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    Kosher food: pluses and minuses

    Religion is not only the observance of certain traditions, but also the rules of nutrition. Kosher food is a term taken from Judaism, and it is commonly used by Jews, but recently it has begun to appear in stores in many countries.

    What does kosher food mean?

    Kosher food is food prepared according to the laws of kashrut, which, in turn, is included in the list of Halakha rules.

    According to this code, the dishes must be prepared in accordance with certain customs, and the Jewish organizations that supervise their preparation carry out their printing on the packages.

    What is kosher food

    In general, kosher foods are divided into three groups:

    • "basar" - meat products;
    • "parve" - ‚Äč‚Äčneutral;
    • "freebies" - dairy.

    The very concept of "kosher" means that such food is healthy and suitable for consumption, so the products used by Jews are now very often found on store shelves.

    Kosher food: benefit or harm.

    Is kosher food useful? Of course, it only affects the health positively, because there are no dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, GMOs and various preparations, and the packaging in which the products are stored is absolutely sterile.

    As for the harm from Jewish kosher food, it was once announced by specialists from the United States, who compared this food with the usual. They managed to find out that a bird cooked in the usual way contains less harmful bacteria than the one that was made in a kosher manner.

    Kosher food: how to cook dishes

    According to kashrut, you can not mix milk and meat in one meal: the time interval between their use should be at least five hours. In addition, certain requirements are also imposed on the method of slaughtering animals: this should be done only by a specially trained person, and before the meat products fall into the hands of the cook, blood is extracted from it through soaking.

    Categorically forbidden to eat meat of sick animals, and dairy and meat food is prepared not only in different dishes, but also in rooms. That's why there are two kitchens in Jewish families, but if there is no such possibility, you can cook on two plates.

    What food is considered kosher ^

    Kosher food: Jewish dishes, recipes

    Kosher food: list of products

    To eat kosher, you need to know what foods are eaten according to kosher:

    • Meat: this includes beef, goat, and moosegiraffes, gazelles and sheep - i.e. Animals that have forked hooves and feed on plant food. Of those who do not have forked hoofs, they are allowed dams, camels and rabbits, and pork is allowed from non-herbivores. The most important thing in such products is the absence of blood: according to the opinion of Jews, those who swallow it inside can become aggressive and cruel. Also, eggs with blood clots are forbidden;
    • The bird. The owl, eagle, pelicans and hawks are forbidden;you can eat only home food: geese, ducks, chickens. The exception is only pigeons;
    • Eggs: they must have a special shape - be sharp at one end and rounded - on the other. If both their ends are dulled - they can not be eaten.it is likely that they belong to carnivorous carnivores;
    • Fish: on it necessarily presence of fins and scales. Completely prohibited all seafood( octopus, shrimp, worms, etc.), tk.there is neither one nor the other on them;
    • Milk is allowed only what was received from kosher animals, otherwise it can not be consumed;
    • Vegetables and fruits: there are no restrictions, except when they are wormy or in contact with non-kosher products.

    Kosher food: recipes

    Recipe for forcemeat from herring:

    • We divide the herring on fillets, soak it in milk for 40 minutes, then take it out and grind it;
    • We clean and remove the seeds from the apple, rub it on the grater;
    • Cook eggs, three on a grater;
    • Cut the onion finely, grate the potatoes boiled in a uniform;
    • Everything is mixed, cut with a knife until creamy consistency;
    • Add to the mass of melted butter, pepper;
    • We serve in a refrigerated state.

    Shaksuka recipe:

    • Cut into a pair of sweet peppers, peel tomatoes;
    • Fry in olive oil in a frying pan onion, then add pepper and fry for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally;
    • We press garlic in garlic, mixed with cumin, turmeric and chopped into small pieces with hot pepper, put everything in the pan for one minute;
    • Add tomatoes there, fry for 3 minutes;
    • We make a small notch with the help of a spoon in vegetables, we drive in eggs there;
    • Salt and pepper, cook until the protein is cooked;
    • Sprinkle with herbs before serving.

    Charlotte recipe:

    • Peel the apples from the seeds and peel, cut into cubes;
    • We beat raw proteins with a mixer, in parallel, pouring sugar in small portions;
    • We add yolks, melted margarine and vanillin, we introduce flour, salt and baking powder;
    • Lubricate the oil with a mold, fill in the layer of dough, place apples on top and add the remaining mixture;
    • On the surface, lay out apple slices, lubricate with oil and sprinkle with cinnamon;
    • Bake for half an hour in the oven at 200 degrees.
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    Kosher cuisine: the opinion of doctors ^

    According to doctors, cooked kosher dishes are of great importance only from the religious point of view, however, in medicine in general, such products are not so categorical, arguing that the way of preparation and the ingredients themselves can affecthealth.

    Earlier, Jews encountered many culinary difficulties during travel and flights, but now kosher food in airplanes is not uncommon, and it is provided by some airlines, so it is possible to observe religious traditions and rules, even being far from home and not being able to cook food on their own.