• Fir oil: medicinal properties and contraindications

    In ancient times, fir was considered a sacred tree. Residents of Ancient Athens and Thrace gave it miraculous properties, in particular attributed to the branches of this tree the ability to drive away evil spirits, protect from witchcraft, and heal diseases.

    Needles of the plant were widely used in folk medicine of Siberia, and medicinal properties of fir oil were actively used by the Sumerians.

    The acknowledgment of official pharmaceuticals for fir has been obtained thanks to essential oil, which serves as the basis for the manufacture of medical camphor. In addition, the oil contains other substances, which determine its effect on the health of a person.

    Primarily for the production of essential oil, greens of white fir are used, other breeds of this plant are used much less often. For the purpose of making aroma preparations, the plant is not specifically cultivated, but at the same time it is often grown in park areas to improve the decorativeness of the landscape.

    The healing properties of fir oil

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    According to the research, fir essential oil shows antimicrobial activity, suppressing the development of most varieties of pneumococcus( bacteria-pathogens of pneumonia), streptococci, and also some yeast microorganisms.

    Also fir has other healing properties, for example:

    • is an anti-inflammatory agent, especially for respiratory diseases and joint problems;
    • stimulates the respiratory center;
    • helps fight dry coughing, facilitates sputum production;
    • tones the work of the myocardium;
    • acts as an effective diuretic and mild analgesic;
    • in dermatology enhances the healing effect of ointments and therapeutic creams.
    To learn about useful properties, as well as options for using various oils at home, you can visit the site cosmetic-oil.com. Here you will find detailed instructions for use on any essential oil.

    Application in folk medicine: instruction

    This product is successfully used at home to combat various ailments. Consider the most popular fields of application of fir oil:

    1. 1) This oil is shown to people suffering from joint diseases and disorders in the work of the peripheral nervous system. Its regular application cures radiculitis, neuralgia, plexitis. For this, the sick places are warmed up once a day( you can use a hot bath or apply a heating pad), then rub it with essential oil( 5-10 drops per procedure).The course of treatment is two weeks.
    2. 2) Fir essential substances relieve toothache and eliminate inflammation of the gums. In the first case, cotton wool, moistened with oil, should be applied to a sick tooth and keep for half an hour. If the tooth is damaged by caries and a noticeable hole is formed in it, the cotton wool is placed directly into it. But this remedy is effective only with aching, dull pain, if the nerve is opened, then it is better to use basil or rose oil. In the case of periodontal disease, 15-minute applications of fir oil are made during the month, preferably in the evening before bedtime.
    3. 3) Fir oil helps fight against sore throat, chronic cold and flu. Inflamed glands can be lubricated with pure fir oil twice a day according to the instructions, or you can apply a couple drops of oil to the gland with a pipette. This treatment is used 2-3 days. With a chronic cold, oily drops are used in the nose, 1 drop in the morning and closer to the evening, but not at night. As the procedure provokes a strong sneeze, which only takes 15-20 minutes. In addition, massage the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses. Fir inhalation is effective in home flu therapy.
    4. 4) Fir oil is effective in the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases, in particular bronchitis and pneumonia. Along with inhalations, daily grindings of fir oil in the inflammation zone are mandatory. They are carried out once a day, preferably in the morning. In the evening, rubbed with another essential oil - pine or( the best option) thyme. With dry cough fir is taken inside as an expectorant: 2 drops on honey, on the day of 2-3 intake. To calm a strong cough, a couple of drops of oil before bed is applied to the tip of the tongue.
    5. 5) Due to the diuretic action of fir oil, its internal use is used in the complex therapy of urolithiasis. First, during a week, they drink renal herbal tea from sage, melissa, St. John's wort, oregano, dogrose( a mixture of these plants, taken in equal proportions, boil with boiling water at the rate of one and a half tablespoons per half liter of water).In the medicine drink add honey( a tablespoon), divide into three parts and drink before eating. The second week, infusion is taken already with fir oil( 150 ml of infusion take 5 drops).Then - two weeks break and repetition of the course.
    Thus, fir essential oil is used in many areas of home medicine. If you follow the instructions and follow the dosage, there are no contraindications for its external application. Nevertheless, as in other cases of aromatherapy, it is necessary to check whether a person has allergies to components.

    Internal use is contraindicated in gastric ulcer, erosive gastritis and duodenal ulcer.

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