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    Diet for biliary dyskinesia: reviews and patient results

    The diet for dyskinesia of bile ducts is one of the components of the conditions for the successful treatment of this disease, which is prescribed by a gastroenterologist.

    Dietary specialties for bile duct dyskinesia ^

    Dyskinesia of the bile ducts is the displacement of the walls of the bile ducts, resulting in stagnation of bile and digestive activity.

    Consequences of such a disease can be very different: cholangitis, chronic cholecystitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, atopic dermatitis and a sharp decrease in weight. Do I need a diet for biliary dyskinesia? To that question, 100% of doctors will answer with an unambiguous "yes", since a considerable part of the effectiveness of treatment depends on nutrition.

    What are the symptoms of dyskinesia:

    • Pain in the rib area on the right side;
    • Stomach upset after meals;
    • Severity and pain after consuming crackers, rolls and other dry food;
    • Painful condition after physical exercise or physical exertion;
    • Nervousness;
    • Insomnia;
    • Hyperhidrosis;
    • Headaches.

    In order to mitigate all the symptoms and contribute to the speedy recovery of the patient, doctors prescribe a therapeutic diet for dyskinesia biliary tract.

    The essence of the diet for dyskinesia of the bile ducts is a number of limitations, due to which it is possible to achieve positive results. Prohibited products include:

    • Fatty foods;
    • Fried dishes;
    • Broth and the first dishes, cooked on their basis;
    • Any sauces, including mayonnaise;
    • Coffee and strong tea;
    • Wheatgrass;
    • Mushrooms, beans and nuts;
    • Ice cream;
    • Chewing gum;
    • Spicy spices;
    • Butter and sour cream( limited);
    • Fatty cottage cheese.

    Therapeutic diet for biliary dyskinesia is based on the following products:

    • Buckwheat, oatmeal and pearl barley;
    • Vegetables and greens;
    • Sour-milk products;
    • Fruit and fruit juices, diluted with water;
    • Citrus fruits( excluding lemon);
    • Low-fat meat and fish;
    • Eggs( 3 pieces per week);Vegetable oil( unrefined).

    Rules of the diet for biliary dyskinesia:

    • You can not eat fried foods;
    • Take small meals five times a day;
    • Avoid overeating;
    • Use only pre-crushed or twisted products in the meat grinder.

    Observing these simple dietary recommendations for dyskinesia, you can reduce pain symptoms in a short time and accelerate the recovery from the treatment.

    Diet for dyskinesia of bile ducts: menu and features of therapeutic nutrition ^

    Diet for biliary dyskinesia: medical menu, recipes

    Diet - table number 5 for biliary dyskinesia: menu

    This diet is prescribed by doctors for the rehabilitation of the entire system of internal organs. It allows the use of carbohydrates and proteins, subject to these rules:

    • For a day you can consume no more than 100 g of proteins, carbohydrates - up to 350 g, and fats - up to 90 g;
    • Daily caloric intake should not be more than 3000 Kcal;
    • Daily need to drink 2 liters of water;
    • Eat every 3 hours;
    • The menu should be based on apples, low-fat meat and fish, cottage cheese, ham, diabetic sausage, boiled soft boiled eggs, steam omelettes, vinaigrettes, tea and fruit and berry juices.

    Diet for biliary dyskinesia in children

    In this case, the number of meals a child needs to be increased to 6 times, and from the dishes give preference to cottage cheese, oatmeal, jelly and kefir.

    Sample menu:

    • Lunch 100 grams of cottage cheese, drink kissel;
    • For lunch we eat a handful of berries or a couple of fruits;
    • We have dinner with stewed vegetables and fish;
    • For a snack we eat baked apples;
    • We dine with steam omelet and 100 g of chicken.

    Diet for biliary dyskinesia in adults

    For a favorable outcome of the disease, you should eat cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, apples, watermelon and pumpkin, and for clarity use this menu:

    • Lunch a cup of tea and oatmeal;
    • For lunch we have a snack with fruit;
    • Lunch stewed cabbage, 150 g of chicken or fish;
    • We have a cup of jelly;
    • For dinner we eat pumpkin porridge.

