• Kuperoz on the face: the causes and treatment of couperose

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    Kuperoz - a disease that occurs as a result of expansion and fragility of blood vessels, leading to a violation of blood microcirculation.

    The expanded capillaries form on the face vascular "stars", "wine spots" and a grid of capillaries. Basically, the cheeks and wings of the nose are affected, and, more rarely, the forehead and chin. Sometimes the symptoms of couperose develop on the legs.

    Problems with blood circulation lead to the fact that the skin affected by couperose, receives insufficient nutrients and oxygen, loses color, acquires pallor and gray shade.

    Causes of couperose on the face

    In women, couperose on the face appears much more often than men. People with thin, light skin are especially prone to illness. And so, the causes of couperose may be one, or several risk factors:

    1. 1) Hereditary predisposition to the fragility of blood vessels;
    2. 2) Hypersensitivity to the skin;
    3. 3) Wrong skin care - aggressive cosmetic procedures thinner and dehydrate the skin, damage the vasculature and increase sensitivity to the influence of other factors;
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    5. 4) Temperature changes that particularly affect the sensitive skin, causing its redness, itching, burning and tingling;
    6. 5) Severe frost and wind;
    7. 6) Permanent exposure to the open sun and frequent visits to the solarium - ultraviolet action affects the vascular walls and aging of the skin;
    8. 7) Frequent visit to the steam room;
    9. 8) Heavy physical labor;
    10. 9) Acute and hot food;
    11. 10) Smoking, adversely affecting the functioning of the circulatory system;
    12. 11) Chronic diseases: endocrine, allergy, lupus erythematosus, rosacea, hypertension, liver disease.

    How to prevent couperose?

    To the measures of prophylaxis of couperose belong:

    • the correct skin care - it is necessary to use means for sensitive skin and anticouroperous preparations that strengthen the walls of the vessels;
    • application of moisturizing and protective agents;
    • rejection of cosmetics containing alcohol and fruit acids, and products that have a drying effect;
    • facial cleansing with a soft peeling or ultrasound;
    • rejection of scrubs and chemical peeling;
    • elimination of thermal procedures;
    • refusal to visit bathhouses and saunas, use of steam inhalations;
    • limitation of residence time under direct sunlight;
    • refusal of solarium services;
    • avoid sudden temperature changes;
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    Treatment of couperose on the face

    To treat couperose successfully, an integrated approach is needed. Therefore, it is advisable to pass a survey with several doctors: dermatologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist and enterologist.

    When choosing a method of treatment, the severity of couperose and the area of ​​its spread on the face are taken into account. Particular attention is paid to the elimination of the problem that caused couperose.

    Basically, drugs and procedures are sent to strengthen the vessels and reduce the visible manifestations of the disease, but completely from the problem do not get rid of. For complete healing it is necessary to destroy and remove the damaged capillary, and in its place will come the capillary from the reserve.

    Modern cosmetology for the treatment of couperose uses:

    • electrocoagulation;
    • laser therapy;
    • ozone therapy;
    • phototherapy, or photorejuvenation.
    1) Electrocoagulation destroys the vessels with an electric pulse, which is passed through a thin needle. The shortcomings of the method include exposure to small areas, the possibility of formation of point scars and the appearance of pigmentation.

    2) The laser is used in the treatment of severe kuperoza in small areas of the face. But its use in some cases can lead to the appearance of scars, bruises and burns.

    3) When ozonotherapy is used, an oxygen-ozone mixture is introduced into the vessel using a microneedle. This therapy has become widespread, as it sparsely affects the skin and leaves no flaws.

    Another method that does not cause side effects is phototherapy, or photorejuvenation. The vessels are affected by light pulses of high intensity.

    4) Phototherapy has many advantages. It helps not only to remove the signs of couperose, but also to get rid of age spots, fine wrinkles, acne and other imperfections of the skin. As a result of exposure to light, the face looks much younger. Sometimes after the procedure, a slight reddening of the skin is possible, but it quickly passes.

    5) Photorejuvenation is recommended when significant manifestations of couperose seize large areas of the face. This method is also used to remove couperose on the body. To consolidate the results of treatment, it is recommended to conduct mesotherapy courses and take vasoconstrictive medications.

    6) As for various cosmetics, for the treatment of couperose, you can use such creams and ointments as:

    • Cerastherol-2F
    • Dr. Taffy
    • Dirozeal
    • Cream "Bark"
    • TianDe
    • Cream Urjaz Roselian
    • Cream Apezan

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