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    Rice unloading day: testimonials and results

    Unloading day onrice is a great way to normalize the digestive system, cleanse the body, reduce the waist by a few centimeters and not suffer from bouts of hunger.

    "White gold" of Asia is widely spread in Europe received not so long ago, about a hundred years ago. But popularity won instantly, thanks to the mild taste and unique composition of vitamins and trace elements.

    Rice unloading day for losing weight: benefit or harm ^

    Rice unloading day is very useful for the body and is permissible even for intensively working people:

    • The presence of proteins and carbohydrates in this cereal product provides normal functioning of the brain and the muscular system.
    • The content of B vitamins strengthens both central and peripheral nervous systems, which avoids emotional disruptions, often accompanying food restrictions.
    • Weight loss is due to the ability of rice to absorb and remove excess fluid, toxins and undeveloped foods. Being a natural sorbent, it gently and without consequences cleanses the intestines, restores the microflora and strengthens the muscle tone.
    • Promotes the acceleration of the renewal of all tissues, and hence, the general rejuvenation.
    • Relieves edema, improves the skin, nails, hair, normalizes blood pressure and the work of the heart muscle.

    Rice unloading day can be carried to pregnant women, nursing mothers, which in no way reduces the beneficial properties of milk. It is not recommended to eat rice only with chronic constipation and painful sensations in the abdomen and liver.

    • The gift of Asia is perfectly combined with many products, such as fish, seafood, rabbit meat, quails, turkeys, vegetables, fruits, nuts.
    • Food should be divided into small portions( up to 150 g.) - 4/5 times a day.
    • In breaks drink purified water, about 3 liters.
    • During fasting days it is necessary to limit the use of salt, which delay the excretion of liquid.
    • Rice is not combined with potatoes, fatty meats, white bread and all flour products.
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    Rice unloading day: popular variants of rice unloading, menu ^

    Unloading day on rice: menu options

    Unloading day on rice and kefir

    Sour-milk products, in particular kefir in a duet with this cereal, increase the cleansing effect.

    • In the morning it is useful to use unsalted boiled rice( 1 cup of dry cereals, increase after cooking 3.5 times) with kefir( 1%, per day, not more than 750 ml.).Also, as a variant of breakfast - to cook rice porridge, adding a whisper of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of honey.
    • For lunch it is recommended to use a rice broth containing 20% ​​of cereals, the rest of the liquid, seasoning with cumin, parsley, fennel and garlic.
    • For a supper( no later than 19 hours) to drink a cocktail: on a blender, grind 4 tbsp.spoonfuls of ready-to-eat cereal, then combine with 200 ml of kefir and a pinch of vanilla. In breaks, to drink in small portions warm kefir( it will be better absorbed).

    Unloading day on rice and water

    • Original ingredients: steamed rice about 400 gr.(maximum) and water, mineral or purified - 2-3 liters.
    • Do not drink cereal, as the liquid dilutes the gastric juice, and the foods are digested longer.
    • Drink water 15 minutes before meals or 40 minutes after.


    • For breakfast prepare rice and combine with finely chopped cilantro, parsley and dill.


    • For lunch to the table, serve a light soup - garlic onion broth, strain to transparency and add( 200 ml of liquid) 2.5 tbsp.spoons of ready-made cereals.


    • For dinner, try rice, seasoned with ginger( powder) and black pepper. Spices accelerate metabolism processes well.

    Unloading day on rice and milk

    To cleanse the body, milk should be consumed up to 2% fat content, per day not more than 400 ml.


    • For breakfast, cook rice separately with warm milk( 100 ml), seasoning with vanilla.


    For lunch, serve the milk and rice casserole:

    • Boil the croup to half-cooked, chop until it's minced, add your favorite greens and some milk.
    • In the parchment form, spread the resulting mixture and bake in a preheated oven for 8-10 minutes.


    • For dinner, you can make a drink by combining milk and rice broth in a 1: 1 ratio.

    Unloading day on rice and tomato juice

    Due to the high content of fiber and acids in the vegetable drink, it will be able to cope well with the reduction of body volumes. Tomato juice is often prepared with the addition of garlic and bell pepper.

