• How do I switch to raw diet?

    The rejection of heat-treated and industrial food for some means a natural and healthy lifestyle. We will not talk about the pros and cons of raw food, but give some recommendations on how to start such a diet.

    To begin with, it is recommended to include more whole fruits and vegetables in your diet. At the same time, it is necessary to exclude semi-finished, animal and thermally processed food from the diet.

    The easiest way is to start with breakfast. It should be fruit and raw, do not contain seeds, nuts, animal products( cottage cheese, milk, yogurt), as well as oils. The best option would be a breakfast consisting of fruits or fruit cocktails, greenery is allowed.

    Of course, one apple will give little energy, it will not last long. If breakfast consists of three pears and several bananas, from which a cocktail can be prepared, then it can provide energy for a longer time.

    Having got used to raw breakfasts, it will be possible to gradually go over to dinners and suppers, based on the same principles of raw food. In particular, for lunch you can eat a few salad leaves, which are ground in a blender to a homogeneous state. They are allowed to add any berries, nectarines and other fruits. For dinner, you can eat pasta with sauce. As an additive to pasta, you can consider sauce pesto, almond sauce, etc.

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    One of the most acute problems faced by those who switch to raw food is hunger. But with the right approach to nutrition, it practically does not arise. It should be remembered that vegetables contain a small number of calories and a diet built only on them, can lead to a feeling of hunger. If you focus on fruits that are more caloric, then the appearance of such a feeling can be avoided.

    It is also important not to try to completely switch to the use of products in its raw form. Specialists believe that raw food can be one who has at least 50-70% food consisting of thermally unprocessed food. But it will be optimal if 80% of the diet falls on similar products. In conclusion, it should be noted that you do not need to start raw ration yourself, without consulting a doctor. In some cases, such food can be harmful to health. Therefore, the very first step is to visit the doctor.

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