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    Michael Mosley's 5/2 diet allows you to effectively lose weight due to fasting days

    Authoran extremely fashionable diet now 5: 2 is the famous British TV journalist Michael Mosley. Being a doctor by education, he took part in the experiment on the effect of fasting on the duration and quality of life, as a result of which he became so interested in this issue that he developed his own method of losing weight.

    In the simplicity and effectiveness of this method, he was convinced of his personal experience, quickly bringing his own weight back to normal. The diet quickly became popular, it is actively used by many stars of show business and politics. Moreover, in the menu of many prestigious restaurants, it became fashionable to include dishes made using the 5/2 system.

    The essence and features of Michael Mosley's technique 5: 2 ^

    Michael Mosley's 5: 2 diet, as the name implies, carries the name of the author and the principle of the method - 5 and 2. This means that five days pass in the usual diet,without limiting and reducing the caloric content of products, and two days a week are unloading.

    And, these days do not consist of traditional hungry mono-diet on apples or kefir. On fasting days the food is full and balanced, but the amount of calories consumed is significantly reduced - by 4 times. So, for women, the daily calorific value should not exceed 500 calories, it is permissible for men to consume up to 600 calories.

    How the Mosley method works

    The principle of feeding Mosley is to reduce the total weekly caloric intake. Unloading is arranged at any convenient time, but not 2 days in a row. For example, you can choose Tuesday and Saturday, or any other convenient days. If you consider that 5 days a week you can eat in the usual way, then 2 off-days are a complete surprise and stress for the body.

    As a result of this shake-up, he begins to consume the old stocks of fat intensively. While on the traditional long-term diet, the human body adapts and begins to work in a saving mode. The process of losing weight is delayed, or even completely stops.

    Advantages of diet 5/2:

    • The versatility of the Mosley method is that food restrictions are required only 2 times a week, on the remaining days the diet remains habitual and satisfying.
    • Fast 5: 2 diet does not require strict control over the composition and caloric content of foods or abstinence from eating.
    • The process of losing weight does not stop at the cost of proper unloading days, during which all surplus calories are consumed.
    • Specialists studying the aging process have found out that 2 fasting days a week reduce the risk of developing diabetes, oncology, and cardiovascular diseases.
    • This principle of nutrition does not cause discomfort and does not break the habitual way of life. Nothing prevents you from going on a birthday or in a cafe with friends, drinking your glass of wine or eating a nice piece of cake. Even if it was planned on this day to make the unloading, it can be postponed the next day. The hungry days are easier to bear. After all, this is only 1 day, and tomorrow, without remorse in front of the figure, you can eat in the usual way. Therefore, the disruptions, characteristic of lean and monotonous mono diets, with the Mosley diet are extremely rare.

    Technique minuses:

    • During unloading days, weakness and fatigue may occur.
    • Large breaks in food can trigger an exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases.
    • There are opinions that too sharp restriction in food 2 times a week can lead to overeating on other days.

    Diet 5/2: sample menus and recipes ^

    Basic rules of the Mosley technique 5/2 :

    • During the day you can eat fish, lean meat and cottage cheese, eggs, vegetables and unsweetened fruits.
    • The requirement is only one - the calorie content should not exceed the recommended one.
    • The daily ration should be divided into 2 doses, the more frequent, fractional food intake is considered by this method to be incorrect.
    • Ideal if between meals takes 12 hours. Absence of snacks includes the process of accelerated fat burning in the body.
    • Do not eat sweets, flour products, caffeine, or alcoholic beverages.

    Menu of a fasting day - 1 variant

    Knowing the calorie content of each product, it is not difficult to calculate and compile the unloading menu. For example, you can see the menu, calculated for 1 day.

    • Breakfast - 1 egg, low-fat cottage cheese( 50 gr.), Medium, unripe banana. The total caloric value is 237 kcal.
    • Dinner - soup-puree from vegetables, this is about 87 kcal. Baked chicken breast and 50 gr.green peas. Caloric content is 173 kcal.

    Total, the daily diet does not exceed the allowed calorie limits and is only 497 kcal.

    Menu of a fasting day - option 2

    The menu can be made according to your taste preferences, the main thing - scrupulous calorie counting. For example, you can try this unloading diet, the calorie content of which still does not exceed the permissible:

    • Breakfast - buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, boiled on the water. Cereals-50gr, champignons-100 grams. Half a glass of low-fat yogurt. This is 204 kcal.
    • Supper - vegetable soup and baked pollock - 162 kcal, remains 134. And this is 100 gr.boiled squid or flounder, plus 1 grapefruit or orange.
    • If you really want meat, come to the rescue veal, in 100 gr.which contains only 90 kilocalories. Sea gruel is suitable for garnish. Portion of cabbage in 200 gr.will add only 11 kcal.
    • Choose products on your own. The food on the 5: 2 system can be made really tasty, satisfying and varied.
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    Reviews and results of a fast diet 5: 2 ^

    Reviews about the diet 5/2 amongst losing weight are the most positive, as it is easily tolerated and therefore fell in love with many people who can not stand a more strict and long-lasting diet. There is even an opinion that it does not lead to a significant overeating and disruption, like a lot of other dietary programs, because it is psychologically much easier to limit yourself to eating 2 times a week, and in the rest only to show prudence.

    To do this, it is enough to reduce the consumption of fatty, canned and sweet food. It's no secret that fast food, sausages, chips and sweets do not belong to healthy and healthy food. Therefore, if a person cares about his health, he is unlikely to overeat harmful products. Nutritionists do not tire of repeating that without a reasonable approach to nutrition and some effort on the part of losing weight, no weight loss program will work.

    The results of diet 5/2 give hope to many people who are overweight and obese. The process of losing weight goes right, without interfering with medical norms. For a month you can confidently lose about 6 extra pounds, for a week, on average, up to 1.5 kg of fat stores.

    According to the opinions of those who have lost weight, from the second week the diet of 5: 2 is much easier to transfer, and with the third one you can even add 1 additional day of relieving. Since the fifth week there is only one day off. After exiting method 5/2, weight will be kept normal, if you exclude from the diet foods that do not bring anything other than harm and empty calories. After 3-4 weeks of full nutrition, you can again return to the two-day unloading.
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