• How to develop charisma - develop charisma

    Want to be the center of attention? Do you agree to the role of the "soul of the company"?Are you going to influence the minds of people and at the same time be charming and popular?

    So, it's time for you to learn how to develop charisma. After all, it is "charisma" that is the totality of those personality qualities that allow a person to become an ideal and a leader for others, capturing them with his own special energy. But if earlier it was believed that charisma is a gift given to someone from birth, modern psychologists consider this property to be developing and capable of "hone" throughout life, from kindergarten to the age of wisdom.

    The charismatic person

    How to develop charisma, nowadays many books are written, both by professionals-professionals in the field of human behavior, and by people who possess it. Therefore, it is not particularly difficult to single out the most valuable advice from their texts. The main thing is not just to master theoretical knowledge, but to apply them purposefully in practice.

    Rules of communication

    To begin with, you should become interesting to those people with whom you communicate every day. First of all, start them not just listening, but also hearing what they say( even if it's just another portion of local gossip).

    The next step is to ask the right questions to the interlocutor on those topics in which he really understands. He must realize that the conversation with you gives him pleasure( that is, it causes only positive emotions).If the topic of the conversation "went" to a standstill, begin to ask the interlocutor questions about his own life( most importantly, you must learn how to manage communication, and not just listen to someone with whom you are currently talking).

    Communicating with a person, look into his eyes( this is called "visual contact"), thus showing a sincere interest in the conversation. Do not forget to show emotions that are appropriate to the topic of conversation.

    After this, you can proceed to the next stage of charisma development - start telling people compliments. They must be real, not fictitious, and always accurately inserted into the topic under discussion.

    Do not argue with the other person. An exception is only a life-threatening situation, when its outcome depends on making the right decision( but here you must be 200 percent confident of your own position).

    If you can not convince a person with calm reasoning, do not start rudely impose your opinion on him. It is possible that his point of view is more true than yours. And, most likely, the problem at all is not worth it because of her so worry and spoil communication.

    In situations where the interlocutor's opinion is erroneous, and the decision made by him is important, defend his point of view with dignity, resorting to well-thought-out arguments, but do not go over to personalities and do not turn into an angry market trader.

    Learn how to entice the interlocutors "to your side" so that they are sure that they were completely voluntarily there. And at the same time you should be interesting to them not only now, but also on any other day.



    A person with charisma always looks confident. Therefore, try not to show people that you are nervous( and the best way to do this is to remove from your life that which irritates you).

    Do not forget to walk and sit with an even back and unfolded shoulders, and not bent under the weight of life's problems.

    Clothes should look nice and neat. Forget about your favorite, but old things, because now you are going to attract attention( and it is better not to be caught in worn shoes and other shortcomings of appearance).

    Become the "center of the universe" for which the worlds change. Do not show in public that the goal you set does not want to approach or does it too slowly. Radiate confidence in the achievement of the result and, of course, sincerely believe in it yourself.

    Stand out

    Stand out from the crowd

    Find some abilities in yourself and start developing them. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd, attract attention to yourself. Perhaps to develop your own talents you will have to resort to the help of a teacher or special courses. Use the moment, make new acquaintances and constantly sharpen your communication skills.

    At the same time, everything that you do should cause you only positive emotions. It is they who are first and foremost noticed by the people around you and only then they will believe in your abilities.

    And, of course, believe in your own strength. Do not limit your goals to low-cost, familiar and not very interesting things. Do not be like everyone else! Be brighter, more positive, more active and more attractive than others. And do not forget to believe in yourself. Without this, no one will believe in you!