Seizures in the corners of the mouth: the causes and treatment at home

  • Seizures in the corners of the mouth: the causes and treatment at home

    Zaeda, or in another way angulitis, is a disease of the mucous and skin of the corners of the mouth.

    It arises mainly due to excessive reproduction of staphylococci, streptococci, fungi. In medical practice, the disease is called angular stomatitis or cheilitis.

    Evaporation develops usually in the spring, at a time when immunity decreases, as well as consumption of vitamins and trace elements.

    Provokes diabetes malaise, frequent wetting of the corners of the lips with saliva, especially when bacteria contain pathogenic bacteria in the saliva. Thus, cracks in the corners of the mouth are further infected.

    Causes of congestion in the corners of the mouth and lips

    Zaeda is caused by the following reasons:

    1. 1) Due to insufficient or excessive nutrition, especially when the body needs vitamin B2.
    2. 2) In diseases of an exchange nature, for example, with diabetes mellitus. It is assumed that this is the attachment of a fungal infection.
    3. 3) If there is an incorrect bite. This is how the tissue becomes impregnated with saliva, which affects the appearance of seizures.
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    4. 4) In the treatment of cytostatics, antibiotics, corticosteroids.
    5. 5) With mechanical irritation of the corners of the mouth. It may be illiterate dentures chosen, as well as the absence of a tooth.
    Angulitis can also be caused by:

    • allergic mouth disease.
    • tooth decay and poor hygiene.
    • HIV.
    More often than not, a conversation is not an independent disease. Like any skin disease, it is an echo of other diseases. That is why, if you are often concerned about this problem, it is advisable to consult a doctor to determine the cause of the seizure.

    Clinical manifestations of

    The disease, which was provoked by Candida fungi, has a scalloped margin with daughter screenings on the periphery. The patient feels discomfort, sadness, tightness, pain.

    When eating food and opening the mouth in a corner, you can see a depression, there is a crack. There may also be a slight discharge of blood. Usually the disease flows into a chronic form, has relapses.

    Doctors correctly distinguish the disease from a solid chancre, syphilide, Plumer-Vinson syndrome.

    How to cure zaedu in the corners of the mouth?

    In the treatment of seizures in the corners of the mouth, the first remedy is Bepanten. This ointment not only perfectly removes the symptoms of the disease, but also improves healing. Ointment is used in parallel also for the removal of pain, with abrasions and wound.

    If the disease takes a long time, the doctor can prescribe laboratory tests - scraping. It will help to identify the pathogen. Often these are fungi, streptococci or staphylococci. It is also possible to analyze the content of B group vitamins in the blood,

    For treatment, a specific pathogen is prescribed. It is also necessary to treat tooth decay, if it is, remove the factors of an irritating nature - prosthesis, tartar. Smoking should be limited.

    It is recommended to enrich your own diet with vitamins, especially B2.It is found in leaves of lettuce, nuts, cabbage, yolk, chicken, cheese, legumes. Watch for enough vitamin E. Its deficiency can be replenished with oatmeal, vegetable oil, corn. If there is a fungus, it is better to reduce the consumption of fast carbohydrates - sweet, for example. Eat boiled meat, vegetables and fruits, salty and spicy is better to exclude.

    In winter, lips should be lubricated with hygienic lipstick. To cracks soon passed, use olive oil or a solution of vitamin E. Soothing and astringent properties have an infusion of oak bark. You can attach tea tree oil or a bag of green tea to the tea. To prevent the problem from appearing again, take care of hygiene. Towels for the face, toothbrushes, and other accessories for personal care should be clean.

    Treatment of snacks in the corners of the mouth folk remedies

    Folk methods of treatment are quite effective, and also help get rid of spoilers at home.

    1. 1) The simplest and most effective is to anoint the ear with sulfur. Using a cotton swab, you can easily get it from your ear.
    2. 2) The thermal water also helps with the problem. Enough of several sprayings of affected areas of the skin per day.
    3. 3) Lubricate the painful area with vitamins A and E, linseed, sea-buckthorn oil, tea tree. Such herbal lotions like infusion of chamomile, sequins, sage and marigold will bring relief to the patient.
    4. 4) Use the usual butter to soften the beeper rather quickly.
    5. 5) If a plant grows like a Kalanchoe at home, use it in therapy against seizures. It will be necessary several times a day to wipe the sore spot of the plant. You can use juice of garlic or celandine.
    6. 6) Some recommend wiping the rear side of the knife. However, nothing is known about the effectiveness of this method.

    Effective ointments from jaits in the corners of the mouth and on the lips

    Various ointments also help to solve the problem, the most popular of them are listed below:

    • levomekol.
    • is a lamivirine cream.
    • streptocidal.
    • Dr. Pantenol.
    • is synthomycin.
    • is levorinic.
    Before treatment, jam on lips with ointments is better to consult a doctor, since each ointment acts on certain microorganisms. For example, Synthomycin is a common anti-inflammatory drug, and Levorinovaya fights against a fungus. In the case of streptococcal galloping, ointments containing an antibiotic are recommended: Methyluracil and Levomycin.

    The above products have not only anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, but also protect the skin. The medicine is applied with the help of an ear stick three times a day for half an hour before a meal.


    In order not to treat the disease, try to prevent it. So, pay special attention to the prevention and care of your health.

    1. 1) To keep your lips from peeling, use wax, honey or rose oil. Thermal water, ordinary hygienic lipstick is also used. You can cook a linen broth.
    2. 2) Do not forget about the general state of health. After going through the diagnostics at the doctor, you will understand why so often you have trouble. The reasons can be different.
    3. 3) Start the prevention of the disease with the elimination of caries. If there are bad crowns, substandard prosthesis or tartar, there will surely be sporadic seizures.
    4. 4) Watch for proper nutrition. Vitamin B2 is found in whole grain bread, beans and nuts. Vitamin C and E - in many vegetables and fresh fruits. You can drink vitamins course. However, remember that hypervitaminosis also provokes the appearance of seizures.
    Beautiful and healthy skin will be provided to you if you carry out competent prevention! Be healthy!

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