• Unusual facts about the human body

    Our body is both a perfect mechanical design, a walking set of chemical elements, and a constantly changing biological phenomenon. About him so much you can learn. Do you know, for example, these 10 amazing facts?

    1. In the morning we are taller than in the evening. Picking up in the morning from under the blanket, we are at the peak of our growth. This is due to the accumulation of fluid in intervertebral discs - it is during sleep that its level is restored. During the day the spine undergoes a load, and the fluid flows out. Therefore, the average person is 1-1.5 cm higher in the morning than in the evening.
    2. Stomach refreshes the inner shell every 3 days to avoid self-digestion. During the digestive process, the stomach produces hydrochloric acid, which has such a corrosiveness that it is able to dissolve metals. However, the mucous membrane of the stomach does not allow it to penetrate beyond the digestive system. Therefore, the acid dissolves the food that has got inside, but not the stomach itself.
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    4. For every half a kilogram of collected fat body "completes" about 15 km of blood vessels. New tissues need blood supply, and the circulatory system adapts to the new needs of the body. In the strengthened mode, the heart starts beating too - he now has to inject blood into a larger network of blood vessels.
    5. Muscle tissue is 3 times more effective than fat burns calories. That's why most people tend to build muscle. More muscle = more calories burned = less fat = healthy and beautiful body. Simple arithmetic.
    6. In just half an hour a person's body produces enough heat to boil 4 liters of water. Our body is an exemplary example of the laws of thermodynamics. While we are engaged in charging, eating, digesting food and even sleeping, it emits heat.
    7. Human bone strength is not inferior to granite. Is it not surprising that a fragment of a human bone the size of a matchbox can withstand a load of more than 8 tons? And yet it is so.
    8. The largest organ of the human body is. .. skin. Like the liver, the heart, the kidneys, the skin of the body is an organ. Approximately 12% of the weight of a person is the weight of his skin. In just a few seconds, the skin updates more than 45,000 cells.
    9. By age 18, our brain has stopped growing. After 18, our brain begins to lose more than 1,000 cells daily. While gray matter is only 2% of a person's weight, it absorbs 20% of all energy - that's why they say that the brain needs carbohydrates.
    10. There are more than 600 skeletal muscles and 206 bones in the human body. If all our muscles simultaneously contracted in one direction, they could lift a weight of more than 20 tons. As for the bone system, the skeleton of the newborn contains about 350 bones. Gradually, some of them fuse together, forming 206 bones of the skeleton of an adult.
    11. The lungs of a person contain 300,000 million capillaries. If these tiny blood vessels are laid out in length, they will extend to 2,400 km.
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