How to make your face look beautiful - beautiful face skin at home

  • How to make your face look beautiful - beautiful face skin at home

    For a modern woman, nothing is more important than looking attractive and seductively beautiful at any time of the day. But what is the beauty of women, not counting an upturned nose, plump lips and a mischievous smile? Of course, first of all in a healthy velvety smooth smooth skin of the face with a natural even shade. At once there is a question: how to make a skin of the face beautiful? This problem without end excites and puzzles the representatives of the weaker sex. Do not know how to solve it? The clue lies in the wonderful Russian proverb: it's easy to not pull out the fish from the pond. Yes, ladies, that's it, beauty is work!

    A few tips for choosing cosmetics

    Choosing cosmetics for the face

    To achieve the best results in the art of preserving youth and beauty, every day, caring for the skin of the face is necessary, regularly performing a variety of procedures for cleaning, nourishing and moisturizing it. To begin with, you need to try to determine the type of your skin in order to be able to choose the right lotions, gels for washing and creams. Get always proven care products, when applying which the skin will feel most comfortable - then when using cosmetics you will not have any problems. When buying face cream is also important to take into account age. And to achieve the best effect, you can combine cosmetics with "grandmother" folk recipes.

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    A little bit about nutrition

    Power for beautiful skin

    Absolutely all girls are worried regularly on the face of black points, pimples, redness, irritation, peeling, greasy sheen and other problems - all of this is quite difficult to get rid of. These are not simple problems, but to some extent they are solved. It is important only not to give up and boldly get down to business!

    First and foremost, you need to analyze the quality of your food and improve it. As soon as possible, give up fatty, too salty and spicy food. It is desirable to limit the number of cups of strong coffee drunk per day, it can be replaced with green tea - a tasty and healthy drink. And yet, dear women, strongly refuse to smoke and drink alcohol! All this is not only harmful, it affects your complexion, giving it an unhealthy shade. Do better sports, eat more vegetables and fruits, and in winter and spring take complex vitamins. All this will raise your vitality, improve health, well-being and, as a result, skin color.

    In the morning, in the evening and in the day we look after the face

    Everyday face care

    If in the morning instead of washing you will use ice slices, thanks to them your skin will get elasticity and will look much better. If you do not have ice cubes near your hand, then, as an option, you can wash your face several times with warm, then icy water - the effect will also be excellent. Cold water helps to reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation, from which the skin becomes rosy and refreshed. Before going to bed, always wash off all makeup from your face, so that your skin can rest thoroughly during the night. Try one, but it would be good and twice a week, on your face and neck, apply various masks to soften and saturate with nutrients. In winter, it is recommended to use a greasy cream for the face - in frosty days, you can swap day and night creams, as the night cream is fatter. And in the summer hot season, try to protect the skin from direct sunlight with special creams. So that your skin does not get dirty, remember that you need to regularly wash and change sponges and makeup brushes.

    Basket of folk recipes

    Masks for perfect skin

    For a mask that miraculously helps to cleanse the face of acne, you need very few ingredients:

    • 1 tablespoon of yeast( not granulated and necessarily fresh),
    • 1 teaspoon of milk,
    • 4 drops of lemonjuice.

    It is necessary to dissolve yeast in milk and add the specified amount of lemon juice. The resulting "gruel" should be applied to the face for 20 minutes and then washed off with warm water without soap. If you do this mask in the evenings during the week, you will see that the skin of the face becomes much cleaner and whiter. After a one-week course, be sure to let the skin of the face relax, taking a break for two weeks.

    There is a simple prescription mask for the eyes, which removes the puffiness of the eyelids well. For her, you need one teaspoon of finely chopped parsley, naturally fresh, and two teaspoons of fatty sour cream. Mix these two wonderful products and apply on the skin of the eyelids for about 20 minutes. After that, wash your face with cool water.

    Lovely women, remember, the skin always looks so good, how carefully we treat it. Try to give yourself more time, caring carefully not only for the face, but for the whole body, thanks to this you will long to catch the rapturously admired looks of others, because you will look young and attractive!