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    Protein discharge day: weight loss result 1-1,5 kg

    Protein fasting day is a wonderful way to maintain weight in the norm. It will allow to fix the result of the diet and will contribute to the smooth reduction of undesirable volumes.

    Protein Unloading Day: Benefit or Harm ^

    Protein is a very useful and extremely necessary element for the human body, since it contains amino acids that promote muscle growth and development.

    The lack of protein leads to negative consequences for the whole body: the hormonal background, liver and kidney function may worsen, and the absorption of essential trace elements and vitamins will slow down.

    During this one-day diet, first of all, the fat cells are affected, the muscles remain virtually untouched. This distinguishes the protein unloading from its other varieties, where excess kilograms go along with the fluid being lost.

    The advantage of protein discharge is the absence of hunger. Such a diet is well tolerated by the body - since the protein is digested quite slowly, a person does not have time to strongly want to eat. In addition, the choice of foods for dietary nutrition is large enough.

    What you can eat for protein unloading

    • Meats of low-fat varieties: turkey, chicken, veal, beef in boiled or baked form;
    • Fish( pollock, cod, pike perch, hake, crucian carp, perch, bream, catfish, capelin, etc.);
    • Eggs;
    • Fermented milk products;
    • Proteins of vegetable origin: mushrooms, legumes, etc.
    • Raw vegetables and herbs;
    • Drinks: tea, coffee, compotes of berries or dried fruits, broth of wild rose. Sugar in them is not recommended.
    • It is mandatory to use pure still or mineral water.

    Contraindications for protein-free days of discharge

    Protein discharge is contraindicated in the following cases:

    • People with heart and vascular disease, kidney and liver.
    • Temporarily refrain from such slimming and purifying the body should women during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

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    Unloading day on protein products: popular recipes, menu ^

    Protein unloading day: menu options, recipes

    Protein unloading day on meat

    • For a day, 500 g of selected non-fat meat should be eaten, which it is desirable to boil without adding salt.
    • The entire daily volume of food should be divided into 5 servings and eat it throughout the day.
    • If the feeling of hunger still arose, you can quench it with low-calorie vegetables: green peas, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes.
    • In the evening it is allowed to drink a glass of yogurt.

    Protein discharge day on kefir

    This is the most common and very effective option of protein discharge:

    • During the day, you should consume only kefir in the amount of 1.5 liters.
    • It needs to be supplemented with a lot of liquid.

    Protein discharge day for curd

    • 600 g of low-fat cottage cheese will be required for such unloading.
    • You can supplement the diet with 0.5 liters of kefir, tea without sugar and water, which should be drunk as snacks.
    • Curd should be divided into 4 equal parts, it is not forbidden to add honey, steamed wheat bran, berries, fruits, vegetables or greens.
    • It is allowed to prepare a curd pudding or a casserole if the raw product is not very much to taste.
    • Curd can also be bred with kefir, milk or a small amount of sour cream with a low percentage of fat.

    Protein unloading day on fish

    The approximate menu coincides with the meat day, but instead of meat it is necessary to eat lean fish.

    • The quantity of the product is also 600 g.
    • You can supplement the menu with 100 g of cabbage, cucumber, salad or tomato.

    Protein unloading day on eggs

    There are several options for such unloading.

    • For example, you can eat one egg and a green apple for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    • To drink all this you need unsweetened black coffee.

    Another way of egg unloading:

    • For breakfast it is recommended to use two boiled eggs, orange and coffee without adding sugar.
    • At lunch you need to eat 8 pcs.pre-steamed prunes.
    • Dinner can consist of one egg and one orange.

    Unloading day on protein shakes

    Protein cocktail is sold in specialized stores. You can also prepare it yourself:

    • To do this, mix with a blender 200 grams of cottage cheese, 200 grams of milk, a little oatmeal and fruit.
    • This drink should be consumed instead of breakfast and lunch.
    • For dinner you can eat something light, for example, a salad of vegetables.

    Protein unloading day for beans

    Sample menu for beans unloading day:

    • Breakfast - half a cup of boiled beans;
    • The second breakfast - fresh berries or one not very sweet fruit;
    • Lunch - another glass of cooked beans combined with a salad of fresh vegetables;
    • For dinner, 100 grams of low-fat meat and fresh vegetables are allowed to be added to the familiar beans.
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    Protein fasting days: reviews, results, real stories of losing weight ^

    In the opinion of nutritionists, it is possible to arrange such discharges for maintaining a figure not more than once a week, as longer consumption of one protein food is not recommended. If there is a need for one more day off during the week, there should be a fairly long break between them.

    Unloading days only help to facilitate digestion and remove accumulated harmful substances from the body. To consolidate the result, you need to remember about healthy eating and moderate physical activity.

    Reviews of the protein weight-losing day for losing weight of our regular readers:

    Svetlana, 43 years old:

    "This was my first unloading experience and I was generally satisfied. I was not hungry all day, and the next morning I felt an unprecedented ease. "

    Tatiana, 32 years old:

    "I constantly use a protein one-day diet. It's very easy to carry, and the results of days off on protein products are just impressive. I can lose up to 1 kg.and at the same time feel great. "

    Irina, 37 years old:

    "Excellent unloading, especially in winter, when you want to eat all the time. It gives a wonderful effect, but you do not feel discomfort. "

    Unloading with protein food will help to become more slender and smart. However, before it is carried out, it is recommended to consult your doctor for advice on the available contraindications, so that such a procedure will benefit and not break health.