• Green snot in children: causes and treatment at home

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    Colds are often accompanied by discharge from the nose, sneezing and coughing.

    Sometimes a runny nose leads to complications: bronchitis, purulent angina or pneumonia.

    If the child has a green discharge from the nose, this is a signal that the inflammation is infectious and urgently needed medical attention.

    Nasal discharge characterizes the degree of the disease, and color determines the type of the common cold.

    What do green snot mean?

    The color of the snot can determine the nature of the disease. There is an allergic, viral and bacterial rhinitis. If the child has mucous transparent sopli, the disease is in the initial stage, it can be an allergic or mixed type of cold. The appearance of green snot indicates a bacterial infection, in this case, the use of antibiotics and antibacterial agents.

    Why are the snot formed green? The body is actively fighting infection. Cells - neutrophils damage microorganisms, and as a result of their reaction a product - green mucus is formed.
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    Causes of green snot in a child

    Children are sensitive to the environment. A healthy environment is the optimum temperature and humidity. If the room is dry air, dust, lack of oxygen, the mucous membrane becomes dry and loses its protective functions.

    In new conditions, when a child enters a kindergarten or an unfamiliar collective, the body adapts to the microflora, and colds occur. Rhinitis can be a reaction of the child's body to any negative factor, and the appearance of green snot precedes the deterioration of the mucous membrane of the nose, a decrease in local and general immunity.

    Nasal discharge may be viral, allergic or bacterial in nature. Snot, depending on the cause of the disease, is white, yellow or green. It is the green snot that indicates the bacterial nature of the disease.

    Green discharge means that the runny nose has a viral, bacterial or mixed nature. The brighter the color of the discharge, the more inflammatory the process and the greater the number of bacteria.

    Causes of green snot:

    • adaptation in new conditions;
    • hypothermia in the autumn - winter period;
    • contact with infectious patients;
    • reduced local immunity.
    If the child has a green discharge from the nose, it means that the time to fight the disease at the initial stage has been lost or the wrong method of treatment has been chosen. The rhinitis brings to the child the big inconveniences - a dyscomfort, delicacy, the complicated breath, a headache, disturbance of a dream. It is necessary to take immediate measures to improve the patency of nasal passages and eliminate infection, otherwise complications may occur.

    Complications of green snot:

    • otitis media;
    • sinusitis;
    • sinusitis;
    • is a meningococcal infection.
    If the snot comes out naturally, this is a normal process that alleviates the child's condition. If pus passes to the ear, otitis or inflammation of the brain may occur. A protracted rhinitis provokes sinusitis or sinusitis.

    With the appearance of green discharge from the nose, vasoconstrictive drugs are prescribed in combination with an antibiotic. It is important to keep the dosage correctly so as not to cause excessive constriction of the vessels.

    Treatment of green snot in children

    When a runny nose is recommended, treatment with herbal preparations. You can prepare a decoction of calendula, yarrow, chamomile, sage.

    Beet, carrot, potato juice is also effective. The phytoncides contained in vegetables are natural antibiotics.

    In combination with natural preparations, salt solutions are used to purify the nasal passages. You can prepare the solution at home. To do this, stir in one liter of boiled water one teaspoon of sea or food salt.

    To wash the nasal passages appoint drugs Quix, Aqualor Baby, contributing to the outflow of mucus. If necessary, remove the swelling, appoint Fenistil. The otolaryngologist often prescribes antibacterial drops to children: protargol, nazivin, sinupret. It is better to carry out instillation in the nose of the child in a supine position. When the baby lies on its side, the solution is buried one by one into each nostril closer to the bed.

    After mocking out the remains of mucus are washed out, and in case of a dense consistency a special device is used - the suction device of pus. If antibacterial or vasoconstrictive drops are prescribed, they are applied no more than 5-7 days. There should be no addiction and excessive vasoconstriction.

    In case of a complicated course of the disease, antibiotics are prescribed. They should be used strictly for their intended purpose, since harm can be more useful. Abuse of antibiotics leads to impaired bowel function.


    Because the cause of the disease can be unfavorable conditions, you should create a healthy atmosphere in the nursery. To do this, daily wet cleaning and ventilation should be done.

    You do not need to heat the room with electrical appliances. First, air is overdried, this leads to a disruption of the normal state of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Secondly, in a hot room the child becomes sensitive to the cold, the protective functions of the body decrease.

    Daily walks and hardening will help strengthen the children's body, increase resistance to colds. However, remember that the baby should be dressed in the weather, so that there is no hypothermia. Physical exercises will strengthen the muscles and normalize the respiratory system.

    Do not forget about proper nutrition. The use of fresh fruits and vegetables, containing minerals and vitamins, improves digestion, the state of the body, increases immunity. If the baby is often sick, the doctor can recommend visits to salt mines, trips to the sea, as well as immunomodulators. Take care of your children and they will always be healthy!

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