbs( marigold medicinal, medicinal sage, etc.).The excellent means for rinsing are: a solution of boric acid, an alcohol solution of propolis, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, a solution of furacilin, etc.

    If you have a small child and can not rinse the throat itself, it can be irrigated, for example with a prepared chamomile broth, a syringe with a previously removed needle or, moistened with the same broth, a cotton swab to treat the oral cavity.

    Sick children need strict bed rest. Take care that they do not take anything into your mouth, because your child has open wounds and this can facilitate the attachment of a secondary infection. In no case do compresses on the throat - the result of patients this may be an even greater deterioration of the condition. If you see that the child is getting better, do not stop treatment, then the disease can resume again or worse, a complication will join.

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