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    Pancreatic Diet Prevents Excessive Enzyme Generation

    Dietin diseases of the pancreas is aimed at reducing the burden on the stomach and preventing excessive activity of an important body of internal secretion - pancreaticthe internal gland.

    Causes, Symptoms and Peculiarities of Nutrition in Pancreatic Diseases ^

    The pancreas is an organ of internal secretion that ensures the normal and harmonious work of the whole organism and performs the following functions: it produces insulin, an insufficient amount of which in the body causes diabetes and performs the secretion of digestive enzymes.

    The most common pancreatic disease that has an inflammatory nature is pancreatitis, which occurs as a result of a violation of the regime, malnutrition and lifestyle in general, the use of certain medications and hereditary disorders of metabolic processes. In addition, sometimes it can occur against a background of other diseases: cholelithiasis, ulcers or cirrhosis of the liver.

    Pancreatitis can be acute or chronic:

    • In acute pancreatitis, there are symptoms: intense girdling in the abdomen, vomiting.
    • In the chronic course of the disease, the patient completely lacks appetite, frequent vomiting and swelling, pain in the upper abdomen, and pain in the back. Chronic pancreatitis develops over the years.

    It happens that the prolonged acute form of pancreatitis can go into a chronic one. This disease must be treated. Otherwise, it can lead to a number of complications and cause diabetes mellitus, pancreatic necrosis, pulmonary complications, false pancreas cyst and other serious problems.

    In case of development of the described above symptoms, a person should be urgently hospitalized in the surgical department, because even a small delay in treatment is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Experts recommend that during treatment of diseases of the pancreas, it is necessary to observe special therapeutic dietary nutrition, which is not only the main way to recovery, but also an excellent prevention of exacerbations.

    The main advantage of the therapeutic diet for a sick gland is that it leads to a relatively good condition of the gland itself, relieves excess enzymes and prevents the development of chronic pancreatitis.

    The essence of the diet is to consume foods that the body can easily digest so that the pancreas does not produce excess enzymes for digesting food. In the first two days, after the aggravation began, a person should give up any meal. You can only drink purified water or insist on a dog rose.

    From the diet it is necessary to completely exclude all products that in any way can lead to excessive work of the weakened organ:

    • first of all it is necessary to refuse fat food,
    • soda and sweet drinks,
    • coffee,
    • pork and sausages, including sausages,
    • tomatoes and tomato juices,
    • sauces, mayonnaise,
    • acetic acid,
    • various marinades and garlic.
    • Among the fruits on the black list of diets: citrus fruits, strawberries or strawberries, raspberries.

    In turn, experts recommend the use of products such as:

    • beef, veal,
    • chicken and eggs,
    • seafood,
    • yogurt and curdled milk,
    • cheeses,
    • oatmeal and buckwheat,
    • vegetables,
    • apricots and apples,
    • cherries,cranberries, cranberries and other products.
    • It's amazing, but during the diet program even the use of such alcoholic beverages is allowed: grape and plum wine, martini and tequila.

    Diffuse pancreatic changes involve the development of diseases such as chronic pancreatitis, diabetes and other dangerous diseases. The identification of this problem is a serious reason for changing the lifestyle and revising the existing diet. A constant companion of a person with such diseases should be a special diet for diffuse pancreatic changes, based on the use of vegetable and sour-milk products, cereals.

    Diet for the pancreas: an approximate menu and features ^

    Diet for inflammation of the pancreas must necessarily be carefully thought out and balanced:

    • You need to eat food in small amounts, but often( at least 6 times a day).
    • Try to give up fried foods, preferring cooked and steamed.
    • Cabbage, containing a lot of acid, during this dietary method is contraindicated.
    • Boil lean fish, the perfect option for dinner will be the ear.
    • Eat cereals and do not limit yourself to dairy products.

    A diet for pancreatic cancer involves eating dishes that have been steamed or cooked. Dairy products must be low-fat. In addition to the above list of prohibited products, it is necessary to exclude smoked products, bananas, grapes, dates, flour, canned goods and cocoa from the diet.

    Sample menu:

    • For breakfast and before going to bed you need to drink a cup of a weak briar broth.
    • Between lunch and breakfast, you can drink a cup of tea with a little bit of toast.
    • An approximate dinner can consist of soup - puree, prepared from carrots and other allowed vegetables, wiped buckwheat and a cup of green tea.
    • For dinner it is recommended to cook for a couple of omelettes only from proteins, to eat a small slice of black bread.

    Of course, a diet with exacerbation of the pancreas can not completely eliminate the disease, however, in this case it is very important not to let the problem become worse. It should also be understood that one dietary supplement for cupping the symptoms of the disease is not enough, it is important to combine it with the methods of medicines prescribed by the doctor.

    At the beginning of an exacerbation it is recommended to spend hungry days, during which only "Borjomi" or light broths of dogrose are allowed to drink. Then the attending physician should appoint a special diet, during which the amount of calories consumed, fat, carbohydrates is reduced.

    Duration of the diet is about 5 - 6 days. These days, experts recommend cooking soups with cereals, prepare low-fat meat or fish dishes, omelettes for a couple, cook eggs. For dessert cheesecake puddings, baked apples, jelly, compotes.

    After surgery or removal of the pancreas, a strict diet is needed to ensure rest to the operated organ. The first weeks of diet after the operation of the pancreas are very tough. In a week, the patient is allowed to enter into the menu a small amount of meat, fish. After a week, the calorie content of the diet increases, but the use of whole sour, fatty or acute is still strictly prohibited.

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    Results, recommendations and feedback from physicians on dietary nutrition for the pancreas ^

    Such a disease as pancreatitis is very common not only in adults, but also in children. The right diet for pancreatic diseases in children can cure a child in a relatively short time and relieve him of stomach pain. From the diet of children are allowed not to exclude sweet, mainly restrictions affect the consumption of fatty meat, fish, milk, vegetable oil.

    Positive results of a diet for a pancreas will come to light already after a while after the beginning of a dietary food. First, the work of the pancreas will be restored, and secondly, having problems with excess weight, you can simultaneously get rid of extra 2 kg per month. On the effectiveness of this technique, and numerous positive reviews of doctors about the diet for the pancreas.

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