What toys do children need 6 months and why soft toys are best to remove

  • What toys do children need 6 months and why soft toys are best to remove

    At the end of the first half of the year the child has a new ability - he learned to grab. Finally, your baby can touch a thing that he likes, and firmly hold it in the handles. It is time for new games and new worries for parents. A new question appears before parents: what toys do children need 6 months?

    At this time, the child begins to consciously play. He is already interested in grabbing a toy, and not just her. The child shows interest in the things around him. He wants to touch everything and take everything in his hands. Moreover, he wants to taste everything - and pulls into his mouth. Therefore, parents get into trouble: caring for the sterility of toys. Soft toys are generally better to be taken away for a while. It's time for plastic toys that are easier to wash.

    So which toys are best for children at this age?


    Rattles take first place in the games of the child in 6 months. He confidently holds a rattle in his hands, extracts sounds from it. You may be surprised, but the child does not care what form the rattle is and what it depicts. To him the result of action is important. Swinging the handle gives an audible result. Therefore, choose rattles, convenient for grasping, with good sound and strong.

    Rubber squeakers

    Pinchers strengthen the child's handles. Give children the opportunity to extract sounds. Choose not very tight pyschalki.

    Musical children's toys from 6 months

    Since 6 months, children love very much all the toys that make sounds, and if at that age they just press the buttons, then later they will play them too, but doing the tasks( for example: show how the cow mooes).

    Especially popular are such musical toys:

    • books;
    • pendant toys, especially those that can be pulled, and at the same time it starts moving;
    • entertaining panels( for hands and feet);
    • machines with light effects;
    • mobile;
    • telephone;
    • interactive soft toys.

    Educational toys

    There are many toys designed to develop children. These are toys with all sorts of simple operations: inserting and repositioning, unfastening and fastening, pressing, rotation. It is very good, if such toys are equipped with sound signals, so that the child can see and hear the result of this or that action.

    Very useful for kids are playing mats, which are equipped with different pockets, pshchakalki, rustles, buttons. Such toys allow the child to independently master various actions.

    These are the best toys to buy for a baby in 6 months. Pay special attention to the quality of toys.

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