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    Incompatible food: what to consider for a healthy diet

    Even the most useful food canprove to be incompatible for various reasons, therefore in order to avoid health problems it is necessary to know their combination.

    Compatible and incompatible food products: what is the essence of ^

    Any food has its own chemical composition, which may be incompatible with another product. In this case, negative consequences are possible, starting from the lack of absorption of the nutrients contained in them and ending with the release of toxic substances.

    Very often, many stars use separate power, and incompatible products in this case is completely excluded. A separate diet is suitable not only for weight loss, but also for health promotion, because well-combined dishes perfectly complement each other.

    When talking about compatibility and incompatibility of products, it is important to consider that you can consume one meal:

    • Broccoli and roast meat: the latter releases toxic substances that increase the risk of cancer, and cabbage neutralizes their effects;
    • Marinades and fried fish: as in the first case, carcinogens are formed during roasting, but marinades only act as a neutralizer;
    • Carrots and meat: Vitamin A present in the vegetable is digested only in combination with proteins that are rich in beef and chicken;
    • Potatoes, sweet peppers and liver: the latter contains a lot of iron, digestibility of which increases solely due to the vitamin C present in these vegetables;
    • Citrus and apples: the iron available in apples is 5 times better absorbed by the body, if after that, eat, for example, an orange containing vitamin C;
    • Fish and wine: fish enriches the body with omega-3 acids, but their digestion can be improved by washing it with wine;
    • Figs and milk: magnesium-rich figs improve the absorption of calcium present in milk.

    If the food is incompatible with vitamins, a reverse reaction occurs: they are poorly digested, which in the end can lead to hypovitaminosis or vitamin deficiency.

    Many examples of compatible and incompatible products can be cited, but it should be borne in mind that there are factors that have direct relevance:

    • Taking antidepressants or vitamin complexes;
    • Drinking alcohol;
    • Separate power supply.

    How much can you eat incompatible products

    According to dieticians, between consuming incompatible foods should take 2 hours, but some fruits are allowed to eat after 20 minutes after eating.

    Which products are incompatible with each other: list ^

    To learn more about all the nuances, it is recommended to read the table of food incompatibilities:

    Compatible and incompatible products: table

    Products not compatible with alcohol

    Having decided to drink a glass of wine or any other liquor, it is important to know which foods can not be used as snacks:

    • Mushrooms: under the influence of alcohol they begin to secrete a poison that quickly penetrates into the circulatory system and causes strongpoisoning;
    • Grapefruit: the substances present in it neutralize the action of enzymes released by the liver for the cleavage of toxic substances contained in alcohol;
    • Chocolate: it activates the outflow of bile, while alcohol slows it down;
    • Melon: it can be consumed only separately, otherwise there is a chance of diarrhea.

    Products not compatible with milk

    Almost all products do not combine with milk, but there are certain of them that can cause complications:

    • Melon;
    • Cucumbers;
    • Eggs;
    • Fish;
    • Meat.

    Products that are not compatible with antidepressants

    When taking antidepressants, it is important to know incompatible foods:

    • Tea, coffee, herbal infusions;
    • aged cheeses, marinades and smoked products;
    • Chocolate;
    • Canned food;
    • Pineapples, dates, bananas, avocados;
    • Grapes;
    • Wine;Lentils and some kinds of beans.

    Incompatible products of Ayurveda

    According to ancient Indian teachings, it is impossible to combine in one meal certain types of foods that, in combination with each other, cause indigestion and other problems:

    • You can not drink milk with yogurt, bananas, melon, fish, sour fruits and eggs;
    • Rice is not recommended to combine with yeast bread and kichadi;
    • Tea, coffee, bananas and mangoes - not the best combination;
    • Melon should be consumed only separately;
    • Bananas adversely affect the body if they are eaten in an hour with dates, milk or eggs;
    • Corn badly affects along with raisins, bananas and dates;
    • You can not eat lemon in combination with cucumbers, yogurt, milk and tomatoes.

    Foods that are not compatible with antibiotics

    When taking antibiotics, you can not drink them with cola, pepsi and coffee - this causes irritation of the stomach. In addition, during the use of Doxycycline, Boimycin and other tetracycline antibiotics, it is not recommended to drink milk.

    Products that are incompatible with iron

    If you need to take medications to increase the level of iron in the body, you should know that incompatible foods are milk, kefir, cottage cheese: they contain calcium that interferes with the assimilation of this element.

    Foods that are compatible with separate power supply

    It is important for people who decide to use a separate power supply to know its basic principles:

    • Sweet fruits can be combined only with each other or with a semi-acid;
    • Semi-acid is perfectly combined with sour and sweet fruits;
    • Sour fruit is allowed to eat with sour-milk products in one hour, but with legumes and animal food will have to wait;
    • Vegetables are not combined with milk;
    • Protein-rich dishes can not be combined: it's best to eat them with vegetables;
    • Milk is drunk separately;
    • It is recommended to add greens to most dishes, except fruit ones;
    • Fat-containing food is combined with potatoes, vegetables and herbs.
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    Compatible products of good nutrition: the opinion of doctors ^

    As you know, it is from food that human health depends more, because the body receives most of the nutrients only from it. If you use foods that are incompatible with each other, there is a possibility that the rate of their assimilation will stop or decrease, and this can lead to the development of various diseases.

    To avoid deficiency of vitamins, it is recommended to eat only the combined dishes at one time, and if nutrients are still not enough - to drink multivitamin complexes.