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    Diet for atopic dermatitis: reviews and patient results

    Diet for Atomic DermatitisDermatitis is an important part of the treatment that doctors prescribe in addition to medication to patients.

    Features of the diet for atopic dermatitis ^

    Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease of an allergic nature, and its symptoms are manifested in the form of itching, rash, peeling and redness in people of all ages, including the infant. Do I need a diet for atopic dermatitis? This question will be answered positively by all dermatologists, because this disease can arise for a number of external and internal reasons:

    • Heredity;
    • Diseases of the digestive tract, dysbiosis;
    • Allergy to specific foods eaten;
    • Herpes and other viruses;
    • Worms and other infections;
    • Low-quality synthetic clothing, allergenic cosmetics, air temperature fluctuations.

    Which diet for atopic dermatitis is necessary for the patient, the doctor himself decides, but there is a list of products that must be excluded from the diet absolutely everyone:

    • Chicken eggs, milk and sour-milk products;
    • Red and orange vegetables, fruits and berries;
    • Fatty meat and fish;
    • Sharp, fried, smoked and salty foods;
    • Sauces, various spices and condiments;
    • Sweets;
    • Nuts.

    During the use of a therapeutic diet for atopic dermatitis, you need to closely monitor the reaction of your body, and if necessary, make a list of prohibited products for others that are allergic.

    If the diet is not observed for patients with atopic dermatitis, there may be complications in the form of skin atrophy, pyoderma, the appearance of vesicles and pustules, candidiasis lesions.

    Rules for therapeutic nutrition for atopic dermatitis:

    • Remove allergens from the menu;
    • Include in your diet vegetable soups, cereals, olive and sunflower oils, boiled potatoes, tea, parsley, cucumbers, dill, baked apples, whole grain bread, bran, bio-yogurt, fresh cottage cheese, dried fruit compote.;
    • Eat small meals, but often - 4-5 times a day.

    Diet for atopic dermatitis: menu and features of therapeutic nutrition ^

    Diet for atopic dermatitis: diet menu, recipes

    Diet for atopic dermatitis in adults

    Duration of treatment is prescribed by the doctor himself, but usually it takes no more than three months. All this time it is necessary to adhere to the following example of the menu:

    • We have breakfast with Hercules cooked on the water. We drink a cup of green tea;
    • We ate a couple of baked apples for lunch;
    • We have lunch with vegetable soup and a cutlet;
    • We snack a banana;
    • Supper with braised cabbage and low-fat boiled fish.

    Diet for atopic dermatitis in children

    After a year, it is allowed to feed the following products:

    • Low-fat beef;
    • Not strong tea;
    • Cereals or vegetable soups;
    • Baked apples;
    • Vegetable and fruit puree;
    • Low-fat fermented milk products.

    Diet for atopic dermatitis in adolescents

    Most often, a similar menu is used in the adolescent menu, as for adults, but the use of fermented milk products is limited:

    • We have breakfast with buckwheat porridge and tea without sugar;
    • We have a snack with a couple of fresh apples;
    • Lunch stewed vegetables and 100 g of baked fish;
    • We have a lunch with vegetable juice;
    • We dine with boiled potatoes and vegetable salad.

    Diet for atopic dermatitis in infants

    When a child is less than a year, this menu is used for complementary feeding:

    • Puree and juices from pears, currants or apples;
    • Low-fat kefir or yogurt;
    • Puree of courgettes, potatoes or cabbage;
    • Oatmeal or buckwheat porridge.

    Hypoallergenic diet for atopic dermatitis

    In this case, the list of approved products is selected individually by the doctor after the provision of tests and taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body, but there is a list of dishes that most often cause allergy and must be excluded from the menu:

    • Citrus fruits;
    • Fish and eggs;
    • Legumes;
    • Celery;
    • Apples and nuts;Melons and bananas.

    Elimination diet for atopic dermatitis

    Elimination diet is prescribed by a doctor after the detection of a food allergen, and the following commonly added prohibited products are:

    • Manna or wheat cereals;
    • Gum;
    • Mushrooms;
    • Macaroni;
    • Any kind of meat and fish;
    • Tropical fruits.

    Diet for seborrheic and atopic head dermatitis

    For these diseases, the following menu is used:

    • We have breakfast with cottage cheese and green tea;
    • For lunch we eat an apple or a pear;
    • We have lunch with baked meat or fish;
    • We drink kefir for a mid-morning snack;
    • We dine with a slice of meat and vegetable salad.
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    Results, feedbacks and recommendations of doctors about proper nutrition in atopic dermatitis ^

    As a result of a diet with atopic dermatitis, viral foci are more quickly cured, external symptoms disappear, remission lasts longer, but complete cure is impossible in this case. The entire process can last from several months to several years, so the duration of the treatment course is selected individually.

    Prevention of atopic dermatitis is of great importance: it must be performed under the guidance of an allergist, but since this disease most often arises because of heredity in infancy, preventive measures are taken even before the birth of the child with constant monitoring of the gynecologist.

    Tips for avoiding atopic dermatitis:

    • If at least one parent has allergic diseases, during pregnancy, the girl needs to use a hypoallergenic diet;
    • Keep track of your diet and your baby's nutrition;
    • Do not wear clothes that are too coarse;
    • Wash clothes at a temperature of at least 60 degrees;
    • Carry out a daily wet cleaning in the room.

    Reviews about a diet for atopic dermatitis from doctors:

    Olga, 34, allergist:

    "This disease has a purely internal character, and it can not be infected from anyone. Hence the treatment should be versatile: in addition to ointments and medications, the most part of success depends on nutrition, since the allergy is most often manifested in food, and not externally irritants. "

    Irina, 39, dermatologist:

    " In order to dermatitisI did not go to the neglected stage, it is necessary first of all to sit on any diet for this disease. Internal factors are often the primary cause of the appearance of rashes and redness, therefore the primary task should be to eliminate the allergen from food. "

    Catherine, 43, allergist:

    " Very often I get patients with atopic dermatitis, but an accurate diagnosis is made only after a series of tests andexperiments in the menu. As my experience shows, for successful treatment it is enough to remove the allergen, and in a few months you can forget about rasschesyvaniyah and rashes for a long time ยป