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    Unloading day on chocolate: reviews and results of losing weight

    Traditionallychocolate refers to products not recommended for use in the process of losing weight.

    However, experts have long found out that a high-quality product with a high content of cocoa has a lot of useful substances and not only does not lead to the accumulation of fatty deposits, but also helps to lose weight effectively.

    Unloading day for weight loss on chocolate: benefit or harm ^

    Dieticians have developed an effective method that perfectly suits the slimming lover of a sweet - unloading day on chocolate.

    The positive effect of this dessert on weight loss and general health is due to the unique chemical composition of the product, namely the content of vitamins B and PP, as well as minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium. In addition, chocolate has the following useful properties:

    • Due to the content of catechin - a natural antioxidant, chocolate is able to fight the impact on our body of free radicals.
    • Restores the function of platelets when systematically consumed in small quantities. Contains flavonoids that inhibit thrombosis.
    • Despite the mistaken belief that chocolate raises blood pressure, this product is useful to eat people suffering from hypertension, to prevent heart disease. Unlike coffee, it contains 6 times less caffeine.
    • Prevents vasoconstriction, lowers blood cholesterol levels, cleans vessels and strengthens bones.
    • Boosts brain activity, promotes better learning.
    • Provides vivacity and energy, improves mood, improves memory, strengthens the immune system.
    • Increases the sexuality of a woman, facilitates her condition during the PIP period.
    • Helps to get rid of depression.

    To make chocolate unloading successful and bring only benefit to the body, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the existing contraindications before conducting it. These include:

    • liver disease;
    • individual intolerance to the product;
    • period of pregnancy and lactation;
    • various chronic ailments.
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    Chocolate unloading day: popular recipes, menu ^

    Unloading day on chocolate: recipes, chocolate menu options

    There are many options for holding chocolate unloading days. To choose the right one, you need to familiarize yourself with the most popular ways of unloading.

    Unloading day on black chocolate

    It is worth noting that for chocolate day of unloading it is necessary to choose only quality black chocolate with the content of 70-80% cocoa.

    • For a day you should eat 80 g of dessert, distributing it in 5 equal portions.
    • During unloading it is recommended to drink enough pure water( not less than 1.5 liters), unsweetened green tea or broth of wild rose.

    Unloading day on white chocolate

    It is known that white chocolate contains a lot of sugar and various additives, so nutritionists do not recommend using it for effective unloading. In addition, if you overeat such a product all day, the result will not only be invisible, but even the reverse.

    You can make the following menu for unloading on white chocolate:

    • Breakfast: 100 g cottage cheese and a cube of white chocolate.
    • Snack: unsweetened green tea.
    • Lunch: vegetable salad, a piece of chocolate.
    • Snack: herbal decoction.
    • Dinner: a glass of yogurt.

    Unloading day on milk chocolate

    Like white chocolate, a dairy product is considered not very suitable for carrying out a fasting day. It also contains some cocoa, but a large amount of sugar and various additives.

    • In a day you can eat no more than three cubes of milk chocolate, and in the ration unloading to introduce vegetables and fruits.
    • Do not forget about sufficient fluid intake.

    Unloading day on bitter chocolate

    For carrying out such an unloading option, take only 30 g of bitter chocolate and divide it into three equal parts. For 10 g of the product you need to eat before dinner, afternoon tea and dinner.

    You need only light food throughout the day. The sample menu may look like this:

    • Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese with fruit( 100 g).
    • Snack: green tea.
    • Lunch: light vegetable salad, 10 g chocolate.
    • Snack: 10 g of chocolate, tea.
    • Dinner: chocolate, a glass of low-fat yogurt.

    Unloading day on chocolate and kefir

    It is known that yogurt is an excellent dietary product, widely used in the process of weight loss. In addition, it normalizes the process of digestion, removes harmful substances from the body.

    • For chocolate unloading you need to take a tile of bitter quality chocolate and a liter of kefir with a low percentage of fat.
    • The products should be divided into 5 equal portions and consumed throughout the day at regular intervals.

    Unloading day on chocolate and coffee

    Coffee, despite the fact that it is mistakenly considered a harmful drink, is widely used for chocolate unloading day.

    • For effective unloading, you need a dark chocolate bar and 5 cups of sugar-free coffee, which should be stretched for 5 meals.
    • A day should drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water.

    Unloading day on chocolate and milk

    Milk is a product used for cleansing the body, removing toxins and toxins from it and effectively losing weight.

    • For a fasting day, you need 1 liter of low-fat milk and a bitter chocolate bar.
    • It is important not to forget about the use of liquid, without which unloading will be less effective.

    Unloading day on chocolate for pregnant women

    Before choosing any of the discharge options during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor. For future mothers it is undesirable to spend monodni on a chocolate dessert.

    The unloading menu for a future mother might look like this:

    • Breakfast: 10 g chocolate, fruit salad.
    • Snack: 200 ml of yogurt, green apple.
    • Lunch: vegetable soup, a slice of black bread.
    • Snack: green tea and 10 g chocolate.
    • Dinner: low-fat yogurt, 10 g of chocolate.
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    Unloading day on chocolate: reviews, results, real stories of losing weight ^

    The results of chocolate fasting days are wonderful: for 1 day of unloading you can get rid of 1-1.5 kg of excess weight. Experts recommend carrying out chocolate unloading once a week for two months. In order to consolidate the results, it is necessary to play sports and eat right in the breaks between days of unloading.

    Positive feedback on the weight loss day on chocolate is also indicative of the high effectiveness of this method:

    Oksana, 23 years old:

    "I just love chocolate, so I immediately decided to have them when I learned about the existence of discharges based on this product. And I never regretted my decision. For one day of unloading I lost 2 kg, and for 2 months - 8 kg. "

    Catherine, 30:

    "I was always skeptical about chocolate unloading, because I thought it was very difficult to lose weight by eating only chocolate. But, as it turned out, I was very wrong. Firstly, after cheerfulness, cheerfulness and energy appear, the mood improves, and secondly, 1-2 kilograms go away in just a day. "

    Margarita, 21 years old:

    "I carry out unloading on bitter chocolate and kefir. During the day of unloading, I feel comfortable and cheerful, and even lose weight by about 1.5 kg. I recommend this method of purification and weight reduction to everyone. "