• Masks for hair growth: recipes at home

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    Hair growth is a process that depends on heredity, age, season, health and nutritional quality.

    Average indicator - the growth of the head of 1 cm per month. If we can not change our age or heredity in any way, then our state of health and diet will be exactly able.

    Adhering to a balanced diet is very important. Excluding fatty, harmful, spicy dishes, you cleanse the stomach, liver and body as a whole. An excellent accelerator of hair growth is silicon.

    It can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially in the peel. In your menu, add necessarily rye bread, raspberries, milk and cottage cheese, yeast, beets, fresh herbs, nuts, vegetable oils. Regarding health: restore the body, monitor the condition of all organs and systems, the internal state affects the condition of the hair.

    There are a lot of popular ways to strengthen hair, among which the most popular are hair growth masks, which are so easy to make yourself at home without resorting to the help of professional salons.
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    Mask made from birch sap, aloe and honey, yolk of egg

    It perfectly strengthens the head of hear and promotes its growth. To create this mask, you need to take all of the above components in an equal proportion. Then rub them into the scalp, leave to wash for an hour.

    After standard washing, you need to wash your hair with a strong decoction of birch leaves.

    Homemade mask with honey, egg and lemon juice

    Excellent remedy, restoring the hair, preventing their further loss. Honey - a natural healer, antiseptic, has anti-inflammatory properties. Contains the maximum quantity of microelements and vitamins, remarkably nourishes the roots.

    Because honey is similar in composition to human blood, the body perceives it very well. For nutrition and hair growth, honey can be used as the only ingredient. And you can add lemon juice, yolk and hold this mask for about an hour.

    If you add a little pepper tincture to the mask, the effect will be much better. Thus, the scalp will warm up, and the hair will become more silky and shiny.

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    Recipes from folk healers

    Take 2 teaspoons of glycerin, the same bite, chicken egg and 2 tbsp.spoons of castor oil. Blend the mixture into the roots of the head of hear, when applying it, it must be whipped all the time.

    After that, wrap your head with a towel, stand a little above the steam, then rinse. Healers note that thanks to the procedure, the hair is simply amazing: shiny, strong and dense.

    Recipe for mask with castor oil

    One of the most effective means of maintaining beauty and health of hair is castor oil. In its natural properties, it is excellent for accelerating the growth of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

    Contains ricinoleic acid, as well as oleic, stearic, linoleic acids. It is used as an independent ingredient for strengthening hair, reducing brittleness and loss.

    For the procedure, heat the oil in a water bath, then apply with fingertips to the roots of the head. I note that such a mask is washed out rather difficult, sometimes only after 2-3 shampooings. In addition, if you have dyed hair, the paint will come off much faster. The effectiveness of the mask still costs some discomfort!

    After 2 weeks of using this miracle, the hair will become beautiful, silky, the cavities on the hair shaft will leave, the skin and all the hair will be deeply moisturized. Hair bulbs will start to germinate, where hair dropped earlier.

    Mask with castor oil with the addition of vodka and lemon juice

    Thanks to this remedy, hair loss occurs, and their growth accelerates. Vodka warms up the skin, and the lemon contains vitamin C. Therefore, hair bulbs, in addition to being activated, will get the nutrition and moistening they need.

    To implement the procedure, apply all the mask components in equal proportions to the scalp and keep it as long as possible. It is washed off in the usual way with shampoo. If you use this recipe regularly, after a while you will notice that your hair began to grow better, and your hair became thicker!

    Pepper tincture

    Natural strengthen and hair growth activator! It can be bought at any pharmacy. In its pure form applied to the roots is not recommended, so that there is no peeling and itching.

    It is best to mix this mask with kefir, after it has been thoroughly wiped into the skin. After that, wrap the head with polyethylene, leave for 1 hour. Rinse with water. Note that the mask can bake, but it is this effect that brings the expected result! If you can not stand, wash the mixture before. You can add a little water, so you dilute the mixture.

    Doing this mask regularly 2 times a week, after a couple of months you will see a completely new picture in the mirror! Hair will be radiant, will cease to fall out, their growth will improve.

    You can replace kefir with castor, burdock or olive oil. In the same way, a balm rinse is used.

    Vegetable oil and yolk

    Perfectly nourish the hair, accelerate their growth. Take 1 yolk and a tablespoon of any oil - burdock, castor or sunflower. After applying to the roots of hair, wash it with shampoo. Do this prescription once a week. A month later, note the positive results.

    Homemade mustard for hair growth

    To prepare it you need dry powder of mustard, sugar, vegetable oil, a little water and your inspiration. All components are taken for 2 tablespoons, sugar - 2 teaspoons. The mask removes excessive fatty hair. If you have dry and damaged hair, do not apply it to the hair itself!

    To protect the tips personally, I use olive oil. Wrap your head with a plastic cap and towel. Wait 20-30 minutes, if you can sustain the burning sensation longer, so even more effectively. Then rinse your head with water and shampoo. With normal and dry hair, apply the prescription every 7-10 days.

    If you have excessively greasy hair, you can improve it by using this mask twice a week. Experts say that in a month you can achieve an increase in hair length by 5-6 cm. However, everything depends on your individual hair structure and heredity.

    Banana mask with yolk

    Ideal for dry hair type. Mix the mashed banana and yolk, apply to the roots.

    Put on the shower cap or polyethylene, then the towel. Wash off after 20 minutes.

    Cleopatra Mask with white clay

    More Nefertiti and the world-famous beauty Cleopatra used to strengthen and improve the growth of clay. It perfectly absorbs dirt, stimulates microcirculation, gives hair volume. Such recipes are easy to carry out at home.

