Than the ulcers in the mouth are dangerous. Diagnosis and prevention

  • Than the ulcers in the mouth are dangerous. Diagnosis and prevention

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    Occasionally, strange white spots appear on the mucous membrane inside the mouth, on the tongue, cheeks or lips, with distinct red lines. Often, their occurrence is accompanied by a burning sensation in the form of burning. This phenomenon is called gangrenous ulcers. A few days later the pain passes. Then the ulcer disappears.

    The causes of ulcers in the oral cavity have so far not been unequivocally formulated by .There is an opinion that its appearance provokes stress and damage to the soft tissues of the mouth. Some scientists believe that ulcers occur due to malnutrition, GI disease, immune system disorders or as a side effect of certain medications.

    Usually distinguish two varieties of gangrenous ulcers:

    1. Simple. Appear for 4-7 days approximately every three months. They are found mostly in people aged 10 to 40 years, at the older age disappear. Such ulcers in the oral cavity are observed mainly in women and are considered a genetic disease.
    2. Complicated. They are prone to reappear after healing. They are rare.
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    Treatment and prevention of

    disease There is no effective agent for the treatment of gangrenous ulcers of any kind. You can recommend prophylactically how to protect against their appearance:

    • Avoid food that irritates or traumatizes the mucous;
    • when brushing your teeth, try not to injure the ulcer;
    • use special rinses;
    • pain can be relaxed by taking an analgesic.

    In cases of severe ulcers, a doctor should be consulted, who will prescribe special remedies suitable for the case, such as rinsing and a cream or ointment for the oral cavity.

    You should consult a doctor as soon as possible if you:

    • , if there are ulcers in the mouth, the temperature rises;
    • there is a spread of ulcers in the mouth;
    • sores do not disappear within a week;
    • pain with taking an analgesic does not go away.

    If your teeth are irregularly shaped due to a crack or fracture having sharp edges, you should visit a dentist to treat such teeth and restore their shape, as sharp edges, traumatizing the mucous membrane, often cause ulcers in the oral cavity.

    Types of oral diseases and their treatment

    In addition to ulcers, there are other diseases of the oral cavity, which cause a lot of inconvenience.

    These include, for example:

    • Stomatitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth, accompanied by burning and dryness.
    • Glossitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the tongue as a result of its trauma.
    • Gingivitis - inflammation of the gums, accompanied by redness, swelling and bleeding. Usually is a consequence of non-compliance with oral hygiene.
    • Thrush is an infectious disease of the oral mucosa caused by yeast fungi.
    • Oral phlegmon - an infectious disease, a purulent inflammation of the cellulose. It occurs against a background of a number of diseases of teeth and gums.

    Usually, to rinse the formulations, rinse with a solution of salt or soda. However, all these diseases require urgent medical attention.

    In order to reduce the number of diseases of the oral cavity, it is recommended to monitor the condition of the mucosa, teeth and gums. For this purpose, professional hygiene is carried out. It consists in the removal of calculus, plaque and subsequent coating of the teeth with fluorine in order to saturate the dental membranes with fluoride. After this procedure, the hygienist will give you a number of tips for caring for your teeth, help you pick up a toothbrush and a paste suitable in your case.

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