• Low hemoglobin: causes, symptoms, effects

    Reduced hemoglobin accompanied humanity always. It is a consequence of blood loss, the appearance of worms, and low hemoglobin develops because of heredity.

    And despite the fact that the problems associated with reduced hemoglobin are sufficiently studied, curing the disease is not always easy. Hemoglobin is a respiratory pigment that is contained in red blood cells.

    It has the properties of carrying oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Hemoglobin is involved in the process of carbon dioxide transfer, and also normalizes the acid-alkaline composition of the internal environment. It consists of a complex and simple protein.

    Causes of low hemoglobin

    Why is hemoglobin down, and what does it mean? The level of hemoglobin is reduced for a variety of reasons. Usually it happens because of blood loss - hidden and obvious. Hemorrhages, especially obvious, occur due to abundant and prolonged periods of more than five days, with wounds, hemorrhoids, and surgical interventions.

    The latent loss of blood can develop due to certain diseases of the digestive tract, as well as in diseases of the female sexual sphere, for example, myomas. Also, for reasons of low hemoglobin level, short life of erythrocytes, as well as various autoimmune diseases, infectious and hereditary diseases can result.
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    With the staffing and constant delivery of blood, it is also possible to develop low hemoglobin. Appear pathology can due to malnutrition, when the body lacks certain vitamins and trace elements. Often low hemoglobin is due to a lack of iron and B vitamins.

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    Hemoglobin in the blood

    Normal hemoglobin in the blood:

    1. 1) Men - 130-160 g.per liter of blood.
    2. 2) Women - 120-147 gr.per liter.
    3. 3) The norm for women expecting a baby is 110 grams per liter.
    4. 4) The norm for children under five is 110 grams per liter.

    Symptoms of low hemoglobin

    There are two types of types of hemoglobin reduction - dystrophic and asthenic.

    With asthenic depression, there are symptoms such as significant weakness and fatigue, persistent drowsiness, headache and twisting of the head, tachycardia, decreased pressure, sometimes nausea, and in severe cases even loss of consciousness.

    If a dystrophic type of hemoglobin reduction occurs, mostly reduced hemoglobin is an implicit indicator of iron deficiency in our body. In the dystrophic form of hemoglobin reduction, the following symptoms appear:

    1. 1) Nails become spoiled, becoming more brittle and refined.
    2. 2) The skin becomes dry, cracks appear in the corners of the oral cavity, which hurt.
    3. 3) Hair grows worse, there is a significant loss.
    4. 4) Hemoglobin breaks down the sense of smell, as well as taste. People start to eat even unsuitable food ingredients - dental powder, ground, crayons, and also patients are eager to eat raw foods, for example, dry cereals, pasta, raw minced meat. For patients with reduced hemoglobin, the smells of acetone, nail polish, and gutalin become pleasant.
    5. 5) There is a slight increase in temperature to 37.5 degrees.
    6. 6) Pale mucous and skin. With a deficiency of hemoglobin, a characteristic picture of the external manifestation of the disease develops. When there is a lack of vitamin B12, a hyperemic language of a painful appearance appears. During an illness with certain types of anemia, the skin becomes yellow.
    Remember that in the initial stages of iron deficiency anemia has no special signs. They can be either weakly expressed, and sometimes the disease manifests itself without symptoms at all. Usually anemia is only a symptom of the disease, not an isolated disease. To know the exact diagnosis, it is recommended to take a blood test and see a doctor.

    Consequences of low hemoglobin

    What is fraught with a deficiency of this substance, and what are the consequences of low hemoglobin? Let's understand.

    First and foremost, a shortage of hemoglobin in the blood can cause anemia, as well as worsen the general condition of the body: increased fatigue and fatigue, headache, depression, tachycardia, insomnia - all these are extremely unpleasant symptoms of low hemoglobin. In the external appearance of a person who suffers from a low level of hemoglobin, hair loss, pallor and dryness of the skin, mucosal sloughing and brittle nails are different.

    Also a consequence of a lack of hemoglobin is the general weakening of the body. Immunity decreases, both local and general, and the body becomes prone to infection and colds. In certain situations, because of the weakening of the muscles, urinary incontinence occurs.

    Because of the iron deficiency worsens the condition of the whole body, iron deficiency anemia subsequently appears. Children suffering from the disease begin to get tired more often, they get worse at the school in the school, because the development of the mental is slowing down, including. Adults experience weakness and unpleasant fatigue.

    Mucous membranes and skin are most affected by iron deficiency. There are various inflammations on the skin, skin diseases, including eczema. Due to inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, the absorption of nutrient components is impaired. In 2 and more times the likelihood of becoming ill with a cold or intestinal infection increases.

    Adolescents suffer from increased fatigue, reduced attention level, the intellectual level gradually decreases. There are also heart and headaches, tachycardia and fatigue.

    How to raise the level of hemoglobin at home?

    Good increase in hemoglobin black caviar, however, getting it in the required quantity is not so simple. There are more real for treatment and prevention means. So dried fruit contains iron much more.

    Make such a collection: dried apricots, walnuts, raisins, as well as honey and lemon. Using a meat grinder, all this must be carefully twisted. It should be eaten every day three times a day by a teaspoon before eating.

    The following recipe helps a lot: you need to take a mixture of cranberries, honey and walnuts every day for 1 tablespoon. The mixture should be well ground and mixed. For small children, the portion should be less than twice.

    It is also worth to drink tea from the dog rose. Such a decoction also has a sufficient amount of iron in the composition, as well as a huge amount of vitamin C. The latter greatly increases the digestibility of iron in the human body.

    The use of pomegranate juice is strongly recommended. It increases hemoglobin well. And although the iron is contained in it in a small amount, it is assimilated by 100%.And the other components of the garnets will allow you to recover faster. For those who like freshly squeezed juices, there is an opportunity to be treated with juice from carrots, green apples and pumpkin. You can drink separately each of these juices, and you can be treated by combined options.

    It is useful to eat beef liver, red meat, vegetable salads. For breakfast, eat parsley, sweet pepper, cabbage, green onions, dill. Since excess fat worsens hemopoiesis, their use should be limited. Be sure to walk in the air every day. Walk must be at least 2 hours. Watch your breathing: it's important to lengthen your breath.

    If folk remedies do not help, contact a specialist!

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