• How to overcome your fears? The best answer!

    1. Understand the psychology of fear. First you need to understand how fear appears. This process can be divided into three main stages: the first is a biochemical reaction of the body, which can be expressed in the sweating of the hands, increased palpitation and, most importantly, in the adrenaline that is produced. In fact, it is the reaction of our body and body, to the situation. The second stage is an emotional component. It will depend on this how we perceive fear. A person can cry( or something like that), and can laugh. Since the reaction to fear is very individual, in addition, the injection of adrenaline in the blood is also significantly different. And the third stage, which is nothing more than addictive. A person can not be afraid constantly, over time the emotional and biochemical components stop working, so we stop being afraid. Knowing this technology, you can prevent fear yourself.

    2. Wedge - wedge knocked out! This advice is known to very many, and not for nothing, it really helps people. This method is completely based on the knowledge of the psychology of fear described above. You need not try to escape from fear, but rather come back to it more often. Over time, fear will begin to pass, as the brain and your body will begin to get used to what is happening. The reaction of the body will also cease to intensify, as he will feel that for a long time nothing terrible has happened. However, here we advise you to start from fear to get rid of gradually. For example, if you are wildly afraid of spiders, you do not need to immediately take it in your hands and allow yourself to crawl, from such a sharp fear a person can faint and fall. Of course, nothing bad will come from him, just when you fall, you can hit your head hard. In the end, you will also have to treat your head. So, if you are afraid of spiders, try to visit the exhibition of spiders first, walk next to them, look at them, maybe even touch a little( it will be difficult, but still), learn their habits and properties. Find out what species you can find at home or in the forest. Than they can be dangerous. Such information is likely to soothe you even more, as dangerous spiders in our latitudes are difficult to meet especially in the apartment. They say that from love to hatred one step, just as it can be with your fears. After all, there were a lot of cases when people were afraid of water or spiders, and then they became famous swimmers or arachnids.

    3. Come up with a motivation for why you need to get rid of fear. Just so getting rid of fear is difficult, because it is necessary to deal with this and literally treat a person. A healthy( in physical terms) and modern man has enough other activities more important than studying his fears and getting rid of them, unless he has a goal or task - to urgently get rid of fear! Think for the sake of whom or what, you would like to get rid of this phobia. Perhaps you have a desire to do something: jump from a parachute, for example, or cross the Atlantic Ocean on a ship, but fear of heights or water - you are prevented from doing so. Are you ready for this purpose( all your life) to get rid of stupid fears? !

    4. Let there be a person with whom you would be ashamed to show your fear. If you can not cope with yourself in difficult situations, then let them have that person before whom you are afraid to show your weaknesses. It can be a beautiful girl or a man, your child or even a mother or father who will make fun of you if you show your emotions. If you are afraid to show your body( especially in girls there is such a phobia), then you just need to go to the general beach and just undress to the bathing suit. Do it sharply and without talking. Then lie down under the umbrella and spend as much time on this beach. At the end of the day, you are most likely to get used to being in public without clothes, which hides your entire body. But now in the city there will be no problems dressing those clothes that you just want, as this complex or fear( call it whatever you want) will disappear!

    5. Learn to be distracted. If you are in this situation, the first thing you need to do is to try to get away from what is happening faster. Start talking on abstract topics, looking the other way, maybe you should call someone, so that a person on the line could distract you with conversation. It is important not to give emotions the upper hand over you, then everything will be fine with you!

    6. Find a way to save yourself. If nothing helps, then you should be prepared for your fear. For example, if you are afraid for your heart, that it sometimes hurts, and you begin to panic. It's simple - go to the doctor, find out your diagnosis and ask which pills can help in an emergency. Having bought these tablets - always carry them with you, and as soon as something like this happens - take a pill immediately. Further, if you are afraid of the dark, carry a gas can or an electric shocker to always be able to protect yourself. The essence of the advice is to find a thing that could protect you in the difficult minutes that you are so afraid of.

    There are no people in the world who are absolutely not afraid of anything - this is a fact. Therefore, if you have any fears, do not worry about this and complex, because we are all people, which means that we are also afraid of something. In this article we will talk with you about how you can overcome your fears, discover the most effective methods of fighting fears, and give practical advice from personal experience. Therefore, the article will be of interest to absolutely everyone.

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    That's all the ways to fight your fears. Try and you will definitely get rid of any fear or phobia.