    Diet for dyskinesia of the gall bladder

    Following this example of the menu, the patient will be able to significantly ease his condition:

    • In the morning we eat vinaigrette in vegetable oil, drink coffee with milk, eat cottage cheese with sour cream;
    • For lunch we drink apple juice diluted with water in equal proportions;
    • We have lunch with vegetable vegetarian soup, stewed beets and compote of dried fruits;
    • For a mid-morning snack we drink a broth of wild rose;
    • We dine with steamed fish, vegetable stew and tea.

    Diet for dyskinesia of the intestine

    There is another version of the diet that can be successfully used by people suffering from dyskinesia:

    • We have a vegetable salad with olive oil dressing, we drink a cup of tea with milk;
    • We are eating grapefruit for lunch;
    • We dine rice soup and boiled meat, we drink tea;
    • We snack fruit juice;
    • We have dinner with boiled potatoes and a piece of fish.

    Diet for dyskinesia of the pancreas

    To alleviate the painful symptoms, the following food allowance is used:

    • We have breakfast with milk porridge, boiled egg and tea;
    • At lunch we eat a couple of apples;
    • We have lunch with mashed potatoes and fish, as well as vegetable soup;
    • We drink kefir for a mid-morning snack, we eat 2 pcs.marshmallow;
    • We have dinner with noodles with meatballs, we drink a cup of tea;
    • We drink kefir before bedtime.

    A diet for dyskinesia of rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pancreatitis

    In case of complications of discretion, it is necessary to adhere to strict restrictions, which include banning the consumption of fresh vegetables - they can be eaten in steamed, stewed or boiled.

    Sample menu:

    • In the morning we eat a pack of cottage cheese, drink a glass of milk or tea;
    • We have berries or fruit for lunch;
    • We ate soup with boiled potatoes;
    • We snack on kefir( 200 g);
    • For dinner we eat boiled vegetables and chicken fillet.

    Diet for dyskinesia and rheumatism

    Here the advantage is given to proteins, but carbohydrates will have to be limited:

    • We have breakfast with buckwheat porridge in milk, we drink green tea;
    • Snacking with non-acidic fruit;
    • We have dinner with buckwheat soup and boiled vegetables;
    • We snack cottage cheese;
    • For dinner we eat cottage cheese casserole and vegetable stew.

    Dipernia diet for ZHVP: recipes

    Recipe for vegetable soup

    • We clean and cut potatoes, shred carrots;
    • Fill vegetables with water( 350 ml), cook;
    • Add 70 g of washed buckwheat when the vegetables are softer;
    • Grind the melted cheese, add 10 minutes before cooked;
    • Sprinkle with herbs.

    Recipe for chicken souffle

    • We clean the skin and fat 2 chicken breasts, make minced meat, salt, mix with raw egg and chopped dill;
    • We impregnate the loaf soaked in milk with ground meat;
    • We pour the baking dish with vegetable oil, put half of the stuffing into it;
    • Cover all the cut half-rings of a tomato, then spread the remaining stuffing;
    • Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 70 degrees.
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    The results, feedback and recommendations of doctors about proper nutrition for dyskinesia bile ducts ^

    Timely prevention of dyskinesia of the liver is to avoid stressful situations and nervous disorders, as they are often the root cause of the disease.

    Tips for avoiding dyskinesia of bile ducts:

    • Adhere to proper nutrition;
    • Do not trigger the course of diseases of the nervous system;
    • Regularly eat small portions;
    • Eat only healthy foods.

    Diet results for biliary dyskinesia:

    • Relieving the patient's condition, relieving pain symptoms;
    • More accelerated cure.

    Reviews of the diet for biliary dyskinesia from doctors:

    Anna, 39, gastroenterologist:

    "As practice shows, it is the nervous disorders that most often cause the appearance of diseases of the internal organs, so all people should avoid stressful situations and consult a doctor in a timely manner. As for diet, I recommend tablets to my patients "

    Catherine, 43, gastroenterologist:

    " In order to prevent the development of the disease in a child, it is necessary to give the advantage in his menu to porridges and other similar in consistency dishes- this will speed up the recovery process. "

    Maria, 33, gastroenterologist:

    " Together with the diet, it is advisable to drink plenty of water, becauseit helps to cleanse the body. Also I recommend eating more protein products - in this situation it will bring more benefits than carbohydrate ยป