• 10 secrets of how to cheer up your boyfriend

    Earlier we wrote about how how to cheer up a girl, now I would like to reveal ways to raise the mood of a guy.

    Sometimes the mood of our family and friends is not as fun as we would like. Of course, you do not need to leave them in this state, because you do not want your boyfriend to suffer, from anything, right? !Today in our article we will try to give the maximum of useful tips that will help to cheer up the guy, both by correspondence and live. So, let's begin!

    10 ways to cheer up your guy

    1. Tell him about your love. And do it so sincerely and sincerely that even his icy heart could melt. Talk about love is necessary in those moments when the cause of his sadness lies in problematic relationships. And no matter what, it can be problems with parents, friends or relatives. Having said about your love, you seem to show your support, and whatever variant he chooses, you always support him!

    2. Suggest to him a little fool. Here of course you need to consider your age, as well as the pranks that you will offer. If you are already quite an adult couple, then of course it's about intimate relationships( women's sexuality and its power has not been canceled), if not, then romantic( kisses, hugs, touches, etc.).So with this seduction you will force him not to think about the problems that surround him.

    3. To convince him that he is the best. If the reason for a bad attitude lies in failure( a failed test, interview, or an unsuccessful deal), then you need( again sincerely) to show your admiration. Give examples of his achievements, examples of other failures, make the right comparison( in his favor), and also admit that the more successful guy, she never met. Make a reservation: "Yes, lucky for many! However, this is very different from success! ".Convince him of the fact that in the near future he will always succeed!

    4. If you want to improve your mood by correspondence. Here of course you can not do without sparkling anecdotes, the main thing is to find a good one and "in the subject".You can also send some trivial humor. The guy will appreciate it and get hooked for it. Suitable and funny pictures. However, sometimes you need a guy to talk, so try to talk him into a topic that bothers him, since by saying it, he can feel much better. However, you need to do this very carefully, so as not to anger him. And naturally in your posts try to support any of his steps already taken, such support will become very pleasant to him.

    5. To cheer up the guy by phone or sms, it is possible by means of different offers. So, for example, you can offer yourself a walk or go to the movies. After all, usually girls rarely make such proposals, respectively, the guy will be pleasantly surprised by such a sms-ke.

    6. Ask him to plan your overall day off. Let him make a list of the activities that you will take together. Let it be a campaign in billiards, kart racing or even a game of tennis. Even if all of the above you do not like, try to cope with yourself and agree to this. Such pleasant thoughts and ideas will make them focus less on the problem.

    7. Arrange a party for him. Invite his best friends to a cafe or arrange a party at home. In a noisy company, it's much easier to forget about problems than with yourself alone. Yes, let it be not quite a good party, but if you really want to cheer your man, then go to this step!

    8. Deliciously feed it. Everyone knows a simple rule - the way to the heart of any man, lies certainly through his stomach .So, if you know that he will come home from work in a bad mood, then your task is to cook as soon as possible something very tasty and something that he really likes. If you do not have a special culinary talent, then you can order food in a restaurant or a cafe, as even an ordinary pizza can cause a storm of emotions.

    9. Surprise him. Here are the editors of Vse-Sekrety magazine.ru advise you to do what he does not expect from you - buy a bottle of alcoholic beverage for him, if he so loves him. Give two tickets for football( an interesting match), so he went with a friend, etc.

    10. Do not leave him alone. No matter how funny it may sound, but you do not need to leave the guy alone with your problem. He, of course, will cope with it, however with you all will be more comfortable and pleasant!

    Good luck, dear girls!