• Sore throat, dry cough: causes and treatment

    Sore throat is a symptom that appears due to many causes.

    Primarily, perspiration is considered an indicator of dry cough. It appears due to ARI, viral respiratory diseases, and it is also associated with excessive smoking and bronchospasm.

    You should not treat the symptom with expectorant pills, because they cope only with a damp cough. It is best to find out the cause of the therapist's illness.

    Causes of Persecution in the Throat, Dry Cough

    Persecution in the throat is often caused by two types of causes - with inflammatory and non-inflammatory nature.

    Perspiration in the throat is caused by such inflammatory causes as:

    • pharyngitis;
    • laryngitis;
    • nasafaringitis;
    • ARI and ARVI.
    Inflammatory process, developing in the throat, it is necessary to clean with medication. It can be antibacterial drugs( sprays, solutions, candies) and antibiotics.

    One of the non-inflammatory causes of the disease is neuropathy of the pharynx. Because of the defeat of nerve endings, there are problems with the nervous system. In addition to the sensation of perspiration, there may appear lumps in the throat, pain, difficulty swallowing, and numbness. These diseases also appear in diseases of the central nervous system, tumors, in the early stages of syphilis. That is why it is so important to determine the cause of the symptom in the doctor.
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    Allergy is a fairly common cause of perspiration in the throat. Dust, pollen and wool can provoke this symptom.

    Another reason can be the professional suitability of the patient. People experiencing an increased voice load, often suffer from the rigidity of voice and persecution. Singers, teachers, operators of contact centers, metallurgical workers often have problems with their voice. Perspiration and hoarseness appear.

    In addition, this symptom occurs due to:

    1. 1) Dysfunction of the digestive tract. A common cause is reflux esophagitis. The acid is released into the respiratory tract and irritates the mucous membrane of the throat. If the perspiration in the throat began to appear after eating or lying down, then you should consult a gastroenterologist.
    2. 2) Diseases of the endocrine system. Especially with problems with the thyroid gland. Nodal formations in the thyroid gland, which have certain pressure on the trachea, can cause perspiration, as well as a change in the patient's voice, in addition, may reduce appetite.
    3. 3) Increased heart volume and heart failure.
    4. 4) Mechanical injuries.
    5. 5) Psychological diseases.

    How to treat perspiration in the throat?

    After learning the causes of the disease, you should start treating the perspiration in the throat.

    The doctor will diagnose the patient upon examination of the patient and after the appointment of special tests. Then follows the appointment of medications. Infectious diseases are treated with antibiotics and antiseptics.

    Pharyngitis, laryngitis, acute respiratory disease is treated with inhalation, antibacterial tablets, for example, pharyngosept, hexoral, rinses( furacillin, miramistin, etc.).To remove symptoms of persecution and hoarse voice, mint candies, as well as pills of isla, will help.

    If the doctor has determined a viral infection, be sure to drink plenty and take vitamin C. It is also recommended to keep bed rest. With constant perspiration and pharyngitis the doctor can prescribe immunomodulators.

    With reflux-isofagite, make sure to improve your diet. It is better if the food is fractional and frequent. Smoked, spicy, fried, too sour or bitter, for the duration of treatment should be excluded. Do not eat too hot or cold food.

    Allergy and perspiration in the throat are eliminated by antihistamines. Neurosis of the pharynx is treated only under the supervision of a neurologist.

    In the future, with the goal of prevention, it will be necessary to avoid significant accumulation of people, drafts, drink vitamins and minerals, and engage in sports loads. Raising the general tone of the body will help you avoid the disease!

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