• How to remove wrinkles under the eyes at home

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    For any woman, an unpleasant picture in the mirror is wrinkles.

    Small as a spider web, but at the same time spoiling the appearance of any lady, wrinkles can appear as in 20, 30, and 40 years.

    Since the skin under the eyes has almost no sebaceous glands and muscles, the initial signs of aging arise precisely on it. In addition, that the dermis here is the thinnest, it is also the most exposed to the load.

    The zone under the eyes suffers from our constant emotions, and because there is a blink. And many squint, deforming the skin, which causes myopia.

    It is impossible to stop completely the process of appearance of wrinkles under the eyes for today. But to delay the phenomenon of this unpleasant signal can be with the help of modern techniques and folk remedies that will help remove wrinkles under the eyes and make them less noticeable.

    If you tackle this problem closely, "crow's feet" will not be such a terrible fact.

    The causes of wrinkles under the eyes

    Women want to get rid of hateful wrinkles in a short period of time. But first you do, first you need to find out what causes and factors led to wrinkles under the eyes:
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    1. 1) The skin under the eyes and around the eyes does not have sebaceous glands. That's why if you do not use permanent care products - nourishing masks and creams, wrinkles will eventually appear.
    2. 2) The cells of our skin over time, mainly after 35 years, reduce or completely stop the production of collagen and elastin. Because of this, the skin gradually begins to lose its own elasticity, wrinkles and sagging form. Soft skin tissue stimulates the appearance of swelling, and collagen fibers are similar to the mesh, they can stretch in different directions.
    3. 3) Small wrinkles on this part of the skin show any of our emotions: sadness, surprise, sadness, joy. Unfortunately, the appearance of facial wrinkles can not be avoided.
    4. 4) Unfavorable weather - wind, sun, snow, also negatively affect the delicate skin under the eyes. Use of special protective creams and masks for this area will protect the delicate skin.
    Only after you determine the exact cause of wrinkles under the eyes, you can get rid of this problem.

    How to get rid of wrinkle posture eyes?

    Do not get discouraged: proper care of the thin skin around the eyes can move unwanted manifestations on the face in a remote period.

    In addition to the natural factors of influence on the skin around the eyes, it is very important to have an illiterate selection of caregivers.

    Modern cosmetic procedures - mesotherapy, masks from facial wrinkles, photorejuvenation are performed under the supervision of a professional cosmetician.

    We will consider more simple tools and procedures that will help get rid of wrinkles under the eyes.

    Home masks from wrinkles under the eyes

    The most effective method that will help to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes are masks that are so easy to make yourself at home, using thus improvised products and other means.

    1. 1) For the mask you need a bit of white bread and melted warm butter. This gruel should be applied under the eyes for a quarter of an hour, after that the mixture is recommended to be removed with warm water and greased with a usual moisturizing cream.
    2. 2) Yeast( about 20 grams) is bred with olive oil or milk. After getting the gruel, it is applied to the skin around the eyes. The remedy is considered very effective: after a couple of mask applications you will notice a positive result.
    3. 3) Mix oatmeal with warm milk. Blend the mixture over the eyes and wash it off after fifteen minutes.
    4. 4 Very simple in the performance of a banana mask. Flesh of the fruit mixed with a tablespoon of warm butter. After the mask has lasted 15 minutes, rinse it off with warm water. Excellent effect turns out!
    5. 5) Fresh potatoes, pre-grated on a fine grater, mixed with fatty cream. The result will be obvious if you apply the remedy from the very beginning of the appearance of wrinkles.
    6. 6) Apricot and sour cream. This mixture perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the dry and thin skin under the eyes.
    7. 7) Oils. Olive, cream, sunflower, apricot, peach, linseed help to get rid of this problem, moisturize the skin and saturate it with vitamins. It is best to apply the product at night from the age of 18, then you will not need expensive cream and masks in the future.
    8. 8) Ice. Normal ice and cold can prolong your youth. For this, every morning, wipe the skin around the eyes with a slice of ice, and after a while you will notice how many compliments have appeared in your address.
    9. 9) Aloe. If the house has this plant, it will help you to become more beautiful. Every day smear aloe juice on the skin under the eyes for the night. In time, notice the excellent result!
    10. 10) Liquid vitamins A and E are excellent against dry skin, wrinkles and remarkably prolong youth. You can apply a mask of these two vitamins at night. You can also mix vitamin E with cocoa butter and sea-buckthorn. The mixture needs to spread on both the upper and lower eyelids, from above it is possible to put parchment paper to fix the mask. After gently wash the mixture, but do not rub your eyes, as this will only intensify the appearance of wrinkles.
    11. 11) Mask of honey and yolks perfectly moisturizing the skin of the eyelids, helps to get rid of wrinkles. For its preparation in one teaspoon of honey add one egg yolk. Then add a little sour cream, butter and a couple teaspoons of warm milk. The mixture is mixed, then after 20 minutes it is washed off with a swab dampened in warm milk.

    Cream of butter from wrinkles

    Get rid of wrinkles under the eyes cream will help. To make it, take half a tablespoon of chamomile and lime, pour the dry mixture with boiling water and let it brew under the lid. One tablespoon of butter cream and 2 tablespoons of herbs. Then add a bit of castor oil.

    To get a cream, you should carefully grind the resulting mass. This composition is best used before bedtime. This cream is stored in the refrigerator for about 5-6 days, after which you need to prepare a new portion.

    Diet: Since we inevitably lose collagen with age, we need to compensate it in our nutrition. Eat grapefruits, red peppers, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, red fish, apple and orange juices. With love, look after yourself, and then the youth will last indefinitely!

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