• How to get rid of freckles on your face: effective methods

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    Freckles, or ephelinids, are pigment spots on the skin the size of a pinhead caused by the deposition of melanin in the surface layers of the skin.

    They have a light or brownish color and are located on the open areas of the body.

    Causes of freckles

    Appearance of freckles does not depend on heredity, but their number and brightness is determined at the genetic level. The genes responsible for this phenomenon are currently under close scrutiny.

    The main cause is a violation of pigmentation, but there are various factors under the influence of which the ephe- leids are formed. To provoke the appearance of freckles can:

    • UV rays;
    • diseases of internal organs( liver, bile ducts);
    • hormonal imbalance;
    • endocrine disorders;
    • peelings, if carried out very often;
    • pregnancy;
    • metabolic disorders;
    • hypovitaminosis;
    • disturbance of the tone of the autonomic nervous system;
    • stressful situations;
    • chemical and radioactive effects.
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    Especially numerous freckles in blonde and blue-eyed people, since their usually white and thin skin contains a small amount of melanin. Melanocytes synthesizing this pigment are distributed unevenly. For this reason, sunlight does not cover the skin with sunburn, but with freckles.

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    Clinical manifestations of

    Ephelds usually appear in early spring and persist until the onset of colds. On the skin they are located symmetrically, often localized on the face, limbs, in the decollete and on the back.

    These specks do not bring any discomfort, they do not flake and do not rise above the level of skin. If there are many of them, then extensive brown-yellow foci are formed as a result of the fusion of individual elements.

    For the first time freckles occur in children 7-10 years of age. After 30 years, their numbers are decreasing. In older people, they become less visible, and then disappear altogether.

    How to remove freckles on the face?

    Pigmented spots are not a disease, but if they suddenly start to appear in adulthood, it is a signal of unhappiness, indicating the presence of some kind of somatic disease. In this case, you should see the therapist.

    Freckles are an exclusively aesthetic feature and some people tend to get rid of them. The fight against freckles should be carried out in specialized salons that offer a variety of ways to get rid of:

    1. 1) Laser grinding. The laser beam has the ability to destroy melanocytes, but there is a risk of re-emergence of ephelids, since destruction occurs selectively and relapse is possible on another site of the skin.
    2. 2) Quartz. It is carried out with a quartz lamp once every few days until the peeling of the upper layer of the skin begins. Usually you need several sessions, conducted under the supervision of a specialist. The method suits people that they have to spend a lot of time in the open air. Freckles not only disappear, but the sensitivity of the skin to the ultraviolet decreases.
    3. 3) Cryosurgery. Comes in the effect on the skin with liquid nitrogen. Pigmentation disappears, but the method is traumatic, therefore in the future, long-term protective care is needed. Scars and scars may remain.
    4. 4) Peeling. The method involves treating pigmented areas with chemically and biologically active substances. Use drugs based on milk, salicylic, malic acids. The spots disappear, the skin brightens and rejuvenates. After the procedure, stay under direct sunlight is forbidden, as the skin is sensibly depleted and deprived of photoprotective properties, it is shown the application of special protective creams.
    5. 5) Phototherapy. For therapeutic purposes, electromagnetic oscillations of the optical range( light) are applied, under the influence of which the melanin is destroyed. The method is effective, not causing discomfort. Freckles brighten and become less noticeable.
    6. 6) Micro-cleaning. The physical method of removing pigment spots with a device that blows a jet of aluminum microcrystals under pressure. The superficial thin layer of skin is removed along with freckles. After the procedure, it is recommended to avoid sunburn, and in the first day generally it is necessary to isolate the skin from direct light exposure.
    It should be noted that none of the described methods guarantee complete elimination of the problem or long-term effect.

    Freckles is a reaction to sunlight and there is a high probability that next year the procedure will need to be repeated. But if you do such manipulations too often the skin becomes dry, wrinkles appear and premature aging begins.

    At home, for wiping areas with ephelin, hydrogen peroxide can be used, and mercury ointments with different concentrations can be applied. For washing, lemon tincture is suitable. A good effect is observed when applying kefir and cucumber masks.

    Prevention of freckles

    Strengthening of skin pigmentation occurs as a result of a lack of ascorbic and nicotinic acids.

    Therefore, it is necessary to include in the diet products containing them. These are fruits and vegetables, buckwheat, chicken, liver.

    For the purposes it is desirable to observe the following rules:

    1. 1) Before going outdoors, it is necessary to apply creams with sunscreen factors SPF 30 or SPF 50, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.
    2. 2) Should wear sunglasses, hats with wide margins.
    3. 3) During the period of high solar activity( from 11 to 15 hours) it is better not to appear in the sun.
    4. 4) In winter it is recommended to use bleaching creams that slow the synthesis of melanin.
    If the above methods for removing freckles are not appropriate, and preventive measures are not effective, you can disguise the problem areas using special pencil-type correctors and tonal creams that match the type of skin.

    The optimal option for changing the skin tone is the use of autosunburn, creating an even dark color, provided it is correctly used. The point in solving the problem with freckles has not yet been put, despite the existence of numerous methods developed by modern medicine. Minimizing the formation of pigmented spots can only be under the supervision of a qualified specialist.

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