Inflammation of adenoids in children - adenoids in children

  • Inflammation of adenoids in children - adenoids in children

    Adenoids are called modified tonsils, which are located on the arch of the nasopharynx. When an infection gets into the body, or hypothermia occurs, this area immediately reacts, has the proper reaction, and as a result becomes inflamed. Also adenoids are called lymphatic tissue.

    Period of inflammation of this type of tissue is observed in children in the period from two to ten years, from the age of ten adenoids begin to atrophy and by the age of eighteen almost completely disappear. The function of adenoids is to protect the body against the penetration of infections, if the virus does penetrate, inflammation is inevitable.

    Adenoids are dangerous

    The presence of adenoids is not a disease. They are present in all children under the age of ten and are an excellent protection of the body from exposure to harmful factors. The main sign of the onset of the disease is the inflammation of adenoids in children and a significant increase in their size. On how much they are increased, determine the stage of the disease.

    Nasal breathing is a third or fourth stage of the disease. The child begins to breathe with his mouth and the cold air penetrates into the lungs. The same is the occurrence of a number of other concomitant diseases. Inflammation of adenoids has a harmful effect on the entire body: immunity decreases, infectious diseases and allergic reactions appear.

    If there is inflammation of the adenoids, then a probability is possible:

    1. Brain development impairment.
    2. Problems in the formation of occlusion.
    3. The occurrence of speech defects.
    4. Change in blood composition.
    5. Disturbance of kidney function, nervous system, vision and other organs.

    The cause of inflammation of adenoids in most cases are persistent colds, infections, physiological features and poor ecology.

    How to understand that the adenoids

    have inflamed How to understand that the

    has become inflamed Symptoms of inflammation of the adenoids:

    1. Presence of discharge from the nose.
    2. Change the Voice Voice. Adenoids interfere with the formation of sound waves. There is a constant nasal in his voice.
    3. The child begins to hear badly. Appear otitis.
    4. Due to oral breathing, bronchitis occurs.
    5. The presence of snoring in a dream.
    6. The child has a cough.
    7. The child begins to tire quickly. This is due to the fact that as a result of nasal congestion, less oxygen enters the body.
    8. If the adenoids become very bulky, the deformity of the skull may begin as a result of a permanent open mouth.

    If a child has a massive lower jaw, a smaller nose, a mouth in a half-open state, then the person has inflamed adenoids.

    How to treat inflammation of adenoids

    In the first stages, the effectiveness of treatment and subsequent recovery is obvious, in the latter stages only surgical intervention will help.

    If the amygdala is slightly enlarged, then rinsing the mucus significantly improves breathing. Therefore, the child must wash his nose with warm water with saline and soda solution, and you can also use herbal infusions. Nasal washing is the most effective remedy. Water, when passes through the nasopharynx, removes mucus and microbes. After the washing process, the effect of the drug is significantly increased.

    To reduce the size of adenoids, it is necessary to instill protargolum. With regular instillation, the surface of inflamed tissues is dried, and the size of the adenoids is significantly reduced. Burying should be done twice a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening. The course of treatment is two weeks, a month later it is better to repeat the procedure. Before instillation, it is best to rinse the nasopharynx with water with soda and salt.

    It is also better to conduct concurrently general strengthening measures. Take ascorbic acid, calcium gluconate, vitamins, as well as drugs that strengthen immunity.

    One of the equally effective treatments is laser therapy. This is a completely safe method, which has a positive effect. Immunity as a result of the procedure increases, the edema decreases.

    Special respiratory gymnastics together with procedures for washing the nasopharynx, can lead to a positive result.

    Examples of exercises


    1. Clamp the right, then the left nostril and perform five deep breaths and exhalations.
    2. Breathe with two nostrils at the same time at a fast pace.
    3. Put water in your mouth and say a long "m" sound. Repeat several times during the day.

    As a result of exercise, breathing in the child is restored, the respiratory muscles are strengthened.

    Extreme measures of

    If these methods do not help, then mandatory surgical intervention is necessary. The operation can be performed only if the child is three years old, although there are exceptions.

    Surgical intervention is performed in the following cases:

    1. The treatment was not effective.
    2. There is a constant obstruction of nasal breathing, the child breathes only with the mouth.
    3. Presence of recurrent otitis.
    4. Frequent sinusitis.
    5. Snoring in the sleep, holding the breath.

    Removal occurs under the influence of local anesthesia, in some cases under general anesthesia. The operation is performed in a few minutes, the bleeding as a result is minimal. After two or three hours the child can go home.

    Recommendations after surgery:

    1. For several days it is better to comply with bed rest.
    2. During the month, refrain from physical exertion and long exposure to air.
    3. Compliance with a special diet, eat only: cereals, yoghurts, soups - soft and liquid food that does not irritate. Cold, hot, spicy food - is strictly prohibited! Fruit is also better to exclude.
    4. Do not take a hot bath. All thermal procedures are excluded.

    It is necessary to provide the child with proper psychological support before and after the operation so that he feels, knew and understood that loving parents are always there and will show their attention at any moment, help, support and protect!