• Diet with urolithiasis

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    Diet for urolithiasis: reviews and patient results

    Diet for urolithiasis- this is a good way to ease the patient's condition and improve the performance of internal organs, since proper nutrition in combination with drug treatment contributes to an early recoverytion.

    Features of the diet for urolithiasis ^

    Urolithiasis( urolithiasis) is a metabolic disease, and is characterized by the appearance of various types of stones in the kidneys, bladder, urethra or ureters.

    Most often, stones appear due to improper or poor-quality nutrition, the use of polluted water, congenital metabolic disorders, increased uric acid levels in the blood or urine, the presence of a large number of salts in the body.

    The main symptoms of urolithiasis:

    • Pain in the lumbar region;
    • Colic;
    • Vomiting and nausea, bloating;
    • Temperature rise.

    Do you need a therapeutic diet for urolithiasis

    In any disease doctors prescribe a special diet, and the formation of stones in the organs - is no exception. A diet for patients with urolithiasis helps to relieve symptoms and promotes the rapid removal of stones, and if not follow its rules, complications such as pyelonephritis, urethritis, kidney failure, or cystitis may occur.

    Most often, this disease affects women, so the diet for women with urolithiasis is an integral part of treatment, otherwise the symptoms will be more pronounced over time, and this can affect the work of female genital organs.

    As for the diet for urolithiasis in men, then here it is mandatory. During its adherence, it is necessary to abandon bad habits and excessive physical exertion, as well as from the use of purines: fish, meat, offal, rice and cabbage.

    With all responsibility it is necessary to concern with a diet at a urolithiasis at children: the diet of the child needs to be constantly supervised, as in children it is difficult to be kept from tasty and harmful products.

    The diet for urolithiasis in pregnant women should be the most gentle, because a child needs to get the maximum of useful substances, and for this her menu should be balanced and in no case not hungry.

    What kind of diet is needed for urolithiasis

    First of all, the menu of the therapeutic diet for urolithiasis in all cases should be calculated based on what kind of stones were found:

    • Oxalates: sorrel, chocolate, lettuce, cocoa, nuts, figs, spinachand gelatin-containing products;
    • Urates: offal, cauliflower, mushrooms, beans, rich fish and meat broths, veal or poultry are prohibited;
    • Phosphates: limited to the menu of vegetables, milk and fruits.

    The diet for kidney stones and other internal organs must consist mainly of natural food, and the ban includes fried, smoked, spicy and sweet dishes. It is also recommended to drink as much water as possible.

    Diet for urolithiasis: menu and features of therapeutic nutrition ^

    Diet for urolithiasis: therapeutic menu, recipes

    Therapeutic diet table number 14 in urolithiasis

    This table is assigned to restore acid urine reaction, and consists of soups, meat dishes, dairyproducts, pumpkins, peas, mushrooms, cranberries, apples and cranberries. It is not recommended to eat yolks of chicken eggs.

    Sample menu:

    • We are having breakfast with buckwheat porridge soaked with herring and tea;
    • Dinner soup on chicken broth, boiled rice and cranberry jelly;
    • We have a half-glass of rose hip broth;
    • We dine with steam cutlets, green peas and tea.

    Diet for urolithiasis( urate stones, urates)

    Here it is necessary to abandon the rich broths, marinades and sweets:

    • We have breakfast oatmeal and tea with lemon;
    • At lunch we drink orange juice;
    • We have dinner with rice soup and boiled meat;
    • We snack with walnuts;We have supper with baked fish and boiled rice.

    Diet for urolithiasis( oxalate stones, oxalates)

    For oxalates, the following diet is recommended:

    • We have breakfast oatmeal with the addition of peach pieces, wash down with tea;
    • We eat apricots for lunch;
    • We have lunch with carrot salad, soup and 100 g of boiled meat;
    • We have a half-glass of alkaline mineral water;
    • We have dinner with stewed cabbage, fish and vegetables.

    Diet for urolithiasis( phosphate stones, phosphates)

    In this case, meat products, on the contrary, are priority:

    • We have breakfast cereal and a slice of boiled meat;
    • We have a snack with cabbage salad;
    • We dine with meatless low-fat soup, vegetable salad and tea;
    • Lunch with chicken breast;
    • We dine with jelly fish and seafood salad.

    Diet for pyelonephritis and urolithiasis

    If urolithiasis is complicated by pyelonephritis, then it is necessary to make a diet based on these dishes:

    • Dairy and vegetarian soups;
    • Lean fish and meat;
    • 1 boiled egg a day;
    • Cereals;
    • Berries;
    • Sweets, honey and jam;
    • White or gray bread.

    Diet for exacerbation of urolithiasis

    If the disease has a pronounced symptomatology, then the following should be removed from the menu:

    • Milk and dairy products;
    • Any soups;
    • Berry juice.

    You can use any of the menus offered here, depending on what kind of stones were found.

    Diet for the prevention of urolithiasis

    To reduce the likelihood of the disease or the risk of exacerbation, you can use this menu for two weeks:

    • In the morning we eat oatmeal with berries, wash down with green tea;
    • At lunch we eat an orange;
    • We dine soup from vegetables, vegetable salad and cutlet steamed;
    • We snack with bohemian broth;
    • Supper with vegetable stew and boiled chicken breast.
    We also recommend that you read the article Diet for Renal Failure.

    The results, feedbacks and recommendations of doctors about proper nutrition for urolithiasis ^

    The most positive result of a diet with urolithiasis is the removal of stones from the organs, as a result of which all symptoms disappear and the patient feels full recovery.

    Tips for avoiding exacerbation of urolithiasis:

    • Adhere to proper nutrition;
    • Restrict the use of products containing oxalic acid;
    • Maintain an active lifestyle;
    • Drink only purified water.

    This prophylaxis of urolithiasis significantly reduces the risk of the onset of the disease, and also has a general beneficial effect on the entire body.

    Reviews of doctors about a diet with urolithiasis:

    Victoria, 39, urologist:

    "It's not as easy to get rid of stones as it might seem, and sometimes it takes months. Without a diet, this is indispensable here, since it plays a crucial role in the treatment. "

    Galina, 43, nephrologist:

    " Kidney stones are excreted in a few weeks if treated correctly. Diuretics are well helped, and it is also recommended to drink herbal juices and infusions - they relieve the patient's condition »

    Irina, urologist:

    "When a stone gets stuck in the ducts, a person feels acute pain, and often it lasts more than one day. Allow 48-hour fasting, because any food at such times can create additional stress on the internal organs, but at this time you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day »