Catarrhal angina in children: treatment and signs of disease

  • Catarrhal angina in children: treatment and signs of disease

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    Acute inflammation of a pair of palatine tonsils, exacerbation of chronic compensated or decompensated tonsillitis can be caused by angina. Catarrhal angina in children is one of the easiest types of course of tonsil diseases.

    The causative agent of this disease, in most cases, is the hemolytic streptococcus of group A, and the inflammatory process affects only the surface layer of the tonsils without going deep, and without causing complications.

    Why do children suffer from catarrhal angina?

    • Inflammation of the tonsils caused by hemolytic streptococcus of group A or B;
    • Scarlet fever;
    • Exacerbation of compensated or decompensated tonsillitis;

    Catarrhal angina in children can develop against a background of complete well-being, you may even not notice the onset of its course. Sometimes there are manifestations of angina, similar to the signs of acute respiratory disease. At the same time, in children with catarrhal angina only the general state of health worsens only slightly, the temperature keeps at the subfertile level and rarely when it rises above the 380С mark. Some children notice the appearance of headache, fatigue, malaise.

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    Common to all types of angina is the appearance in the child of complaints of pain in the throat - acute, aching. The pain becomes much stronger when swallowing, in connection with which the child becomes difficult to take solid food, bread, preference is given to liquid types of food. Hot or cold food starts to cause discomfort.

    Try to give the child a slightly warm meal, temperatures 40-45 0С.At visual inspection by parents, there is hyperemia and a slight increase in the size of the tonsils, reddening of the posterior pharyngeal wall.

    How to cure a disease?

    Even if it seems to you that the disease is not serious, and the level of damage to the tonsils is very small, you should not give up the treatment and remain vigilant. It is known that in many cases, in the form of catarrhal angina, infectious diseases appear in children, most often scarlet fever.

    In addition, if the infection begins to spread into the tonsils, affecting the tissues at a deeper level, there is a danger of overgrowth of the catarrhal form of angina into follicular, lacunar or fibronous angina. When the body is infected with beta-hemolytic streptococcus, it is necessary to take a child's antibiotic from a sore throat. If this is not done, there is a danger of getting serious complications from the kidneys, cardiovascular system, nervous system, joints.

    Untreated tonsillitis can become debuts of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

    Antibiotic treatment is necessary!

    Treatment of the diagnosis of catarrhal sinus should be prescribed exclusively by the doctor. The first thing you should do is call the doctor at home or come to the clinic for an examination. The pediatrician will hold a consultation, evaluate the child's condition, if necessary, prescribe a smear for bacterial culture and prescribe medications for treating angina. The choice of a specific antibiotic and the appointment of a period of its admission is always with the doctor.

    You must strictly follow the prescriptions, correctly calculate the dose of the medicine, do not stop treatment even if the child looks quite healthy. Treatment with antibiotics with a positive result of sowing on beta-hemolytic staphylococcus is necessary, in other cases the decision remains with the doctor.

    As additional factors contributing to recovery, the doctor can recommend:

    • Bed or half-bed mode;
    • Regular airing of the room;
    • Soft, mashed, liquid food;
    • Abundant drink: water, mineral water, juices, compotes, fruit drinks, tea with lemon;
    • Herbal teas: linden, chamomile, from raspberry and currant leaves;
    • Restriction of sweet and sugary drinks;
    • Taking antihistamines and multivitamins.

    Local treatment is aimed at alleviating the pain in the throat: rinsing, spraying with sprays, lubricating the throat.

    Remember the benefits of prevention of angina and hardening!

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