• Dr. Moermann's anti-cancer diet

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    The essence and principles of the anti-cancer diet Cornelius Moermann
  • Dr. Moermann's diet for oncology: menu and features of therapeutic nutrition
  • Results, feedbacks and recommendations of doctors about the Moermann diet for oncology and chemotherapy

Dr. Moerman's anti-cancer diet: testimonials and patient results

Dr. Moermann's anti-cancer diet is a preventive and curative diet that helps prevent the formation of cancer cells and cure already existing tumors.

The essence and principles of Cornelius Moermann's anti-cancer diet ^

Cornelius Moerman is a Dutch oncologist, the creator of a unique nutritional method based on the consumption of large amounts of vitamins and herbal products.

Many doctors claim that the Moermann diet defeats cancer if it is used in conjunction with standard treatment and strictly follow all the rules.

The essence of Dr. Moermann's anti-cancer diet is to strengthen immunity and normalize metabolism: according to the professor, these two factors hinder the development of cancer cells. This effect is achieved through the use of only natural products containing vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as sulfur, iodine, iron and citric acid.

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What products are present in Dr. Moermann's antitumor diet:

  • Sour milk: lean milk, cream, whey, estimate, cottage cheese, cheeses, butter;
  • Bread and cereals: rice, oatmeal, millet, corn flakes, pasta, whole-grain bread;
  • Yolks of chicken eggs;
  • Pre-soaked dried fruits;
  • Cold-pressed olive oil.

The therapeutic diet of Moermann with oncological diseases includes a number of prohibitions:

  • Flour products of fine grinding;
  • Proteins of eggs;
  • Fatty or salty cheeses;
  • Potatoes and rhubarb;
  • Legumes;
  • Grapes of sweet varieties;
  • Figs and dates;
  • Sweets and sugar;
  • Meat and fish;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Meat broth;
  • Tea and coffee;
  • Non-natural products with dyes and preservatives.

Observing the Moermann diet in cancer, many avoid the complications that this disease is fraught with: bleeding, metastases, transition to a more severe stage of the disease, the defeat of other internal organs.

Doctor Moermann's diet for oncology: menu and features of therapeutic nutrition ^

Dr. Moerman's anti-cancer diet: sample menu, recipes

The main rules of Dr. Moerman's diet therapy

The basic principles of nutrition according to the Moerman method are as follows:

  • You can not overeat, and any food should be carefullychew. According to the developer of the technique, these two moments are closely related: slowly chewing food, a person quickly quenches the feeling of hunger;
  • It is best to give preference to raw foods, and cooked or fried dishes are recommended to limit;
  • If the products can not be eaten raw, it is best to extinguish them, or boil without boiling.

Dr. Moerman's anti-cancer diet: menu

An approximate dietary menu for one day will help to make your diet as accurate and accurate as possible:

  • For breakfast, cook the oats on low-fat milk, add a few fruits or berries to it;
  • For lunch we eat soup with green peas, a vegetable salad, a slice of bread, we drink tea on the herbs;
  • We dine with steamed vegetables, rice porridge, a slice of bread and natural yoghurt;
  • Between meals we snack crackers, juices, a cocktail of milk and whipped yolk.

Recipes of the Moermann diet

Milk cocktail recipe with yolks

  • Mix 2 raw yolks with a glass of cool boiled milk;
  • Add cherries and sea-buckthorn berries without pits;
  • Beat with a mixer.

Recipe for pea soup

  • A glass of dried peas are filled with 600 g of water and leave to swell at night;
  • Pour 2 liters of water into the pan, bring it to a boil, place the swollen peas;
  • Cook for half an hour;
  • Cut the carrots and onions, add them to the pan;
  • Sprinkle with herbs, salt off with pink or sea salt, cook until done.

Recipe for vegetable salad

  • Cut half of the head of Chinese cabbage with straw, crush 10 cherry tomatoes, two sweet peppers, 100 g of lettuce and 3 cucumbers;Season with lemon juice or olive oil, sprinkle with parsley and mix.
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Results, feedbacks and recommendations of doctors about the diet of Moermann in oncology and chemotherapy ^

As a result of the diet of the antitumor Moeerman, it is possible to slow down the development of cancer cells and cure the disease at the initial stages, combining proper nutrition with a doctor-appointed treatment.

How to get out right after the Moermann anti-cancer diet

For the correct way out, it's enough to introduce the forbidden products within the first week, and meat and fish are allowed only from the eighth day. It is desirable to continue to follow the principle of raw food, and if possible eat more vegetable dishes.

Reviews of doctors about Dr. Moermann's diet

Anastasia, 39, oncologist:

"I believe this technique is really effective, because it allowed me to cure several patients. Nevertheless, it is not suitable for people who love meat: from my own experience I know that breakdowns and deviations from the rules of the diet can lead to negative consequences. "

Maria, 33, oncologist:

" I recommend all Myerman diets for all my patientsas it is very useful for health. Despite all the advantages, it can not be used for more than 6 months, since animal proteins must still enter the body, especially in the last stages of cancer. "

Oksana, 45, oncologist:

" To my patients, I recommend the anti-cancer diet of Moermann,to.with its help it really turns out to increase the immunity and freeze the development of malignant tumors. Also, it is suitable for use by healthy people for preventive purposes, but in this case it can be eaten by this method for not more than one month ยป