Creams from stretch marks during pregnancy: inexpensive and effective

  • Creams from stretch marks during pregnancy: inexpensive and effective

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    Stretching or as they are called in the scientific stria, represent stretching of the skin from pinkish-white to burgundy-blue shade.

    They are caused by microtraumas of individual fibers of the skin, the majority of the fair sex of stria are well known. They appear in more than 60% of women in the abdomen, arms, thighs and chest.

    Stretching occurs when the skin is losing elasticity, begins to thin, then tears. Sometimes, on the site of the rupture of the skin, the vessels are visible, so the newly appeared stretch marks have a burgundy-purple hue. Approximately in half a year on a place of occurrence of an extension there are cicatrixes or a dense fabric.

    There are three types of stretch marks: small-sized pinkish scars, shallow filiform white scars and defects of burgundy-purple hue, which in due course become lighter. If over time, do not take any measures, stretch marks will look like scars. Since there is no pigment in the connective tissue, even more are visible on the tanned skin of the stria.
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    Why do stretch marks appear?

    Stretch marks( see how to get rid of stretch marks) arise not only due to stretching of the skin. This is also the result of the healing of collagen and elastin fibers due to microtrauma. The occurrence of stretch marks is associated mainly with an excessive amount of cortisol in the adrenal glands. In addition, the causes of the appearance of the striae may be an insufficient restorative capacity of the skin, as well as a lack of elasticity.

    The main provoking factors for the appearance of stretch marks are the following:

    • a big role in the appearance of stretch marks is played by genetics. More than 90% of women inherited the problem from their mother.
    • striae appear due to rapid weight loss or weight gain.
    • a change in the hormonal background, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation.
    • continued use of such drugs as prednisolone or hydrocortisone.
    • problems of an endocrine nature, for example, the Itenko-Cushing syndrome.
    • , in addition, stretch marks athletes, quickly gaining weight.
    To detect hormonal stretchings is simple: they have a horizontal arrangement, usually wide and very long, appear on the back, legs. From this type of stretch marks, only an endocrinologist can help. But small manifestations of skin stretch can overcome qualitative creams.

    Cream for stretch marks for pregnant women - which is better?

    Having no basic knowledge of creams from stretch marks in our market, it is difficult to choose the most suitable. Let's see what kind of cream is right for you!


    Cream from the USA.Has unobtrusive smell and light texture. Well fights with minor manifestations of this problem. Suitable for normal skin type, if it tends to irritate, give preference to another firm. To achieve greater results, use the cream together with other more effective products. Reviews of women are very positive.


    Mustela is based in France. The price compared with Avon cream is slightly higher. Thanks to the use of the drug, stretch marks appear during pregnancy and lactation. The shade of stretch marks will not be so expressive. In addition, the cosmetics of this company prevents further appearance of stretch marks.

    Suitable for use in the chest, hips, abdomen. The stimulating effect is provided by the components of the cream: avocado peptides, silicon, shea butter, Japanese Sophora extract, and an elastoregulator that helps the skin produce high quality collagen and elastin. The cream is completely hypoallergenic, has undergone the necessary medical research. It is recommended to use it for 2-3 months before the significant disappearance of stretch marks.


    Production of Latvia. The cream effectively cope with even old-fashioned stretch marks. As a result of its use, the tone, elasticity, and durability of the skin are increased.

    Suitable for people of any age and with different skin types. Water, regesteril, retruksel, which are part of, are able to penetrate deep layers of the skin, restore it. After using the tool, the results were seen in most people. Best copes with striae in the abdomen.


    This company has created a really useful and effective product, the reviews are mostly positive. The cream is hypoallergenic, it has a shea tree seed oil, seaweed extract, papaya oil. Stagnant phenomena decrease, skin density and elasticity increase, excess fluid is eliminated.

    It has a pleasant dense texture, at the same time, a low-fat formula. Well removes the manifestation of even the old stretch marks, removes the effects of weight loss and weight gain. This brand has developed a cream that is suitable especially for the period of pregnancy and lactation. Do not just apply it on the nipple area.


    Swiss cosmetics that can be used before, during and after pregnancy. The product perfectly restores the skin at the structural level. The manifestations of the striae become less noticeable, their depth and volume decrease. The skin tone will also be close to natural.

    The cream will need to be applied every day to the places of the appearance of stretch marks: hips, chest, stomach. The cost of the facility is affordable, and the reviews are excellent.


    Cosmetics from stretch marks come from Germany. The company deals exclusively with cosmetics for pregnant and newborns. The cream is suitable for the period of pregnancy and after childbirth. The composition contains wheat protein, olive oil and other useful ingredients. Increases skin tone, elasticity, is an excellent prevention of scars and striae.

    Many girls who use cream, note its economy, efficiency, pleasant aroma. However, some also talk about the fact that the cream is not struggling with the stretch marks already shown.

    Mama comfort

    Cream, more precisely emulsion Mom comfort is perfectly absorbed into the skin. Regular use of the product makes the skin more elastic, smooth and even. The composition of the product includes herbal extracts, vitamins, perfectly moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Due to the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin, moisture is retained for a long time.

    Innovative components of the remedy restore damaged epithelium, improve blood circulation in tissues. If you use the product during pregnancy, as well as after childbirth, there is a decrease in the number of stretch marks, as well as a decrease in the number of stretch marks.


    Polish agent, well established as a preventive measure. Most of the cream helps to cope with stretch marks on the chest. Many women who used cream before and after childbirth, mark its high efficiency.

    The serum perfectly aligns the skin and makes it smooth. Consumers also note that the effect will be visible after 1-1,5 months after the start of use. The cost of the cream is relatively low.

    Pregnacare cream

    Pregnacare cream is a safe and effective remedy for stretch marks. After 2 weeks of use, the first results will be visible on the skin.

    Soothes, moisturizes, protects the skin. Contains olive oil, vitamin E, allantoin, aloe vera, beta-carotene, soy glycerin, lemon oil and lavender. It is not recommended to apply to damaged areas of the skin.


    One of the safest means that you can use during pregnancy. It is ecologically friendly for your child. The composition of the cream includes valuable vitamins, wheaten, rice bran.

    Excellent moisturizing, regenerating, softening and smoothing of the skin. It must be applied 2 times a day with gentle massaging movements. Due to the constant use it is possible to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. The facility has undergone many medical tests.

    Home cream from stretch marks with mummies

    To reduce the depth of stretch marks, their size and intensity will help cream, which you can easily prepare at home. It also perfectly improves elasticity, increases the tone of the skin, enriches the skin with the necessary minerals and vitamins. For this, take 5 grams of mummy. It can be purchased at a pharmacy. Then boil the water, slightly cooling it, add 1 tsp in a mummy of water.

    Mass, which turns out, mix well: you should not have lumps. In a normal nourishing cream, suitable for your skin, add 1 serving of balm. It's about 60-100 grams. When all is mixed, let the cream steep for a quarter of an hour. Then again, stir the mixture, and the cream can be used!

    To create such cosmetics, it is best to take low-fat nutrients so that the mummy dissolves better. If there are any irritations on the skin, you should consult a specialist regarding the safety of its use.

    Why is the mummy effective? This is a special resin, located in mountainous areas. Mumiye is a real salvage for the skin: it contains over 50 microelements, as well as more than 30 active components. Due to the unique composition, the mummy also helps to get rid of such problems as acne, acne on the face, scars, pigment spots.

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