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    Diet of the fourth table quickly removes inflammation of the walls of the digestive tract

    Diet 4 table - the most gentle systemdietary nutrition, designed to more effectively treat gastric and intestinal inflammatory diseases.

    Features of the therapeutic diet 4 table ^

    The founder of the health-improving diet under the fourth number is the dietician M.I.Pevzner, who developed in the Soviet time 15 dietary tables aimed at treating specific diseases.

    The diet of the fourth treatment table is aimed at treating the following diseases:

    • Dysentery;
    • Colitis in chronic or acute forms;
    • Acute enterocolitis;
    • Other intestinal and gastric diseases, accompanied by pain, malaise and severe diarrhea.

    Pevsner Diet Pill No. 4 is aimed at ensuring healthy and proper eating that will not mechanically, chemically or thermally irritate the inflamed area of ​​the gastrointestinal tract.

    The principle of the diet 4 table - reduced caloric content of dishes due to the small amount of fats with carbohydrates and exclusion of foods that accelerate the secretion of digestive organs

    Chemical daily composition and energy value of the diet of the fourth dietary table:

    • Fats - up to 70 gr.(50 gr of creamy oil),
    • Carbohydrates - up to 250 gr.(50 grams of sugar);
    • Protein - not less than 100 gr.(up to 70% of animals),
    • Calories - 2000-2050 kcal;
    • The liquid is free - about 2 liters.
    • Sodium chloride or salt - up to 10 gr.

    Advantages of Dr. Pevzner's therapeutic diet for table 4 are:

    • Reduction of painful symptoms of gastric and intestinal diseases;
    • Reduction of inflammatory processes accompanied by decay and fermentation.

    The main rules of the diet of the diet are the fourth table, which require strict adherence:

    • Six-edible diet consisting of liquid mush, puree, mashed and mucus dishes;
    • The cooking technology includes boiled and steam methods;
    • Strictly eliminated cold, hot, hard and thick food.

    The list of admissible diet table number 4 products and dishes are:

    • Cereals - rice, buckwheat, semolina, oatmeal cooked on water or broth fat-free;
    • Berries, fruits - mashed apples and pears. Bilberry, quince, bird cherry and dogwood in the form of kissels, compotes and jellies;
    • Vegetables - potatoes, carrots and beets in a boiled form for soups;
    • Fresh cottage cheese in grated or in the form of souffle;
    • Eggs as an additive to liquid dishes, omelet or soft-boiled, but not more than two per day;
    • Fish - chopped tender low-fat varieties, consumed in the form of meatballs or cutlets;
    • Meat is not sinewy, poultry - lean varieties of rabbit, veal, chicken, beef, in the form of knels, soufflé, meatballs, cutlets;
    • Soups cooked on lean fish, chicken and meat broth. In addition to them are added mucous decoctions of cereals( semolina, rice, oatmeal) and minced or grated meat fillets( meatballs, knels);
    • Crackers from wheat bread;
    • Drinks from dried blueberries, bird cherries, currants, quince and dogrose, diluted apple, pear and berry juices, green tea and cocoa on the water.

    The remaining products, meals and drinks not included in the permitted list of diets for table No. 4, are prohibited to be consumed.

    Diet for Pevsner Fourth table: menu for the week ^

    Recommended menu for a diet 4 tables

    Diet table 4 after surgery on the intestine or stomach in the first five days consists only of jelly-like and liquid dishes such as decoctions of rice, meat weak broth, jelly, berry jelly, dog rose infusion and sweet tea. Sample menu of the therapeutic diet 4 table:

    1 day

    • Breakfast: cottage cheese, oatmeal, rice broth;
    • Lunch: blueberry gel;
    • Lunch: liquid mango, chicken soufflé, apple juice;
    • Snack: warm dog rose tea;
    • Dinner: mashed rice, scrambled eggs, pear drink;
    • Late evening: warm berry jelly.

    Day 2

    • Breakfast: softened egg, vegetable soup puree, tea;
    • Lunch: rice pudding;
    • Lunch: chicken knels, buckwheat, herbal drink;
    • Snack: blueberry drink;
    • Dinner: cottage cheese with apple puree, berry juice;
    • Late evening: barley drink.

    Day 3

    • Breakfast: cocoa, rice soup with rusks;
    • Lunch: maned pudding;
    • Lunch: slimy oatmeal, apple jelly, softened boiled fish fillet;
    • Snack: soft-boiled egg;
    • Dinner: steam chicken - rice cutlets, broth bird cherry;
    • Late evening: any drink.

    Day 4

    • Breakfast: viscous rice porridge, cottage cheese, compote;
    • Lunch: black - currant jelly;
    • Lunch: fish steam souffle from pollock, liquid mashed potatoes, chamomile tea;
    • Snack: rice broth;
    • Dinner: omelette, fish meatball, berry drink;
    • Late evening: meat broth with egg flakes.

    Day 5

    • Breakfast: liquid mango, quince jelly;
    • Lunch: apple and cottage cheese puree;
    • Lunch: chicken - rice meatballs, oat soup, black coffee;
    • Snack: a couple of soft-boiled eggs;
    • Dinner: wiped buckwheat, boiled on beef broth, beef souffle, tea;
    • Late evening: cocoa with crackers.

    6 day

    • Breakfast: quince compote, curd pear pudding, liquid mango;
    • Lunch: currant jelly with crackers;
    • Lunch: chicken steam knels, mashed rice, green tea;
    • Snack: berry jelly;
    • Dinner: soup on broth fish with oatmeal and beaten egg, compote of dried sweet apples;Late evening: apple puree.

    Day 7

    • Breakfast: softened buckwheat, cooked on chicken broth, jelly, crackers;
    • Lunch: jelly from cornel;
    • Lunch: buckwheat - beef meatballs, a little potato liquid puree, pear compote;
    • Snack: a wiped steam apple;
    • Dinner: salad from chopped chicken fillet, potatoes and cottage cheese, compote currant;
    • Late evening: berry compote.

    Diet table number 4 for children

    In the period of gastrointestinal diseases or exacerbations of the chronic form of colitis and enterocolitis in childhood, the diet nutrition for table 4 for Pevzner during the week should be as follows:

    The first-day diet includes a drinking regimen includingslightly sweet tea, a decoction of herbs and mineral water without gas;
    Beginning on the second day, the medical children's menu should be made approximately as follows:

    • Breakfast: mango liquid, blueberry compote;
    • Breakfast of the second: crackers and weak chicken( meat) broth;
    • Lunch: curd steam souffle, omelet, rice broth;
    • Snack: any boiled meat( cutlets, souffle, meatballs);
    • Dinner: oat mucous soup on lean beef broth, apple puree, compote;
    • Before going to bed: a diet-authorized drink of any kind.
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    Results, reviews of dieters and doctors about diet table number 4 ^

    The results of the use of dietary table number 4 are very positive - within a week the inflammation of the walls of the gastrointestinal tract is significantly reduced and the processes of putrefaction and fermentation are inhibited. On average, this health food lasts for 7 to 10 days, depending on the degree of recovery. To leave the diet 4 tables should be very careful not to provoke a relapse of the disease.

    Patients' reviews of the diet 4 tables show that the dietary diet provided by this method perfectly reduces the painful symptoms already in the first two days of its application and really contributes to a speedy recovery.

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