• Why do men like bitch? And is this really so?

    Today we debunk the mystery about why men love bitch. We will find the main reasons, their nature and we will understand whether it is necessary for you to become a bitch. In general, the article will be useful to both girls and boys, as they really realize that in fact they are attracted to such women. Perhaps they will reconsider the relationship to their desires.

    6 reasons why men like bitch

    The reasons are really simple and trivial, so many even will be surprised to this prostate. However, do not forget that not all the guys are like that.

    • Some men like to be under the heel of a woman. Despite the widespread opinion that men do not like being "under the heel" of a woman, such individuals still exist, and their number grows every day. This is due to two trends: 1) Successful business women are becoming more and more, and such women often have bad, you can even say bitchy character traits. Although they also successfully go for men who have nothing left but to submit to such a woman or leave.2) The second trend is emancipation in an intimate life, in which some men prefer to be passive and subordinate to a woman. This relationship is gradually moving into ordinary life. By the way, men of the second type, as a rule, occupy high leadership positions( paradox).

    • With bitch is never boring. One of the most common causes of male betrayals and quarrels, is banal boredom. When a man no longer feels the need to seek a girl and conquer her, he begins to look for emotions. However, this search will not be required from the bitch, since all life will pass as if on a volcano. Of course, you can get tired of such jumps, but often the opposite happens. Therefore, men like a bitch - life with them is restless, complex, but interesting and inconstant.

    • Men love to work for women. Men in this are similar to predatory animals who like not just to enjoy a delicious piece of meat, but at the same time to get it first. Predators in captivity, without hunting, feel incomplete, because they have to not get food, and eat from a bowl. By analogy with men, you can understand that guys need a constant passion. They do not want to receive everything at once, even if they say otherwise. Bitch will not be so accessible even after the wedding.

    • Bitches know how to hide their true nature. Sometimes a bitch is just a shell, under which a thin and vulnerable nature hides, which men really love. In other words, a girl with a bitchy character, can be such for everyone, except her other half. With it, she submissive, quiet and gentle. Men like this reincarnation like, but they do not like a bitch.

    • You do not order love! Sometimes girls with a bad temper are not loved because they are so, but because they just love. When a man is in love, he does not notice the negative features of the other half, has no complaints and is generally under the influence of strong drugs. In other words, sometimes a male bitch likes not for their character, but for their appearance, eyes, manner of speaking, moving, cooking, etc.

    • The mercantile character trait wins. Men are far from ideal, so sometimes they specifically associate their lives with women with a complex character. However, this happens not for love, but only because of self-interest: money, property, real estate, promotion on the career ladder, etc. In such situations, men are ready to tolerate any of the wives of the wife, just to stay close to prosperity.

    Is it worth becoming a bitch for men?

    Now let's talk about the most important thing, namely, whether it's worth becoming a bitch, since they are so strongly loved by men. On this score, there are many opinions from the online magazine Vse-Sekrety.ru, and for everyone you can find your argument, but we adhere to the fact that becomes a bitch for the sake of a guy - DO NOT !There are many reasons, here are some of them:

    • Men more bitch like real women, those who do not have secrets and falsehood behind their shoulders. If you try to change, you still do not get to change to the end and in the end, you will fall in love with a guy in a completely different person. It will be both you and not you at the same time. Such a relationship never ends with something good, and if you do not want to destroy a potential strong relationship, then do not do it. Be what you really are.

    • As you can see from the reasons, not all men like bitch. Therefore, making yourself a bitchy girl, you only reduce your chance for happiness, because in fact you do not fully realize what kind of spiritual load.

    We wish you good luck in love!