Crafts for children: how to start, how to make the most simple crafts

  • Crafts for children: how to start, how to make the most simple crafts

    Paper is a very grateful material for all kinds of crafts. And in this art you can achieve unprecedented heights, remember origami. Of course, it is still difficult for children to handle paper well, but if you master at least a few simple origami figures and show them to your child, it will be very interesting to repeat them for you.

    What are some simple handmade paper crafts for children you can think of?


    Take a rectangular sheet of white paper and fold it with an accordion. Fold the short side. Then the accordion is bent in half and straightened. In the mark on the place of the fold, fasten the accordion with a stapler. At the edges of the accordion, cut out the triangles, be sure to leave whole pieces between the cuts, otherwise the accordion will simply fall apart.

    Now unfold the accordion in the upper and lower semicircle from the middle and fasten the ends with a stapler. You can attach a string to the snowflake and hang it, for example, on a Christmas tree. Such crafts will be very interesting for children.

    Toys from the hand

    Give the child a sheet of colored paper and circle the outline of his palm. Now you can dream up with a child and make a lot of toys from the palm of your hand.

    You can imagine that four fingers are the heads of a dragon, and the thumb is its tail.

    You can make a head from the base of the palm, and your fingers will be legs. Get an octopus. Each variant can be decorated and cut.

    Such games will help develop fantasy and imagination.


    The simplest kind of paper homemade products are applications. Teach your child the simplest things: how to draw a circle, square, rectangle, triangle. Let the child draw and cut them out of colored paper. From the carved figures it is possible to make patterns and glue them to a sheet of cardboard.

    You can do more complicated applications. To do this, you can draw the figures, and the child will have to cut them nicely and accurately paste them. Teach your child to use a stencil so that he can cut out a few more flowers one by one.

    Such simple applications will teach the child the accuracy, perseverance, patience.

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