• Urethritis in men: symptoms, causes and treatment

    Urethritis is an inflammatory disease of the urethra of a specific and non-specific nature.

    Developing an ailment in the urethra is a channel connection between the bladder and the orifice of the penis.

    Often, urethritis is more common in men due to the peculiarities of the structure of the body.

    Causes of urethritis in men

    It is common to distinguish two main types of ailment: infectious and non-infectious urethritis in men. The first type of urethritis develops due to the appearance and reproduction of such bacterial pathogens as chlamydia, gonococcal infection, gardnerella.

    The second type of disease, that is, non-infectious urethritis, appears due to the influence of the opportunistic microflora: staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, streptococcus, etc.

    For pathological reasons, urethritis in men is classified according to the following characteristics:

    1. 1) Gonorrhea. Called gonococcus. This type of disease occurs most often from unprotected sex. Through hygiene items spreads much less often. Children are documented cases of illness after using one pot.

    2. 2) Bacterial. This type of disease appears from the effect, as already mentioned, of the opportunistic microflora. The cause may be a general weakening of the body, free sexual relations and the use of catheters.
    3. 3) Trichomonas. Often the disease develops a couple of weeks after infection with the bacterium. Urethritis of this type is accompanied by foamy secretions of white shade from the penis, and also the appearance of itching. In many men, this type of disease manifests itself in disguise. We also note that approximately 20% of cases of urethritis with illiterate treatment are subsequently complicated by trichomonas prostatitis.
    4. 4) Viral. In this type of disease, the causative agent is called chlamydia. This bacterial infection easily multiplies in the urethra, urethra, on the wall of the vagina and the uterus.
    5. 5) Candidiasis. This type of ailment is less common. The cause is a special yeast fungus. Appears candidiasis urethritis after a prolonged therapy with antibiotics or other antibacterial drugs. Much less often men become infected from women during sexual intercourse. In the development of this form of the disease, the damage to the mucosa, as well as any inflammatory processes in the body, is especially important. The disease manifests itself in mild symptoms, possibly burning, soreness in the urethra, a slight itch, whitish discharge. Often the cause of candidal urethritis is called reduced immunity status and diabetes mellitus. The treatment uses antifungal drugs and strengthening the body as a whole.
    Chronic urethritis is less common, and it is accompanied by the following reasons:

    • inadequacy of treatment for the acute form of the disease.
    • weakening of general and local immunity.
    • spread of the inflammatory process to other components of the urethra.
    Any man can get sick. The main provoking factors are pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, irritation in the urethra can occur due to mechanical damage, medical procedures, the wearing of bad and rubbing underwear, rough sexual acts.

    Also, urethritis in men develops due to stagnant phenomena in the small pelvis and narrowing of the urethra. Many medical experts note that unpleasant symptoms can also appear due to the use of creams, lotions, foams and gels, which contain irritating chemical components.

    Symptoms of urethritis in men

    As a rule, symptoms characteristic of inflammatory diseases, that is, weakness, increase in temperature, are not observed. Urethritis in men and its symptoms may be completely insignificant.

    The patient may not pay attention to them for a long time. However, this does not mean at all that urethritis is able to pass "by itself", and it is not necessary to contact a urologist.

    The main signs of urethritis in men are as follows:

    • burning sensation in the urethra.
    • frequent trips to the toilet.
    • presence of an unpleasant odor from the urethra.
    • selection. Pus, secreted from the genital organ, can have a greenish or whitish shade.
    • itching in the region of the penis.
    • redness of the opening of the urinary canal.
    • increased sensitive genitals, swelling, unpleasant sensations during sexual intercourse.
    • blood with sperm and urine.
    Symptoms of the disease usually appear 6-7 days after infection, if it is a specific urethritis. For a bacterial nonspecific type of disease, a symptomatology is manifested through a different time interval: from several days to a month or more.

    See also, symptoms of urethritis in women.

    Treatment of urethritis in men

    For diagnosis, it is sufficient for the urologist to take the contents of the urethra. When determining the causative agent of the disease requires an analysis of the sensitivity of the bacterium to the antibiotic. Often additionally prescribed urine and blood tests, sometimes - ultrasound of urinary organs.

    The main principles of the treatment of urethritis in men is the use of antibacterial treatment after obtaining laboratory data.

    The duration of antibiotic treatment is from 1 to several weeks, depending on the severity. Cyprinol, amoksiklav and other antibiotics, which has a wide range of effects, are used.

    In addition, such drugs are used from urethritis as rinsing with protargol, miramistin, a solution with potassium permanganate. Immunomodulating drugs, multivitamin complexes, probiotics are also prescribed.

    When determining such a diagnosis should be as soon as possible to contact a urologist to avoid unpleasant complications!

    Complications of

    If the disease does not start on time, it is possible that complications such as prostatitis, cystitis, epididymitis, orchitis may develop. Possible risk of infertility with improper treatment.

    In some cases, the appearance of stricture - that is, the narrowing of the urethra. The risk of stricture appears in the absence of competent treatment, with prolonged manipulations on the urethra.


    Preventative measures for this disease include, first of all, competent hygiene. It is necessary to use a high-quality soap, preferably baby or tar. You will need a lot of foam to wash away all the remaining discharge from the penis.

    Hygiene should be in the morning and in the evening. After a warm shower to eliminate stagnant processes in the testicles, men are recommended to rinse this area with cool water. Be sure to wash before, as well as after sexual intercourse.

    In addition, you can not supercool, take antibiotics for a long time, especially without doctor's advice. Concerning sexual acts, since the specific form of urethritis develops due to infection, it should be carefully protected.

    The best option - condoms from good latex. However, they, too, sometimes can not protect against gonorrhea and trichomoniasis. We will not repeat the information regarding the need to remain faithful. Vitamins, a positive attitude to life, competent self-care and hygiene will relieve you of the likelihood of the appearance and recurrence of disease with urethritis!

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