• What exercises with hemorrhoids exist?

    In the treatment of any disease, including hemorrhoids, efficacy can only be achieved with an integrated approach. And do not rely only on one pill or miracle operation. Without changing his habitual way of life, even with the most favorable resolution of this problem, the disease will return after a while.

    Among the factors that contribute to the development of hemorrhoids, there are such as, for example, constipation or stagnation of blood in the pelvic area. It's difficult to fight with them, but it is quite possible. There are physical exercises for the treatment of hemorrhoids, which well strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall, which improves work in the intestines and blood flow in the small pelvis.

    LFK with hemorrhoids is quite simple and can be afforded even by the most busy person, as for them it will be enough to give 10 - 15 minutes a day. But, all exercises for the complex treatment of hemorrhoids, you need to do regularly, since only then will a positive result be achieved.

    Exercises for the treatment of hemorrhoids

    1. The first exercise - very simple and quite effective - kegel exercise with hemorrhoids. It is necessary to squeeze and unclose the muscles of the perineum and anus. Exercise can be performed in any position - sitting and standing, in transport and at work, and even at the kitchen stove. Repeat it should be during the day two or three times, doing at a time up to 10 compressions.
    2. The second exercise should be done lying on the back, with the legs bent and feet resting on the floor. On inhalation, the pelvis rises above the floor, and as high as possible. Buttocks with this tightly compressed. And on exhalation take the starting position with a gradual relaxation of the muscles.
    3. The so-called "scissors" exercise, which is also performed lying on the back. The legs are raised above the floor at an angle of 45 ° and make wide swings to the sides, reducing and spreading them alternately. This exercise can strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall. And the larger the amplitude of the performed movements, the more effective the result will be.
    4. Everyone knows the exercise "bicycle", which, like the previous one, strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall. Exercise is carried out lying on the back and resembles the movement of the legs of a cyclist. Exercise "cat".Take the starting position - in a position standing on your knees with your head down, hands on the floor. Slowly, they raise their heads and bend their backs. On exhalation, lower your head, while pressing your chin against your chest. Arched arched back, tightly squeezing the buttocks, try to draw the anus into himself. Repeat several times.

    Such fairly simple exercises against hemorrhoids can be performed even by people of age. For people who have a good physical shape, you can also add an exercise "birch".For this, lying on your back and resting on the floor with your elbows, raise your straightened legs upwards, while maximally tearing your buttocks off the floor, fixing them with your hands. In this position it is recommended to stay as long as possible. This simple exercise perfectly trains the abdominal muscles and promotes the flow of blood from the small pelvis and lower limbs.

    Exercises for the prevention of hemorrhoids

    1. In standing position, cross your legs. It is rhythmic to strain the muscles of the anus and the buttocks, after which the same actions are performed in a sitting position on a hard stool.
    2. Lying on your back, bend your knees and rest on your feet. And the legs are located on the width of the shoulders. Raise and lower the pelvis, while leaning on the feet and shoulder girdle.
    3. In the supine position, alternately raise the straight legs and lower them, then cross them as scissors. Then they rotate with their feet as if riding a bicycle.
    4. In the knee-elbow position, resting on the knees, elbows and palms, alternately in both directions, tilt the pelvis, touching the buttocks of the floor.

    This gymnastics with hemorrhoids is a very effective means of eliminating such a delicate problem.

    One of the most effective means - yoga

    Regular performance of the whole complex of exercises in combination with other methods and methods speeds up the treatment of hemorrhoids, and yoga can serve as a good addition to the usual physical exercises. A lot of her poses are aimed at improving the work of the intestine and eliminating stagnation in the small pelvis. And, despite the fact that there are a lot of exercises, it is not necessary to fulfill them all. You can choose any one, but you should do it regularly.

    For example, sit on the floor, stretching straight legs forward. On exhalation very slowly lower all the trunk to the legs in such a way that the head touches the knees lightly, and the arms fully encircle the ankles. Knees can not be bent, and the back should only be straight. Hold in this position for 5 seconds, then repeat the exercise 5 times. Each week, the time in this position should be increased every week for 1 second, bringing it to 1 to 2 minutes.

    Massage with hemorrhoids

    With external and internal hemorrhoids, a method such as massage therapy is quite popular. And it is performed to improve blood flow in the rectum and eliminate stagnant phenomena.

    And massage should be done only by a good specialist. A prerequisite is that the intestine and bladder should be emptied completely. During the massage the patient is in the knee-elbow position. All massage movements should be performed with the index finger, which is inserted into the rectum. In order to avoid traumatization of the intestinal mucosa, the doctor puts a glove on his hand, lubricates the finger with sterile vaseline.

    The most commonly used in the massage are two types of movements - vibration and stroking. The latter is performed in the direction of the top and bottom, but, and in the area of ​​the nodes, stroking alternates with pressure. Then they start to vibrate, which can be performed with a finger or using a special device.

    After the session is over, it is recommended to perform special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the rectum.

    It should be noted that massage can not always be performed, as in some conditions it is completely contraindicated. In connection with this fact, it is necessary to consult a proctologist before the course of treatment.

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