    Take clay( it can be bought in any pharmacy) better white - it is most effective in loss and poor growth. Dilute in the proportions indicated in the annotation, then apply the cream-like mixture to slightly damp hair. Wait 15 minutes, massage the scalp and rinse the mixture.

    Clay sometimes leaves a lot of hairs: it is not worth worrying, because it is dead hair that was temporarily retained on hair follicles. If you have dandruff, give preference to yellow clay, and if you want to saturate the skin with oxygen, choose a blue one.

    Mask with ginger

    Ginger - spice, perfectly warming the scalp. It enhances blood circulation in hair follicles, saturates them with vitamins and trace elements.

    In the composition of ginger phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, and also vitamins B, A and C, useful for hair. The ginger powder for the mask will do better, it bakes more in comparison with a fresh plant. For dry hair, do not use these recipes, because the plant is able to irritate the skin.

    Option 1: take 2 tbsp.spoons of any vegetable oil( olive, linseed, castor) and pour a teaspoon of the ground plant. Rub only in the roots, hold it for up to 30 minutes, cover with polyethylene and a towel.

    Option 2: grate ginger. Mix the gruel, which turned out with 1 tablespoon of oil. It is necessary to distribute the mixture along the entire length of the hair. However, note that this mask will not be washed off well.

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    Mask with various oils

    A mixture of olive, burdock and linseed oil perfectly heals the scalp. You can replace one of the oils with vegetable sunflower. To strengthen the effect of recovery, add a little vitamins E and A. Liquid forms of vitamins can be bought at the pharmacy.

    Vitamin E is especially useful for hair, it increases their growth. Before using the mask, heat it up, add vitamins and apply over the entire length. Hold for about 1 hour, rinse with normal shampoo.

    Recipe for home hair growth mask with yeast

    Will help to strengthen your curls product, which is cheap and is available at any grocery store. Yeast contains a huge amount of useful micro- and macro elements, vitamins. They nourish, moisturize, saturate. The mask is made simply: take two tablespoons of yeast, dissolve them in half a glass of warm milk.

    Add a teaspoon of sugar. Then put the mixture in any warm place. Yeast, therefore, will give all the useful ingredients. In the resulting mixture squeeze the juice of half a lemon, the mask is applied to the roots for the entire length of the hair.

    Home hair mask recipe for hair growth with kefir

    Have you noticed how many grooming purchased products contain milk proteins and other components of kefir? Now you do not need to overpay! A unique and simple product will help make the strands thick and beautiful, silky and will facilitate laying. For the mask get out of the refrigerator kefir, warm it up a little on a water bath.

    Apply a pleasant mixture to the roots and along the entire length of the hair. Wrap as usual with polyethylene and a towel. Leave for an hour or two. When you wash away, notice the amazing results! If you do this mask once a week for 2 months, you will see a beautiful and healthy hairstyle in the mirror!

    Cinnamon and yogurt

    Cinnamon perfectly activates the roots of the hair, causes a slight burning sensation. In the initial doses, do not take more than 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. If you can tolerate such a mask, take a large portion. To prepare the mask, add the yolk to half a cup of yogurt and 1 spoonful of cinnamon. On the roots of slightly damp hair, the mask is applied for 30 minutes.

    It can be washed with both shampoo and without it with warm water. If you apply the product for two months on a weekly basis, you can achieve an excellent hair condition!

    Homemade mask with gelatin

    Simple and effective recipe with gelatin. This product has a lot of proteins, they are very useful for accelerating the division of skin cells. You can make such a recipe at home.

    You will need a spoonful of gelatin, you need to fill it with water. Leave the mixture to swell, then add a little shampoo. Grow the desired length of hair, if you gently rub the mask into the roots, leaving for half an hour.

    Recipe for home hair growth mask with aloe

    Aloe is considered an excellent ingredient for healing, strengthening and stimulating growth. This gift of nature not only accelerates growth, but also moisturizes, nourishes. Before creating a mask, you need to hold the leaves of aloe for a couple of days in the refrigerator.

    There are several variants of masks.

    1. 1) Mix the juice of aloe, yolk, a little honey and cognac. Spread the mixture by the hair for 50 minutes. This recipe helps to strengthen hair.
    2. 2) Mix aloe juice, lemon juice, egg yolk in equal proportions. Add the crushed chive of garlic. Hold under a towel for half an hour, then rinse in the usual way. Garlic smell will soon pass, and spectacular silky hair will be with you for a long time!

    Vitamin mask for hair growth at home

    As you know, vitamins - alpha and omega for our hair! To accelerate growth and improve nutrition can be through such a recipe. Take yolk, a tablespoon burdock and as much castor oil. Add a teaspoon of vitamin A and a teaspoon of vitamin E in liquid form to the container with a mixture.

    Also add B vitamins( sold in the pharmacy - B1, B6 and B12), also in a teaspoon. If you add one teaspoon of dimexide, you can achieve increased penetration of nutritional components into the scalp. Dimexide really effectively improves growth! However, this component should be used carefully, since it is possible to burn the skin. The maximum is the fifth part of the dimexide in the composition of the product!

    Activation of hair follicles will help massage. It is better to spend it before going to bed. To do this, gently massage your entire scalp with your fingertips. The only drawback: after such a massage, the head quickly becomes oily. Therefore, the next day it is better to wash it.

    A simple method is to gently pull the hair off the roots. This improves blood circulation and increases the supply of nutrients to the scalp by the body.

    You can saturate your shampoos and rinse with vitamins of group B, vitamins A and E. Hair also strengthens hair and accelerates their growth essential oils of rosemary, fir. They are added in small amounts, only a few drops are enough.

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