• Diet for the spleen

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    Diet for the spleen restores the body and normalizes the hematopoiesis. The diet for the spleen is veryreminiscent of the composition of the diet therapeutic dietary methods for the liver, aimed at the use of iron-containing foods and dishes.

    This diet program is very effective, because it allows to restore the functioning of the damaged organ and prevent possible diseases.

    Causes, symptoms and peculiarities of nutrition in diseases of the spleen ^

    The spleen is a very important organ that performs a number of functions, including participation in metabolic processes, strengthening of immunity, regulation of hematopoiesis and clotting of blood. All functions of the spleen are considered auxiliary, but extremely important.

    The adult spleen is able to filter red blood cells, bacteria and other foreign substances that enter the blood. In addition, this body accumulates the iron necessary for the formation of hemoglobin.

    Spleen diseases occur for the following reasons:

    • Spleen injuries can be caused by operations, strokes, falls, gunshot wounds, etc.
    • Spleen diseases are a consequence of infections: hepatitis, tuberculosis, salmonellosis.
    • Blood diseases such as leukemia, lymphosarcoma and others cause problems with the main organ of hematopoiesis.
    • Inflammation can begin as a result of the formation of cysts and tumors.

    The main symptom of any disease of the spleen, manifested in the first time - its increase in size, while it presses on neighboring organs and creates discomfort and malaise. Manifestation of symptoms depends on the source of the problem.

    Unfortunately, the external signs of the disease are not obvious, so the patient turns to the doctor with pain in the left abdominal area, which is given to the shoulder or shoulder blade. The patient often confuses such pains with heart disease or neuralgia, while abnormalities of the spleen can only be determined by careful examination.

    In addition, it is possible to suspect the presence of inflammation when bruising and bruising, bleeding with poor blood coagulability, rash and itching, rapid heart rate.

    Diseases of the spleen are dangerous in that it is difficult to diagnose them alone. Pain in inflammation of the spleen can be very strong, and the rupture of this organ leads to bleeding, dangerous for the life of the patient. It is important to remember the possible consequences of self-treatment and to turn to a specialist in time.

    Dietary nutrition is an effective way of treating and preventing spleen diseases, which contributes to its normal functioning. It is important to eat foods rich in iron, which normalize the process of hematopoiesis.

    Recommended products:

    • Fatty fish is a source of taurine and fatty acids.
    • Nuts, pomegranate, honey to activate hematopoietic functions.
    • Cabbage containing folic acid, beetroot.
    • All citrus fruits, which due to the content of vitamin C contribute to better absorption of iron.
    • Apples and apple juices, cranberry fruit, avocado.

    Diet for the spleen: an approximate menu and features ^

    During the use of a dietary diet, it is necessary to limit the intake of salt and butter. In addition, experts do not recommend the use of the following products:

    • veal,
    • fatty broths,
    • fatty meat,
    • fish,
    • fried and spicy dishes,
    • floury,
    • smoked and pickles,
    • mushrooms,
    • sour vegetables and fruits,
    • fats,
    • coffee,
    • ice cream, etc.

    As with any other diet, drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited, since strong drinks interfere with the normal functioning of the body of the blood, inhibiting the production of red blood cells.

    Diet after spleen removal

    Diet after removal( splenectomy) is to consume a normal amount of proteins and carbohydrates, but restrict the use of refractory fats, products containing cholesterol, extractives. All dishes must be cooked or steamed, as eating fried is strongly discouraged.

    The daily energy value of the diet should be about 3000 kcal. It is recommended to exclude fresh bread from the diet, only the bread that was baked yesterday is available.

    Preference should be given to:

    • vegetable and milk soups with the addition of various cereals,
    • vegetable borsch,
    • lean meat,
    • fatty fish.
    • We also welcome the use of low-fat dairy products,
    • vegetables,
    • cereals.

    Diet for inflammation of the spleen

    Diet in the inflammatory process, like the previous one, is based on the use of a large amount of iron. It is very important that the food is frequent and regular. You should eat at least 4-5 times a day.

    For the removal of inflammation it is important not only to adhere to the list of recommended products, but also to make an infusion of dog rose, drink 100 g of pomegranate juice daily, eat fresh berries, cook compotes and jams. A positive effect will have juice from white cabbage, beets, radishes, as well as various vegetables.

    Diet with enlarged spleen

    A diet with an increase, or splenomegaly improves her condition and blood supply, and also regulates sugar levels. The basic rules of this dietary technique:

    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Food should not be too hot or cold.
    • Meals should be divided 4 to 5 times a day.
    • You can not diet without consulting a doctor.
    • You should eat lean meat, liver, sea fat fish, legumes and vegetables, fruits, berries, cereals, honey, greens.
    • An integral part of the diet should be drinks: herbal tea, decoctions of hawthorn or dog rose, juices and fruit drinks.
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    Results, recommendations and feedback from physicians on the therapeutic diet for the spleen ^

    According to doctors, only a diet with a rupture of the spleen can not help. The only way out of this state is surgery, during which the rupture is sewn up or the organ is removed. In the future, the patient must eat foods rich in vitamins to strengthen immunity.

    In the first 3 days after surgery, the diet should be gentle, then the patient is transferred to a common table. It is important in this case to correctly form the patient's diet, based on a list of useful foods. In addition, you need to exclude from the menu the prohibited foods and dishes.

    Reviews of doctors about the diet for the spleen are only good, because this program allows you to quickly normalize the work of this important body. The results of the diet for the spleen are visible after some time after its use.

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