• Banana diet for delicious slimming

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    Banana diet - minus 5-6 kilograms per week

    Banana diet is one of the most popular short-term fruit mono-diets that allow you to get rid of extra pounds in a few days without much difficulty.

    According to dieticians, 3 days of banana slimming lose up to 3 kilograms of excess weight, and a week - about 5 - 6 kilograms.

    Banana Diet Reviews and Contraindications ^

    Reviews of the banana diet of both patients and doctors are the most positive. The fact is that with the help of bananas you can not only "tasty" and satiate fat, but also significantly improve the state of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and circulatory system.

    Because of the high content of potassium bananas( 360 mg per 100 g of product), magnesium( 27 mg) and fiber in the pulp, this miracle fruit significantly improves water-salt metabolism in the body, well removes excess fluid( edema), toxins, slags, excess glucose and bad cholesterol, as well as stimulates uninterrupted operation of the intestine.

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    Since bananas almost do not cause allergic reactions, they are an excellent source of energy and a supplier of many necessary vitamins and minerals, they are often included as complementary foods for infants, pregnant and lactating mothers. They are also prescribed as a dietary supplement for weakened and postoperative patients, elderly people and sportsmen.

    In addition, bananas are useful in depression( due to the hormone content of serotonin in them), chronic fatigue syndrome, hypertension, intestinal problems( constipation, diarrhea), gastritis, decreased hemoglobin, bladder and bile duct diseases, arthritis, heartburnand many other diseases.

    Banana days, unlike other strict fruit-free days and mono-diet( cucumber, apple, carrot), due to the presence in the fruit of a large number of natural sugars( fructose, glucose, sucrose), are less hungry and contribute to a faster and longer saturation.

    It is not recommended to adhere to a banana diet for people with individual intolerance to bananas, as well as for diseases of thrombophlebitis and varicose veins. The fact is that bananas belong to a group of products that thicken the blood, so they should be avoided with varicose veins and blood circulation disorders.

    For a list of blood thinners and recommendations for therapeutic nutrition for varicose veins, see the article on our website.

    In case of diabetes of both types, the banana diet is not contraindicated, but, due to the high content of sugars, it must be agreed with the doctor beforehand in order to correctly calculate the individual daily amount of carbohydrates( bread units XE) and exclude sharp jumps in blood glucose. Detailed treatment recommendations for diabetes mellitus of the first and second types are described in the articles on dietary nutrition for diabetics.

    Features of fruit selection for a banana diet ^

    The choice of fruits for a banana mono-diet is of no small importance. Ripe "fruit" bananas - saturated yellow, soft, with a thin skin and medium length, are ideal for weight loss. If you bought slightly unripe fruits, do not rush to use them, first wrap them in food paper and leave them for a few days in a dark place for ripening.

    Do not buy so-called "food" bananas - long, green and with a dense skin, as well as dried, which are several times more caloric fresh. Before application, the fruits should be thoroughly cleaned not only from the peel, but also from white threads, leaving only the ripe flesh.

    Strict banana diet for 3 days ^

    Banana diet for 3 days, often called also a banana-milk diet, is the simplest and most rigorous version of banana slimming. The daily menu of the milk - banana diet consists of 3 bananas and 3 glasses of skim milk or kefir( 1%).

    Divide the indicated amount of food into 5 - 6 servings and use it evenly throughout the day - a fractional food will avoid the appearance of a strong feeling of hunger. Fruits and dairy products can be consumed separately from each other, and in the form of banana yogurt or shake - whip a banana with kefir or milk with a blender.

    In addition, during the day, drink as much as possible ordinary water and herbal teas without sugar, it contributes to better bowel cleansing and normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. Last meal plan not later than 3 hours before going to bed.

    Banana diet 7 days ^

    The seven-day option is not as strict as the three-day option and does not limit the amount of fruit consumed - it is allowed to eat up to 1.5 kilograms of ripe peeled bananas per day. Nevertheless, the process of losing weight with this option is quite effective, for a day it takes an average of about 1 kilogram of body weight.

    As soon as you feel hungry, immediately eat one fruit. If it is very "hungry", as a source of high-grade protein, you can add to menu 1 boiled egg. From drinks are allowed in unlimited quantities of water and herbal teas without sugar, the use of dairy products is not allowed.

    Curd - banana diet ^

    Curd - banana slimming option, designed for 4 days, includes alternating banana and curd fasting days and allows you to effectively reduce weight, up to 3 - 4 kilograms. Since the curd is a sufficiently satisfying and useful product, the banana - curd alternation is easily transferred and therefore very popular among the slimming.

    The first and third days are curd:

    • Breakfast - 120 g of low-fat cottage cheese( up to 5% fat content), fruit;
    • Lunch - 120 g of cottage cheese, vegetable salad without butter;Dinner - 120 g. Cottage cheese, grapefruit.

    The second and fourth days - banana:

    • Breakfast - banana, 120 g. Low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese;
    • Lunch - 2 bananas, 1 boiled egg;
    • Dinner - 200 g of boiled lean meat, 1 - 2 bananas.
    We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the popular diet of Lesenka.

    Exit after a banana diet recommendations and tips ^

    The longer recommended 3 to 7 days to observe a banana mono diet is not recommended. Firstly, despite the usefulness of the product, banana slimming, like any other mono-diet, is not completely balanced and can cause serious harm to health.

    And secondly, our body is arranged very wisely and within a few days can adapt to any conditions and, if necessary, include the energy saving mode. Therefore, it is not only harmful to lose weight, but also impractical, since the weight will decrease either very slowly or stubbornly stand still - nutritionists call this phenomenon the "plateau" effect( more details are described in the Slides and the Lesenka diet).

    The output after the banana - kefir diet, as well as after any weight loss, in spite of the achieved effect, should be smooth and gradual - this is necessary in order to finally fix the result. During the week carefully enter the usual products and observe the measure - if you start eating off for the hungry days, the weight will very quickly come back.

    If losing weight on bananas passed for you comfortably, start practicing weekly banana days off - this will allow you to easily maintain weight without stress and jumps. To the menu was not too strict, we suggest to diversify it with tasty and satisfying recipes.

    • Banana - fruit salad - cut the banana slices and add to it slices of apple, pear or peach. The second variant of salad - add walnuts and lettuce leaves.
    • Oatmeal with banana - boil oatmeal on the water, add milk and finely chopped banana slices.
    • Banana ice cream - mix low-calorie yogurt with small pieces of ripe fruit and put in the freezer.
    • Banana fritters - pound 2 soft bananas, add 1 egg, 1 cup kefir, a little salt and sugar, slaked soda and flour to make a thick dough. Fry the fritters in vegetable oil and serve to a table with honey.

    We recommend to watch a video about the unique properties of bananas and their health benefits and longevity: