Treatment of folk remedies: omission of the kidney: recommendations and effective recipes

  • Treatment of folk remedies: omission of the kidney: recommendations and effective recipes

    Such an organ of a person as a kidney has the ability to move around. The norm is the displacement of the kidney by 2 cm. The reasons for the omission of the kidney can serve as factors such as heredity, excessive leanness or hematoma in the kidneys. As a rule, at once 2 kidneys do not descend, usually one( right-handed) kidney is dropped. And it is worth noting that most often this ailment appears in women.

    Usually, this disease passes without any symptoms, and it is determined accidentally, for example, in a general examination. But nevertheless there are features in which it is possible to determine the omission of the kidney, depending on the stage of this disease.

    • At the 1 st stage, the lower part of the kidney is palpated only at the apex of the inspiration.
    • At the 2 nd stage, you can feel almost the entire kidney, but in a state of lying down.
    • At the third stage, the kidney is felt completely in any position of the body, but there are cases when the kidney goes into the small pelvis.
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    Treatment of folk remedies for kidney failure: how effective it is

    Many people day in and day out with illiteracy and indifferent attitude of doctors, since not everyone can afford to go to private clinics. Therefore, here come to the rescue of the people's means, which our ancestors cured their ailments.

    The treatment of folk remedies for kidney can be done by people of any gender, age and social status. Everyone knows a lot of stories, when not having received help from doctors, people take up the treatment with folk remedies and successfully get rid of the disease. However, do not forget that the treatment of folk medications should be stopped if relief does not come. And it is better to generally carry it out when supervised by a specialist.

    In general, treatment with folk remedies will not be superfluous, becauseharm the recipes of antiquity do not bring, and the result does not make you wait long. Since ancient times people have got rid of diseases using herbs, later pharmacology has superseded this method, but, despite this, this method of treatment has survived to the present day. Also, folk medication is a good addition to the main course prescribed by a doctor. Recipes for the preparation of healing elixirs are now known for a great variety, so the most suitable one can choose for yourself.

    Kidney shortage and treatment with folk remedies: general recommendations

    At the initial stage of the disease, you can practice therapeutic gymnastics to eliminate this ailment, for example, walking and bicycling can help. But no less effective means, and sometimes even more, is the treatment with a variety of herbs and medicines. Good help infusions of rosehips, as well as leaves bearberry. Caucasian hellebore is an amazing remedy, which helps not only the kidneys, but also the whole organism. The grass is a letter, it also helps to cure this ailment.

    This is important! Applying in the treatment of herbs, the main thing is to avoid an overdose. Many plants can not be poured with boiling water.under the influence of high temperatures they quickly lose their properties.

    Plants for brewing can be purchased at the pharmacy, and you can also collect their own. At the same time, it should be understood that there should not be a gathering place near the track or places with polluted air, for example, zones not far from industrial enterprises. It is also worth finding information about the grass - in what dosage to take, and what are the contraindications, for example, pregnancy, lactation period, etc.

    Recipes for the treatment of ovulation of the kidney

    How to treat ovulation of the kidney with the help of herbs is described below:

    1. Seeds of dill insist( 1 tablespoon seeds fall on 200 ml of ordinary boiled water), take one to two mugs three times a day.
    2. One st. Spoonful of bearberry should be filled with 200 ml.hot water. Take about a third of the mug three times a day.
    3. One st. Spoon the roots of the calamus with a glass of boiling water, then insist 20 minutes. Take about half a circle, four times a day, but strictly half an hour before meals. Also, when diluted with water, the broth is suitable for sedentary baths.
    4. One teaspoon of cornflower brew in steep boiling water( 200 ml).Take a medicine on a quarter of a glass three times a day, but remember that you need to drink it only before eating.
    5. Three st. Spoons of horsetail need to insist in 500 ml of water. Take three times a day in a half circle.
    6. One st.a spoonful of very dry chamomile grass should be simply poured with steep boiling water( 200 ml), then it must be insisted. It is recommended to take this medicinal decoction according to one art.spoon three times a day.
    7. St. John's wort is boiled for 15 minutes.in an even ratio - one st.spoonful on a mug( 200 ml) of very steep boiling water. The recommended dose is a quarter of a glass three times a day.
    8. One st. Spoon flowers and leaves of the smooth hernia pour very steep boiling water( 200 ml).Use the medicine should be exactly one art.spoon three times a day.
    9. One tsp of flax seed insist in 200 ml of steep boiling water. Take a medication for half a cup four times a day.
    10. One st.spoon immortelle insist on very steep boiling water( in 400 ml).Take half a meal before meals three times a day.
    11. Pains while lowering the kidney will help to remove tea from pumpkin seeds.
    12. Even in the treatment of this disease will help the adoption of baths with straw and oats. They need to be crushed, and boil with water in a ratio of 1:20( 1 kg of dry grass to 20 liters of water).When the broth cools a little, take a bath in it.
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