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    . Coffee day: reviews and results of slimmed

    Coffee- a drink loved by many people, who is credited with many miraculous properties, although physicians do not tire of reiterating his danger to the body in case of excessive use.

    Despite this, a day of coffee is very popular among slimming and is widely used for effective cleansing and losing weight.

    Unloading day for losing weight on coffee: benefit or harm ^

    To date, buyers can choose coffee among its wide variety. There are special varieties that promote weight loss. But in fact, these properties are even the most common, properly roasted coffee beans.

    Coffee has the following effects on the human body and on the weight loss process:

    • normalizes the functioning of the nervous system;
    • improves efficiency and increases brain activity;
    • , due to caffeine content, gives a surge of energy and vitality;
    • allows you to overcome stress and depression;
    • is a preventive tool for the development of cancer;
    • has a diuretic effect, which is useful for infrequent drinking;
    • dulls the feeling of hunger;
    • helps to preserve youth and beauty thanks to the content of antioxidants;
    • has an invigorating effect, especially in the morning.

    There is a lot of controversy about the benefits and dangers of coffee. That is why the following contraindications to the coffee discharge should be noted:

    • Frequent drinking can lead to nervous exhaustion, disruption of the functioning of the body.
    • It is not recommended to conduct coffee unloading to people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular and genitourinary system.
    • It is believed that an overabundance of coffee in the diet can lead to "washing away" of many useful elements from the body, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc. In the case of a strong desire to unload coffee, you need to make up for their loss, that is, to drink vitamins or eat foods that contain missing trace elements.
    • Scientifically proven that this drink causes dependence, and its immense use can lead not to vivacity, but on the contrary, to drowsiness and rapid fatigue.
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    Coffee unloading day: popular recipes, menu ^

    Unloading day for coffee: menus and recipes

    There are a lot of ways to conduct an effective coffee-based unloading. To choose the most suitable, you need to familiarize yourself with the most popular options.

    Unloading day on black coffee

    Unloading, during which it is necessary to drink only coffee, is undesirable, as it will not lead to anything good. The menu of a day of unloading on black coffee can look like this:

    • Breakfast: 150 ml of black coffee without additives( milk or sugar), a little fat-free cottage cheese.
    • Snack: cucumber.
    • Lunch: coffee, cottage cheese.
    • Snack: a salad of bell pepper and lettuce, dressed with a little olive oil.
    • Dinner: herbal decoction.

    During such discharge it is recommended to drink as much pure non-carbonated water as possible.

    Unloading day on green coffee

    Green coffee has restorative properties and contains a lot of useful substances. There is practically no caffeine, which appears as a result of roasting, which allows you to unload without worrying about your health.

    Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which contributes to the effective burning of excess kilograms and prevents the appearance of fatty deposits. A fasting day on green coffee consists in consuming no more than three cups of this drink per day.

    • The first portion should be drunk in half an hour after breakfast, the second - instead of lunch, the third - 30 minutes before dinner.
    • In the morning it is desirable to eat a bit of low-fat cottage cheese, and in the afternoon or in the evening - an easy vegetable or fruit salad.
    • During the day, drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water.

    Unloading day for coffee and tea.

    . To carry out such discharge, use only natural, not soluble coffee and green or herbal tea.

    • This requires six cups of drink( for example, 3 cups of coffee and 3 cups of tea) without the addition of sugar. They should be drunk during the day.
    • During the coffee - tea day, it is allowed to eat vegetables other than potatoes and fruits, except banana and grapes, and drink plenty of liquids.

    You can get rid of 1-2 extra pounds in a day.

    Unloading day for coffee with milk

    If you drink coffee without additives is very difficult, then during the discharge into the drink you can add low-fat milk, which will eliminate the bitterness and make the taste of coffee more pleasant.

    • A day is recommended to drink up to five cups of coffee with milk.
    • In addition, in the menu of this unloading you can enter fruits and vegetables necessarily fresh. You can prepare light salads, filling them with olive oil.

    Unloading day for coffee with sugar

    Some people who lose weight find it very difficult to drink a bitter beverage without additives, so they can add a partial spoonful of sugar to coffee. Of course, the effect of such unloading will be less tangible, but you can try. The amount of sugar must be reduced gradually with each day of unloading.

    The ration of a coffee-clearing day looks like this:

    • Breakfast: a cup of coffee and fruit.
    • Snack: green tea and a slice of black bread with hard cheese.
    • Lunch: coffee and vegetable salad.
    • Snack: green apple.
    • Dinner: coffee.

    Unloading day for coffee and water

    You can carry out coffee unloading more often than once a week. Weight loss with the help of this option is due to the removal of excess fluid from the body.

    • For this per day it is recommended to drink 3-4 cups of coffee and 1.5-2 liters of still water.
    • During the day, it is allowed to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as fat-free cottage cheese.

    Unloading day for coffee and chocolate

    • This version of a fasting day can appeal to many people, since it involves eating 150 g of bitter chocolate and coffee.
    • Drink a drink and eat a piece of chocolate every 3 hours.
    • When you feel hungry, you can drink a glass of still water or a cup of green tea.

    Unloading day for coffee for pregnant women

    During pregnancy, it should be very cautious to spend any unloading days, especially coffee.

    • To carry out such discharge, the expectant mother is allowed to drink 1-2 cups of soft coffee and milk.
    • During the day you can eat vegetables and fruits, drink kefir, yogurt with a low percentage of fat.
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    Unloading day for coffee: testimonials, results, real stories of losing weight ^

    You can significantly improve the results of coffee-free days if you spend them regularly, with a frequency of 1 times a week. About a month you can feel the wonderful effect of unloading: the appearance of a sense of ease, energy, slimming by 3 - 4 kg.

    Reviews of the coffee break day are controversial, but most of them indicate a safe and effective method. Here are some responses from our regular readers sent to us:

    Lisa, 23 years old:

    "I really like this drink, but I try to drink it sensibly, because it causes dependence and raises blood pressure. Once a week I spend coffee unloading, after which I not only feel fine, but also lose weight by 1-2 kg. "

    Catherine, 39 years:

    "Personally, I am skeptical about this method of purification and weight loss, even I am his opponent. It seems to me that you can cleanse the body in other ways, for example, with the help of vegetable or fruit unloading. Losing my age coffee purification, I do not recommend. "

    Violetta, 29 years old:

    "I spend coffee unloadings once a week, I lose 1-2 kilograms per day. So that they do not return back, on the remaining days I lead an active lifestyle and eat only useful food. If you do not, the lost weight will appear again. "