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    Home hair screening: recipes

    To date, fundsto restore hair and improve their appearance becomes more and more. One of the latest popular and very effective developments can be called screening.

    The main task of the procedure is not only to give curls to external beauty, but also to maintain their internal health.

    What is hair screening: pluses and minuses ^

    Shielding of damaged hair is a hairdresser's procedure, which consists in applying to the locks a vitamin composition that penetrates inside each hair. The result of screening is simply remarkable - increasing the density and volume of each hairs.

    After the procedure, the hairstyle looks very impressive, and their owner is stylish and attractive. As a rule, this procedure is carried out in the salon, however, the screening of the hair at home is considered no less effective.

    Very often women note the similarity of screening with lamination. The results of the procedures are almost identical, but the impact technologies are very different.

    During lamination, the hair is covered with a composition that forms a film that prevents air from entering. The advantage of screening is that its vitamin composition improves the condition from within, rather than acting superficially, as during lamination.

    To understand if this procedure is suitable for your hair, you need to read the answers to the most common questions.

    Harmful hair screening

    Shielding of hair is not harmful, especially if you follow the procedure according to the recommendations. Moreover, it brings invaluable benefits to locks, as it effectively strengthens the hair shaft, nourishes it from the inside and reliably protects the hair from negative external influences.

    How long does the screening of hair

    The effect of screening continues not very long, which often frustrates the fair sex. After about 3-4 weeks, the film starts to wash off and the procedure will have to be repeated again.

    What are the types of screening

    Salon screening can be divided into colorless and color:

    • Color screening consists in smooth staining of the strands without adversely affecting the hair, as during staining. After all, the composition does not include various alkaline compounds.
    • Colorless screening is ideal for curls that have not previously been dyed.

    We will add that home screening of hair is easy to carry out if you have all the necessary means for carrying out the procedure.

    What are the means for screening hair

    The most popular brands for screening for today are Paul Mitchell and Estel Professional. In this case, hair screening Estelle q3 is the most common in our country.

    Both agents for carrying out the procedure are made up of soy protein, amino acids, ceramides and various plant components. The q3 Therapy Kit includes a two-phase conditioner that restores and gives shine to the hairs.

    How to make hair screening at home: video, description of the procedure ^

    The procedure for screening hair at home is considered no less effective than the salon. To get a good result, you must follow all instructions and recommendations exactly.

    For home hair screening, Estelle, a popular company that offers women the most effective and gentle hair care products, has released a special kit for home treatment. It can be purchased in a specialized store at a fairly democratic price.

    The technology of the home procedure is as follows:

    • Before the procedure, it is necessary to visit the hairdresser to remove the visited tips. This will prevent further dissection of the hairs.
    • It is recommended to wash your head with warm water. It is advisable to use a professional shampoo to wash your hair with vitamins.
    • After the hair has been thoroughly washed, a balm is applied. Through the time specified in the instruction, it is washed off.
    • Strands should be towel dried without using a hairdryer. After that, the curls are ready for the main stage of screening.
    • Primary tool is applied. If it is colored, you need to take precautions and use protective gloves.
    • It is necessary to follow exactly the action of the composition specified in the instruction. Do not overstrain the remedy.
    • After a certain time, the product should be rinsed, preferably 3-4 times rinse.
    • The hair dryer needs to dry curls and apply a fixing compound on them. After this, it is necessary to dry them again.
    • The procedure is considered complete.

    The effect of the home procedure will be no less effective than from the salon. It should be noted that after exposure the hair becomes more rigid.

    Shielding is recommended to owners of thin and weak hair with split and dry tips. In this case, if the hair is exposed to frequent coloring, perm or frequent straightening, then such a procedure is simply necessary.

    Caution should be given to screening women with fat-prone curls, as the vitamin composition of the product even more moisturizes them. It is contraindicated to use the procedure for people who have intolerance to any of the components that make up the drug.

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    Hair screening: testimonials, results before and after ^

    The results after hair screening are only good. Curls after the procedure are completely unrecognizable: smooth, shiny and very well-groomed.

    Feedback on the screening of our regular readers' hair is also positive:

    Lyudmila, 19 years old:

    "Like many girls in their teens, I often changed my image, experimenting with the color of my hair. Did the procedure at home, purchased a special kit for screening. Precisely followed the instructions, but the result was not very pleased. I want to note that if the hair is heavily sliced, then this procedure will not be effective. Therefore, it is not for everyone. "

    Mila, 26 years old:

    "Once, looking in the mirror, I noticed that the condition of my curls is not the best. I started looking for advice on the Internet. So I learned about screening the hair. Due to the fact that in the cabin to perform this procedure quite expensive, I decided to do everything myself. I bought Estelle's kit, followed the procedure by following the instructions. I want to say that my hair has changed: they have become soft and shiny, obedient and voluminous. I recommend to everyone".

    Elena, 30 years old:

    "I always tried to take care of my hair and watched all the novelties in the field of hairdressing. After the result I saw, I was completely ecstatic. I advise all women who follow their hair this affordable and effective procedure. "