How to manipulate people - manipulating people

  • How to manipulate people - manipulating people

    First let's try to decide - this article does not set itself the goal to teach people to manipulate their associates, rather, it sets a goal to protect themselves from this. But it's up to you to protect yourself from manipulation or to try yourself as a puppeteer.

    "Not knowing how to lie, does not recognize a lie" - and here, trying to learn how to protect yourself from manipulation, quickly learn how to manipulate. And if you are a clever person, you can wrap your knowledge in favor. After all, in our world, not being able to control people, just do not survive. This is especially true of business.

    After we have decided, let's move on to the main thing.

    First, we learn what manipulation is. This is a way of affecting a person or a group of people. Change his( their) behavior, opinion, attitude to anything.

    Methods of manipulating people

    Methods of manipulating people

    There are several ways to manipulate people:


    To get a person to listen to your opinion and accept, for the due you need to deceive him. After all, this is the most obvious. Here are a few examples:

    • Lies to your relatives to cause pity, for example. The most common example is when children manipulate their parents without even realizing it.
    • Election of an official when he is elected, everyone understands that the words he said in the election campaigns, promising a happy life, were unfounded. Everyone starts to exclaim, "He's a liar."And what else can you expect? This is an example of the manipulation of the masses.

    The worst thing is that this method of manipulation is extremely dangerous for the manipulator itself, in case a lie is revealed.

    Caring for

    I think that there is nothing to explain here, everything is very clear. Here are the examples:

    • The husband did all the housework, took out the garbage, washed the dishes, tucked the bed, cooked dinner, Wife came from work, the husband began to wear it in her hands, and after she said "Darling, I can go with the boys in bowling alley"
    • On TV, they say that the pension will be increased by 1,000 rubles. Everyone is delighted, life is beautiful. On another channel, they say that the prices for water are raised by electricity and light. Everyone is talking about the horror where officials are looking, although it's okay to raise the pension. Too specifically you think, I just try to be real.

    Therefore, if you have been taken care of, and you have felt excessive care, be on the alert, you are trying to manipulate. Of course, it is difficult to recognize or count, especially when people do this, from which you least expect it.

    Repetition of

    One of the most common types of manipulation, here you will also understand everything:

    • Example 1. Every day we see advertising on TV something like."You will buy it, you will become so-and-so"( well, you understand).So every day, it crashes into your brain. And you think, yes it really is. How I was a fool, not having that. After all, you can live much better. Funny, but real.
    • And one more example of repetition is stereotypes encased in masses. For example: Americans are the thickest, because they eat only hamburgers. Yes, and this is said by people in a country in which it is not the first year that everyone is eating these "American hamburgers."
    • Here is another example of the control: "Learning light - ignorance is darkness".So bring up all their children, "normal" parents - this is the norm. And after that the child tries to learn, is afraid to look left and right. However, many then understand that how much. By the way, this method is called zombification.

    Anger, irritation

    This way of slightly different bias. The essence of this method is to deduce a person for a specific purpose. After all, a person with an irritated person is inferior to his thoughts, actions, behavior. And it turns out that he can easily stumble. This method is very common in business, it turns out that a person makes a decision under the influence of emotions.

    • For example, the chief was pulled out by some customers, he in a psychotic state did not enter into a contract with other customers. The result, after a person calms down he signs a contract with those who brought him to "hysterics."One more thing. A person after a state of psychosis, becomes more manageable, it seems to him that everything that is told to him is true.

    This method is complicated in implementation, but it works and at what for the shortest time.

    Seduction, temptation

    All people from time to time succumb to temptation. After all, there are many more tempters in our time than in the times of Adam and Eve.

    So! Here, for example:

    • You're going to sleep, nothing to do, but it's too early to get up for work tomorrow. Then suddenly the phone rings, you pick up the phone, and there the joyous exclamations of your friend "went to the sauna, to drink brandy."You try to refuse stupid excuses about important things( which really are and which are really important), and that you really want to sleep. But then they tell you that cognac is at my expense, yes there are also girls. Everything, you are a puppet in the hands of an intelligent puppeteer. Quickly dressed, after 10 minutes you are already in the sauna, having fun with girls drinking brandy. And what are the consequences: unfulfilled deeds, a hangover and all that happens after such gatherings.
    • The second example, you walk down the street, and there's a huge sign, and in black and white it says "only today discounts up to 90%."You are surprised and run into this store. The prices are heavenly, but you believe that this is subject to discounts, tomorrow will be several times more expensive. You buy everything that you can give money, if you can say so, to your manipulators. Should I continue?

    The main thing in this method is to catch a person on the hook, to be interested. But if he was caught, consider the whole thing done.


    Here it's simple, everyone loves money, money drives the world. Here are those who have it and use it. You yourself understand very well what it means to bribe and how this can end. The main thing is that you could catch a person. Yeah, that's all, I bribed him, he will do whatever I want, well, or something like that. You will say madness, but in fact so often it happens. The main thing that is bad - can be costly, and it's against the law.


    Another method of direct exposure to humans.

    • A primitive example: "Darling, if you do not take out the garbage, my mother will come to us."I think that's all it says. Of course, this happens only in comedy series. The main thing is that the essence is clear.
    • Many people use blackmail, even without noticing this. "Do not eat yet, you will not go to the street.

    More complex examples of blackmail should not be cited. There can be a thousand examples.

    Very effective and simple, for uneasy people.


    Again, a direct method of action: "Do not do me. .. I'll tell you everything that you. .."

    Fear of

    Something like the way to number eight, except that it's not quite direct impact. The main factor is intimidation. Fear is stress. A person in a more stressful, nervous state, less control over their actions and activities. And before the question of strong fear, for example, if a person has any phobia, he can stop controlling himself altogether and give in to suggestion.

    Shame and guilt

    This method is often used when raising young children:

    • Teacher put the child in a corner in front of the whole class. The child, feeling guilt and shame so to stand before the class, most likely more than this action will not repeat. So to speak, it will not be.

    Now you know how to learn how to manipulate people, but think about whether you need such knowledge. Can it be better to speak directly to your relatives and relatives? So it will be easier to live.