• How to get rid of snoring at home to a woman or a man

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    Snoring or ronhopathy - in many cases this is a normal state for a person of any age. In this case, snoring progresses based on age: the older the person, the more snoring is more intense.

    Another question is the difference between "norm" and "pathology".If there are no pathological consequences on the human body, then it should not be treated. If there is a loud snoring, capable of ruining the lives of your loved ones and you, you need to do something.

    This symptom arises due to the vibration of soft tissues in the airways. Such vibrations create a stream of air that a person inhales. In the deep phases of sleep, the muscles relax, when the air stream passes through them, sounds known to all of us appear on the breath.

    Snoring is a symptom typical of people of all ages. And yet most often snoring appears in adults. Gradually, the musculature of the upper respiratory tract rapidly loses its own elasticity. Subsequently, this path during sleep phases becomes slightly overlapped.
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    More than 20% of women suffer from snoring and about 45% of the male population. Children suffer in 10% of cases.

    The reasons for snoring

    In medicine, there are 4 main reasons for snoring in men and women: a curved nasal septum, elongation of the palatine, the appearance of adenoids in the nose and aching tonsils.

    The nasal septum can be bent both at birth and because of an injury. The elongation of the palatine tongue is characteristic because of the anatomical features of the person. To determine enlarged tonsils, an examination at the ENT, however, as well as for the identification of adenoids, is sufficient. The latter are an expansion of the lymphoid tissue in the nose.

    Obesity is also directly related to snoring: the fat content in the body and in the region of the posterior pharyngeal wall provokes an excessive narrowing of the respiratory tract. Sometimes this symptom appears also in pregnant women. It also happens that snoring is transmitted through the
    to the inheritance.

    Additional provoking factors are smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs. Since nicotine irritates the laryngeal mucosa, provokes swelling and narrows the walls of the trachea and pharynx, and alcohol relaxes the muscles of the body and the respiratory tract, all these negative habits can affect a person's condition, provoke snoring.

    Children also suffer from snoring, and with age the problems are exacerbated. Causes may be nasal congestion, an increase in tonsils, various abnormalities in the structure of the skull. If the treatment is started in time, the disease passes.

    What else provokes snoring:

    • sleep lying on the back. In this position of the body, soft tissue can block the throat, in addition, the body receives less air.
    • smoking, stimulating chronic inflammation of the pharynx and trachea, as well as reducing tone.
    • hormonal failures.
    • extra pounds.
    • curved nasal septum, narrowness of the nasopharynx since birth, chin chin.
    • inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx.
    • dry air in the room.
    From such a disease as snoring can get rid of. The most effective combination of several methods: folk methods and special exercises. As for the operation, it is not always capable of producing a noticeable result.

    According to statistics, it is noted that surgical intervention, firstly, very often provokes complications. Secondly, more than half of patients after surgery are not cured of snoring completely.

    How to get rid of snoring for a woman or a man

    Before dealing with a problem, try to eliminate the cause provoking snoring. If you often sleep on your back, get used to sleep on your side.

    Because snoring occurs because of excess weight, consult a specialist, and if there is a problem, use diet and exercise.

    Be sure to have a consultation with ENT, you may need to remove adenoids or tonsils.

    What methods are effective against snoring?

    1. 1) Nasal strips. One of the first ways to get rid of the problem. They are able to expand the wings of the nose, while not only you but also those close to you will be saved.
    2. 2) Getting rid of nasal congestion. Drops, sprays and rinse well wrestle with nasal congestion.

    Treatment of snoring folk methods

    To get rid of this disease at home you need to do the following:

    1. 1) It is necessary to weld carrots, use it in the amount of 1-2 pieces an hour before meals.
    2. 2) Tincture from cabbage juice and honey. It is necessary to mix the juice of cabbage and 1 tablespoon of honey. Use this tincture you need before bedtime for 30 days.
    3. 3) Herbal collection: burdock, black elderberry, field pine, roots of the saber. Take these herbs proportionally. Brew 1 tbsp.a spoonful of a mixture of a quarter liter of boiling water. After the collection is infused within an hour, you should take it five times a day for 1 tbsp.spoon before snoring is complete.

    Exercises to help get rid of snoring

    The easiest way to get rid of annoying snoring is to perform the recommended exercises below:

    • should move the jaw back and forth thirty times.
    • to reduce tension in the muscles of the nasopharynx and neck, you can utter the sound "AND".Do this exercise daily 2 times a day for thirty times.
    • stick your tongue far forward. As soon as you feel tension at the base, stop the exercise. It should also be performed 30 times.
    To remove one of the most unpleasant consequences of this disease - the syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea, certain methods should be used.

    CIPAP therapy is one of them. The meaning is a slight "inflation" of the airway during sleep, which reduces the main snoring syndrome.

    In addition, cryoplasty and laser plastic are popular. The methods are fairly simple technically, therefore it is carried out on an outpatient basis. These are thermal and cold burns of the mucous membrane. After a period of regeneration, the volume and compaction of the sky decreases. Therefore, the vibration and the sound of snoring are reduced.

    Still, surgery is the most dangerous method, and doctors do not always recommend it. First of all, one should turn to folk methods and a healthy lifestyle. Be healthy and sleep sweet without unnecessary sounds!

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