Unpleasant odor from the mouth: the causes and treatment of the problem

  • Unpleasant odor from the mouth: the causes and treatment of the problem

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    Everyone can feel halitosis, which is an unpleasant odor from the mouth, causing concern to the owner and those around him.

    By the smell from the mouth determine the disease of internal organs.

    The smell of rot comes from a poor condition of the mouth or the presence of internal diseases. It is worth analyzing the reasons to determine how to eliminate the bad smell, which so spoils the life of a person.

    Bacteria living in the mouth leave feces of their life and activities, which together with the remnants of protein food become volatile sulfur compounds: hydrogen sulphide and methyl mercaptans, which produce an unpleasant odor. Bacteria are able to secrete lactic acid, so the tooth enamel is destroyed, and inflammation occurs in the gums and oral cavity.

    The presence of putrescine, indole and scatol - the products of life and activity of bacteria - adds a putrid "aroma" that a person's sense of smell can only detect in large doses. This can be evidence of ill-being in the oral cavity.
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    The main culprits for creating sulfur compounds are anaerobic bacteria that live in dental plaque, in pockets under the gum, at the root of the tongue.

    How to determine the freshness of respiration

    About an unpleasant odor can be recognized by the following signs:

    • white or yellowish coating on the tongue;
    • formation of small round "balls" on the tonsils;
    • burning tongue and dry mouth;
    • sensation of a nasty taste when drinking tea or coffee, rinsing the mouth with liquid;
    • sensation of sour, bitter or metallic aftertaste in the mouth;
    • to the strange behavior of the interlocutor offering to chew the chewing gum or by its obvious grimaces, nose closure, tips and directions for poor oral health.
    This aggravates the condition of a person who begins to shy away from others.

    A bad smell can be felt with a sharp exhalation in the folded in a handful of palms. Often a thread is used and held between teeth. With a fetid smell from her, you should determine the causes and contact the dentist or therapist.

    Many people use a teaspoon, which is removed from the root of the tongue and sniffed or moistened with the tongue of the wrist, allowed to dry and sniff the skin. You can use the pharmacy-tests to determine the freshness of breathing on a five-point scale.

    Causes of bad breath from the mouth

    To determine the causes of an unpleasant smell, analyze the condition of the mouth, dental diseases, gums and mucosa due to poor oral hygiene, where a large number of bacteria settle: in the tongue, in the folds of the mucosa, teeth in pockets under the gums.

    Therefore, halitosis is caused by:

    1. 1) Diseases in the mouth: gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontitis, caries, and stomatitis common and herpetic;
    2. 2) Dry mucous membrane in the mouth with reduced saliva;
    3. 3) Snoring with open mouth, apnea - short-term stopping of breathing during snoring in a dream that dries the mucous of the mouth( see how to get rid of snoring);
    4. 4) Breathing with the mouth, smoking and drinking alcohol;
    5. 5) Eating dishes with fresh onions, garlic, fish: smoked and salted.
    If the liver and other organs are sick, the smell of rot leaves through the larynx from the esophagus. Bile secreted by the liver is designed to protect food from decay in the intestine. Food of poor quality and not perceived by the body provokes stagnation of bile in the liver, and therefore there is a putrid smell in the mouth. In this case:

    1. 1) Will press in the region of the solar plexus;
    2. 2) Continuous release of gases - flatulence;
    3. 3) There will be pain in the back and kidney area.
    In the presence of ulcers, gastroduodenitis and other stomach diseases, including poor digestion of meat foods, an unpleasant odor will emerge from the oral cavity. Fast food and lack of mouth in the mouth of several teeth - are the causes of poor chewing food with a touch on the tongue.

    There is a smell also with fever, exhaustion, gastrointestinal diseases. The tongue is brownish with dysentery, infectious diseases of the digestive tract. The tongue is lined with a gastritis with a hypoacid with a low acidity. The back of the tongue is always overly clean with gastritis and stomach ulcer with increased acidity.

    Imprints in the tongue of teeth appear with dysbiosis. All this is accompanied by a bad smell. It smells of drugs and changes the color of the language with long-term use of drugs or overdose.

    Speaking of oncology, leprosy, tuberculosis and syphilis, the tongue will react with the thickening of the epithelium and its location along its surface, the appearance of ulcers and fetid smell. He will pursue the surrounding and sick.

    Treatment of bad breath from the mouth

    To eliminate bad breath, you need to follow some recommendations. And so that the treatment should be effective:

    1. 1) To conduct a medical examination with a doctor, to visit the dentist for the treatment of caries, which gradually destroys the hard tooth tissue and develops serious and dangerous diseases - the causes of bad odor from the mouth and even the nose.
    2. 2) Brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening, immediately remove food residues with toothpicks or silk threads, pieces of gauze or a brush, rinse with elixir.
    3. 3) Do not eat too hot or cold food. A significant difference in temperature is the cause of microcracks in the enamel of the teeth.
    4. 4) Consume 1.5-2 liters of water daily to prevent "dry mouth".
    5. 5) To activate the cleansing saliva, it is enough to eat a couple of apples or chew the chewing gum.
    6. 6) Treat inflammations and abscesses in the mouth and throat, which will also help to eliminate the malignant and chronic colds - a source of unpleasant odor.
    7. 7) Observe the diet in the treatment of liver, caries, stomach. Avoid eating a lot of meat, including fatty, in fried form.
    8. 8) Go to a fractional food with a moderate intake of carbohydrates. The menu should be less meat, bread, more - products from milk and vegetable fruits.
    9. 9) Strengthen and clean the gums and teeth with coarse food: apples, carrots and others.
    10. 10) Eat nuts and dairy products with a low percentage of fat, all sorts of cheese for the supply of "building" calcium for the teeth.
    11. 11) With the pathological digestive system, rinse the oral cavity with mixtures with essential oils: mint and lemon( 250 ml of warm water - 2 drops each).Inside take a mixture of mint oil( 1-3 drops), honey - 1 tsp.and water - 250 ml.
    12. 12) Remove the stones on the teeth, treat caries, whiten the teeth at the dentist.
    13. 13) Apply paste: hygienic, therapeutic, whitening and therapeutic-preventive with a normal abrasiveness index - for preventive paste - RDA 70-90, for bleaching paste - RDA 120. In pregnancy, periodontitis, hypersensitivity and bare necks, use pastes with a lowerabrasiveness index.
    In addition, use brushes with a thick and soft bristles and small diameter bristles. Do not use the cases for brushes and do not put them with the brushes of other family members.

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