• Sulfur plug in the ear: removal, treatment at home

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    Do you have unpleasant sensations or discomfort in the ear, do you become hard to hear or the perception of the world around you is accompanied by noise and noise? Sometimes there are headaches, and sometimes dizziness? It is possible that you already have a sulfur plug in your ear.

    The sulfur plug is not just the accumulated sulfur in the ear, but also contains parts of sebum, dust, dirt, dead cells.

    The sulfur plug is produced by glands, which are located in the membranous cartilaginous part of the auditory canal. In the body, earwax is needed, because it performs certain useful functions. It protects the ears from the ingress of viruses, microorganisms and fungi, outwardly displays particles of skin that have died out.

    Out of the ear canals in normal conditions, excess parts of sulfur escape to the outside by natural means. Natural removal of sulfur occurs with chewing, swallowing and other usual daily activities.

    Reasons for the appearance of the sulfur plug

    The ears are made up of several sections, connected by a narrow isthmus, like an hourglass.
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    With the constant use of cotton buds for the purpose of hygiene of the ears, the sulfuric mass leaves behind this isthmus. At present, it is precisely the inappropriate hygiene of the hearing that is the main factor, due to which the sulfur plug appears.

    In addition, there are other causes of this disease:

    1. 1) Curvature, narrowness of the aisles and other anatomical features of the structure. They interfere with the normal removal of free sulfur.
    2. 2) Water entering. Sulfur starts to swell, it closes the auditory passage, a sulfur plug appears in the ear.
    3. 3) Works on the production site, especially on dusty and construction sites, and also work in bakeries with flour.
    4. 4) Increased cholesterol in the blood.
    5. 5) Use of matches, pins, other sharp objects for the purpose of cleaning the ears. Probably damage the ear canal with headphones, hearing aids.
    6. 6) Inflammatory process in the ear. It can provoke the transferred otitis, sinusitis and other diseases.
    7. 7) Over-dried air when less than 45% of the humidity in the room. It stimulates the appearance of dry solid sulfur plugs.
    8. 8) Diving to depth.

    Symptoms of sulfur plug

    Diagnosis of the disease is based on symptoms, as well as on the indicators of otoscopy. As a result, in the ear lumen the otolaryngologist observes a sulfur mass that interferes with the normal functioning of the ears.

    When the sulfur plug does not completely cover the ear canal, a person does not think about its presence for a long time. If the lumen between the tympanic membrane and the ear canal narrows more than 70%, the following symptoms may appear:

    • autophony, when you can hear your voice in your ear.
    • of ear congestion.
    • slight hearing impairment.
    When the patient starts pressing the cork on the cuff, he:

    • senses noise.
    • there is a pain in the ears.
    • begins a reflex cough.
    • may cause dizziness and nausea.
    When there is a prolonged and increased pressure of the plug, it is likely the appearance of attacks of neuralgia. There may be disturbances in the excitability of the heart. The doctor makes a diagnosis, examining the patient. It is enough only for an external examination to see the sulfuric masses that overflow the auditory canal.

    Treatment of sulfuric plug

    The sulfur plug can be removed using a variety of methods.

    The first option is a dry path using the tool. This procedure is done by a doctor.

    The second option is washing the external ear canal. If a patient once had a disease of the ears, it is possible that there was persistent perforation. Self-removal is prohibited unless you have otitis media or another infectious disease;if you suffer from diabetes mellitus;if the integrity of the tympanic membrane is broken. Then rinsing your ear is dangerous! Water, getting into this hole, can cause a new exacerbation of the disease, and sometimes, suppuration.

    How to remove the sulfur plug at home

    How can I remove the sulfur plug in my ear without visiting a doctor? At home, you can try the following recommendations:

    1) To begin with, soften sulfuric congestion. To this end, at night you need to drip the ear canal with glycerin, hydrogen peroxide 3%, or any vegetable oil. The temperature of the liquid should be about 37 degrees. This is necessary, because only in this way you will not provoke irritation of the inner ear.

    You will need about 5 drops of a softener. Lie down on the bed so that there is an ear with an ear plug on top. Next, gently take the hand by the outside of the shell of the ear, pull it back first, then up. For children, first pull the auricle back, then down. Thus, you will be able to straighten the auditory passage. With your other hand, drench softening drops in your ear, then immediately close the ear with a cotton swab.

    2) In the morning, after preliminary softening of the sulfuric mass, it is necessary to pour the following mixture into the sore ear. Take hydrogen peroxide about 25 ml, dial it into any sterile baby syringe or syringe. Next lie on the bed with your ear up. After this, carry out the procedure until the liquid from the ear flows out. The water jet should be directed to the upper-posterior wall of the ear canal. Keep this position for up to a quarter of an hour.

    3) After this, wash the ear plug with not very strong water flow. Warm water comes from a usual scatterer of jets in the shower. After the tip of the hose touches the ear shell, you will feel like the sulfuric mass will go away. Have you removed the cork? Be sure to dry your ear with a cotton swab. When the plug does not come out or there are still symptoms of the disease, there is a need to repeat the procedure after 2 days. It can be deleted in parts, or it can come out with a lump. The procedure was repeated, but the cork did not come out? Contact a specialist for help!

    4) With the preventive purpose, after removal of the plug, any ear conchs with anti-inflammatory action will work.

    5) Folk healers advise the following remedy for getting rid of the cork. It is necessary for a few days to drip into the affected ear for 7-8 drops of almond oil. Also, drink throughout the day about a glass of milk with a teaspoon of birch tar for 40-45 days.

    If there is perforation in the auricle, that is perforation, the otolaryngologist can only remove the stopper. To find out if you have any problems with your ear, you can go to the polyclinic. The dry method of clearing from a stopper is used only by the doctor. It is necessary to entrust such an uneasy business to a professional!

    Never remove the cork with sharp objects, be it stilettos or matches! So you can only injure the skin or the eardrum.


    So, the cork has already been, and you want to avoid further accumulation of sulfuric mass? Then help you the rules of prevention!

    1. 1) It will take competent hygiene of the organs of hearing. Ears with a cotton swab can be cleaned only from above, but by no means inside. Cotton buds can damage the delicate skin and tympanic membrane. To clean the ear, use a clean finger soaked in warm water, do not put it too deep into the ear. You can also use a soap solution. Wet ear should be dried with a towel or towel.
    2. 2) Do not stay in a hot place, then in a cold place. Sharp changes in the temperature regime, when moving, for example, from heat to a cold conditioned room, provoke excessive production of sulfuric acid.
    3. 3) Cold water during swimming in a river or basin should not fall into the ears. Use a special rubber cap, in addition to the ears can be inserted cotton wool.
    4. 4) With increased allocation of sulfuric acid, before traveling to the sea or to the river, flush your ears from Laura. If you get water in the ear, sulfur will not swell, so there will not be a problem.
    5. 5) The normal humidity in the apartment should be 50-60%.In addition, you can purchase an ultrasonic humidifier.
    6. 6) When working with dust, flour or dirt, insert ear plugs or ears in your ears.
    7. 7) If there is an addiction of anatomical nature to the accumulation of sulfur, contact periodically to an otolaryngologist, follow what he recommends.
    8. 8) Wash your ear at least once a month. To do this, direct the jet of water in the shower in your ear in such a way that it spills out of it freely.
    9. 9) Give blood regularly for cholesterol. Avoid eating too much animal fat.

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