• Pharyngitis: treatment and the causes of its appearance

    What is pharyngitis: treatment and the causes of its appearance? Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the lymphoid tissue and pharyngeal mucosa. As a rule, there are several main causes of the disease, which include inhalation of contaminated or cold air, the effect of chemical stimuli( alcohol, tobacco).

    In addition, various microorganisms, viruses and fungi can provoke the disease. Also, quite often this disease develops due to the spread of another, the focus of inflammation of which is in the throat.

    There are two types of this disease: chronic and acute.

    Than chronic pharyngitis is dangerous and how to deal with it?

    Classification of chronic form:

    • Atrophic;
    • Hypertrophic( granular).

    If we talk about the chronic form in general, it is worth noting that the cause of its occurrence may be an untreated acute pharyngitis, as well as a constant irritation of the pharynx. Also, it can include professional and allergic factors, beriberi, mental and physiological fatigue. In addition, in the development of chronic chronic phases of remission and exacerbation.

    As for the symptoms, they are the same in both hypertrophic and atrophic pharyngitis, and are a constant tickling or scratching in the throat, so to speak, accompanied by a feeling of dryness and mild pain.

    The process of chronic treatment usually begins with the elimination of the inflammation focus, followed by various procedures aimed at increasing the immunity of the whole organism. It should be noted that the process of treatment of granulosa and atrophic forms has some differences.

    Treatment of granulosa pharyngitis

    Among the causes of this disease, first of all it is necessary to note the negative influence of cigarette smoke and alcohol, which leads to inflammation of the lymphoid tissue.

    The process of granulosa treatment includes a whole range of procedures, including the use of various types of oil-alkaline inhalations, mouth rinsing with herbal tinctures and decoctions, lubrication and burning of granules with iodine-containing preparations.

    In addition, quite often the patients are prescribed antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. Also. Obligatory is the use of vitamins A, B and E.

    Atrophic pharyngitis

    Atrophic is the last stage of chronic pharyngitis, therefore the treatment of this disease is much more difficult than the granulosa.

    There are two methods of treating this kind of chronic pharyngitis: local and general. Just as with granulosis pharyngitis, various inhalations for the throat and tinctures for rinsing the mouth are used. But, it must be noted that atrophic characteristic is treatment in a sanatorium.

    Among other things, it is worth noting that before starting treatment, it is always necessary to conduct laboratory studies, the results of which will help to choose the right method of treatment.

    Causes and treatment of the acute stage of the disease

    Acute pharyngitis, as a rule, develops due to the action of an aggressive factor( viruses, infections) on the mucous membrane of the pharynx. It is worth noting that the course of this disease is generally favorable.

    Classification of acute pharyngitis:

    • Chronic;
    • Viral;
    • Fungal;
    • Bacterial;
    • Traumatic;
    • Allergic.

    Effective treatment of the viral form

    Viral is the most common type of acute. The main symptoms of this disease are pain in the muscles and joints, fever, pain when swallowing, an increase in lymph nodes in the neck.

    The treatment of this disease includes rinsing the throat with herbal and antiseptic tinctures, throat irrigation and taking tablets.

    Also, it is important to know that the way to treat a disease such as viral pharyngitis - antibiotics, is by no means acceptable, since bacteria that cause disease develop immunity to such substances.

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