How to get rid of caries: features of nutrition, care and prevention of pathology

  • How to get rid of caries: features of nutrition, care and prevention of pathology

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    Caries on the teeth in the most difficult cases not only destroys the enamel, but also bare the dental nerve. In connection with this, a person suffers from acute pains, it is no longer possible to get rid of them without the radical help of a qualified specialist. In order to prevent the progression of pathology, it is important to know how to get rid of tooth decay on your own.

    Being on the alert

    Caries on the teeth is a specific and rather insidious disease. In some cases, it is asymptomatic. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is important to carefully examine the teeth at least once every seven days. When there are suspicious spots or chipped to delay with a visit to the dentist should not.

    In case of timely intervention, the actions of the dentist are standard: it removes the diseased area and seals the tooth.

    If rotting has spread into the interior, the nerve can no longer be treated without treatment.

    Conservative methods

    In modern conditions, disposal of caries is carried out by the following methods:

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    • fluorination;
    • by sealing;
    • by setting the crown;
    • using a regenerating gel.
    • tooth extraction( actual for severe destruction).


    Fluoride in getting rid of caries plays a key role. It helps to strengthen enamel and strengthen protection from the carious process. Early treatment with fluoride gels, solutions or foams has a beneficial effect on the damaged surface.

    Setting the crown

    In the case of severe tooth decay, it makes sense to install the crown. The process involves the elimination of weak and destroyed parts of the tooth and replacing them with a quality porcelain crown. At the request of the client, it can also be made of gold.

    Regenerating gel

    Modern physicians believe that the "standard" seal has already outlived itself and is gradually giving way to more perfect alternatives. One of these alternatives is the regenerating gel, which stimulates the "revival" of the tooth cells.

    A word is given to the people of

    Many people, especially those suffering from dentophobia, are interested in the question of how to get rid of tooth decay without involving dental practices of the master. The problem can be solved with the help of well-known folk methods:

    1. Rinses of the mouth with warm infusion of sage leaves( the procedure must be repeated at least 5 times within thirty minutes).
    2. Embedding in the ear from the diseased side of the plantain root.
    3. Rinse tincture, prepared from the leaves of mint, raspberry and vinegar( wine).
    4. Lotion made from juice, squeezed from the leaves of silver poplar( diluted in warm boiled water in a proportion of 1: 3).

    Features of the diet

    A person who has firsthand knowledge of what a carious process is, is justifiably interested in whether it is possible to get rid of caries by excluding from the diet harmful and adding useful products.

    To make your teeth beautiful, healthy, and protect them from harmful bacteria, you need to eat calcium-containing and magnesium-containing foods.

    Special attention should be given to:

    1. Fresh greens.
    2. Low-fat dairy products.
    3. Fresh fruit.
    4. Cellulose.

    On the question of whether it is possible to get rid of caries through dieting is easy to answer. Can! A correct, balanced diet helps relieve the relapse and allows to stop the development of the process in the initial stage.

    Prevent illness

    No less relevant is the question of how to avoid tooth decay. To prevent the appearance of this dangerous pathology, you can correctly pick up toothpaste. She should not whiten teeth and dry gums, as this has a disastrous effect on the enamel.

    It is important to clean not only the teeth, but the entire oral cavity. With special diligence it is necessary to clean the tongue. This is necessary to prevent food from falling on the teeth.

    To clean the oral cavity in hard-to-reach areas, it is recommended to use a dental floss. It is not forbidden to use specific rinsers, which should be used immediately after cleaning the oral cavity.

    You should also pay attention to:

    • replacing the toothbrush( do this at least every three months);
    • use of pastes containing fluoride( only for twenty-one days, then the body becomes saturated with fluoride);
    • the use of fluorine-containing medicines and vitamins.
    • regular brush cleaning


    Dentists advise purchasing toothpaste not in boutiques, but in the pharmacy. Despite the rather undemocratic cost, a special paste has a number of advantages. The most important of them is a unique composition, which provides protection from tooth damage and stopping the spread of the carious process.

    A person who has already been diagnosed with tooth decay needs to take care of the teeth more carefully than usual.

    A saline solution is a good care product. Everyday rinsing of the oral cavity has a beneficial effect on the teeth.

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