How to get rid of cellulite on the legs and the priest in the home

  • How to get rid of cellulite on the legs and the priest in the home

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    Cellulite is familiar to most women. This condition, during which the hands, legs, hips, buttocks are covered with a so-called "orange peel", the skin becomes bumpy and uneven.

    In modern medicine, the problem is not uniquely pathological or natural physiological state.

    It is common knowledge that cellulite appears in more than 85% of women. The appearance of cellulite is called adaptative, in which the lactation period and the child's bearing itself are much easier for the girl to bear.

    Cellulite also activates during menopause, combining with involute processes, and develops due to hormonal changes in our body.

    The problem becomes more pronounced with weight gain. Cellulite is a complex disease caused not only by the late withdrawal of the liquid from the body, but also provoked by the change in fat cells that are as if in a "confinement" state.

    They look like honeycombs, and do not cross, as on the other parts. The cellular tissue, filled with fat, delays the lymphatic flow and blood flow, is filled with toxins, and this stretches the skin, reduces the level of circulation of the liquid.
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    Cellulite stages

    Doctors - cosmetologists talk about 4 main stages of the disease.

    1. 1- I: pre-cellulite.- At this stage, the outflow of blood in the capillaries is slowed, the permeability of the capillary walls is increased, the fluid outlet and the lymph system are disrupted. Special indicators are not observed at the pre-cellulite stage. The only sign of the initial cellulitis - bruises on the skin from small strokes and some puffiness.
    2. 2nd: the initial.- there are swelling, toxins accumulate, under the skin comes a reduced amount of oxygen. The effect of the "orange peel" is observed with muscle tension and stretching of the skin. In the painful areas, pallor appears, the skin decreases elasticity.
    3. 3rd: micronodular.- cells of fat create clusters, septums, similar to scars. Increased disturbance of microcirculation and edema. Without special testing, both in a standing pose and in a recumbent state, one can see an "orange crust".The skin has a fine-grained appearance, capillary stars are observed, with considerable pressure, discomfort and pain are felt.
    4. 4th: macronodular.- the venous outflow is disturbed, stagnation of lymph is visible, edemas appear. Due to lack of oxygen, scars and puffiness are seen even more. At the fourth stage, the nodes are large and prominent, soldered to the skin, painful. There are hardening areas on the skin. The local temperature of the affected tissue changes, the swelling is very pronounced.
    The fourth stage is the least common. The most common are the second and third. They can be handled on their own, while the 4th will require medical care.

    Pathomorphological forms of cellulitis are the following:

    1. 1) Edematous - edematous or watery. Development of edematous type is associated with fluid retention between cells and with vascular insufficiency. The soft form of the "orange peel", which is typical for the lower part of the body, is often accompanied by circulatory problems. The fluid is retarded, toxins appear, and as a result, edema develops.
    2. 2) Flabby or soft. This form is characterized by a general loss of elasticity and tonus of muscles and cutaneous fiber. Cellulite is painful and loose. Caused by an excess of body weight, occurs on almost all parts of the body. At this stage, the fat cells approach each other, and the collagen fibers are more dense.
    3. 3) Fibrous or hard. Fatty hypertrophy and fibrosis of tissue. Cellulite is hard, painful, a little violet. This is the last stage of cellulite, in which there are characteristic tubercles, there is a pain when touched.

    Causes of the appearance of cellulite

    Cellulite has become a manifestation of primordially feminine, however, and men can find themselves in such a problem. The female type of cellulite is provoked because in men the adipocytes are arranged horizontally, while in women it is vertical. In addition, in women, the percentage of body fat exceeds 20%, and in men it is 10-15%.

    1. 1) Hormones. Because of the fluctuations of the hormonal background, cellulite is formed. A variety of stages of puberty women produce fat. Hormonal fluctuations, provoked by the sexual formation of women, pregnancy, menopause, cause an increase in fat tissue and form an "orange peel".
    2. 2) The hereditary factor. The number of fat cells is affected by genetic conditions. Lipolysis or the process of fat oxidation in all of us is different. It is programmed at the genetic level. With the use of one amount of food, a different volume of fat is deposited.
    3. 3) Lifestyle. Overabundance of calories, nutrition with excess fat and sugar, frequent weight fluctuations provoke the disease. Also, cellulite appears because of very tight clothes, uncomfortable shoes, when blood circulation is disturbed. Hypodinamy stimulates the deposition of fat due to intercellular exchange disorders. Also, a lack of activity can provoke poor bowel function, because of this toxins are not completely eliminated. Because of stressful situations and overwork, cellulite also appears. An organism that has not received enough rest and sleep, produces cortisol, which provokes water retention and fat gain. Also, excessive fat deposition and the appearance of cellulite stimulate fasting and low-calorie diets. A frightened body gains more fat and starts using it very economically.
    4. 4) Diseases. Problems with the thyroid gland, endocrine diseases, obesity.
    5. 5) Ecology. It is relevant when there is an unfavorable situation.
    6. 6) Ontogenetics."Orange peel" is also considered as an indicator of body aging. With the passage of time, the motor activity of a person decreases, muscle tone deteriorates, lymph and blood stagnate, the hormonal background changes.
    7. 7) Accumulation factor. Cellulite provokes micro-breakdown of the body.

    How to get rid of cellulite on the pope and legs?

    To get rid of such a problem as cellulite complex measures will be needed. It is necessary to stimulate microcirculation in those areas that are affected by the "orange crust".

    These methods include: diet, exercise, various massage, baths and saunas, hardware cosmetology.

    The diet for cellulite should be balanced. It is necessary to reduce the amount of consumed fats, to minimize sweet dishes and carbonated drinks. Since swelling arises from a lack of fluid in our body, you should consume more than 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

    It is better to eat better 4 times a day, dinner should not be later than 3 hours before bedtime. It is necessary to refrain from smoking, refined products, fast food, to reduce the consumption of salt, smoked foods, alcohol.

    With regard to exercise, sports should be at least two times a week. The main emphasis during the exercises should be on problem areas, especially the hip area. Help jumping rope, swimming pool, aerobics, pilates, fitness equipment. Of excess weight will need to get rid of gradually, because the skin may hang and cellulite will be more pronounced.

    The cosmetic procedures achieve the following goals:

    • to increase elasticity.
    • stimulate the reduction in fat growth.
    • split fatty deposits.
    • loosen solid fat formation.
    • improve fluid outflow.
    Internal and external procedures for fighting cellulite are selected individually. The external methods of treating cellulite include:

    1. 1) Special wraps with creams to improve blood circulation and maintain optimal skin elasticity.
    2. 2) Lymphatic drainage. A special manual technique that allows you to reduce the amount of fluid in the tissue and the manifestation of the "orange peel".
    3. 3) Thalassotherapy. Sea products, in particular algae, are used. Such treatment is best conducted at sea resorts.
    4. 4) Hardware-vacuum massage.
    For a good effect, you need a session of procedures - 8-10 times.

    Complex treatment of cellulite is chosen individually depending on the form, type and stage of cellulite. Thanks to the work of a specialist, you can get rid of the initial stage of the problem in time. It will be necessary to observe changes in the skin, and make certain adjustments to the disease control program.

    To effectively combat cellulite, you will also need special nutritional supplements, which the doctor-cosmetologist will write out.

    Prognosis of treatment

    Correction of cellulite at an early stage will achieve good results. That is why it is necessary to start to get rid of the problem in the early stages.

    For the prevention of cellulite will need to maintain normal body weight, overall health( hormonal fluctuations in particular), physical activity, contrast shower, massage with hard sponges and bastards, sauna, massages.

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