    • For breakfast, drink a glass of juice and 50 gr.rice.
    • For lunch, you can warm up the drink a little, add chopped greens, hot pepper and 4 tbsp.tablespoons of cereals. To extinguish rice( 250 gr.) In tomato juice without salt.
    • Dinner repeats breakfast( tomato juice + rice porridge without oil and salt).
    • If during the day there is a feeling of hunger, you can drink rice decoction or water with honey, the sensations will disappear after 15 minutes.

    Unloading day on rice and apples

    Apples help to cope with avitaminosis, replenish glucose, and the presence of fiber in them is the key to normal digestion.


    • For breakfast, a fasting day will require 2 medium-sized apples and 1 tbsp.a spoonful of semi-prepared rice cereal.
    • Cut the core and fill it with rice, sprinkling with cinnamon. Bake in the oven for 7 minutes.


    • In the lunchtime it is recommended to prepare a salad of boiled cereals and fruits, cut into small slices.
    • Season with lemon juice, combined with French mustard.


    • In the evening of 100 gr.finished rice and apple puree( baked wiped fruit) to form a roll and cut into small pieces 3 cm wide with the addition of a pinch of ginger.
    • This dish does not need sugar or salt, as when baking apples become very sweet.

    Relaxing day on rice and vegetables

    The combination of rice and vegetables is an excellent option for one day of cleaning and for the everyday menu


    • In the morning, you can prepare a rice casserole with tomatoes, eggplant, finely chopped greens and a little rice.
    • The ratio of vegetables to cereals is 5: 1.This dish is prepared for 15 minutes.


    • At lunchtime, it will give an energy salad of cucumbers, avocado, arugula and steamed rice.
    • For filling, you can use apple cider vinegar( coffee spoon per serving).
    • Cucumbers contain a large amount of water, which contributes to the renewal of cells, avocado is rich in vitamins and has a gentle oily taste, and arugula lowers cholesterol.


    In the evening a light dinner of stuffed Bulgarian peppers is useful:

    • You will need 2 pcs.sweet pepper.
    • For the filling, the finished rice is combined with chopped herbs, granulated garlic, grated carrots.
    • In an oven, preheat for 5 minutes and decorate with green onions.

    Unloading day on rice and dried fruits

    Despite the high caloric content and the presence of glucose, all nutritionists recommend using dried apricots, figs, raisins, prunes, dates. In rice unloading day, you can eat up to 150 gr.goodies.

    • In the morning, cook porridge with raisins( 10 pcs.) And dried apricots( 4 pcs.).
    • For dinner in a broth of prunes( 3 pcs.) Add 4 tbsp.spoons of cereals, cook for about 10 minutes. Serve with herbs, without salt.
    • In the evening, a salad of 4 finely chopped dates and 100 gr.rice, seasoned with lemon juice.
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    Unloading day on rice: testimonials and real stories of losing weight ^

    Testimonials of dieticians about rice-free day for losing weight

    Rice unloading days are recommended for everyone who wants to achieve quick results without harming the body. Rice unloading with fruits or vegetables can be included 2-3 times a week, with a combination of cereal + drink - once a week.

    Compared to mono-unloading, when one type of food is consumed, rice days are easy to transfer and the results are higher. The rice displays water with the products of decay, therefore, thanks to the most valuable cereal, it is possible to perfectly clean and lose weight to 800 gr.per day.

    After leaving the rice unloading day, the menu should include vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, fish, then - meat and cereals, nuts. Do not "break away" with the help of alcohol, soda, snacks and fast foods.

    Let's give the feedback of our regular readers about losing weight with the help of rice unloading days:

    Lisa, 17 years old:

    "Since childhood I have been plump( to put it mildly), and since 10 years I have tried many diets. At the age of 15, because of hormonal disorders, my mother took me to an endocrinologist who immediately sent me to a nutritionist. For me, developed a menu in which 1 day was given to rice. For half a year I lost 25 kg and today I cook my favorite garnish "

    Antonina, 28 years old:

    " I never watched the weight until I gave birth to a baby. The parameters have grown by 5-6 cm. My sister advised me not to starve, but cooked me rice with prunes. My results of fasting days on rice did not make me wait long. After 2 months, I easily climbed into my favorite jeans, and still feed my son »

    Vera, 57 years old:

    « I do not like to deprive myself of delicious. But over the years, kilograms are growing imperceptibly. I really love pilaf, and somehow decided to adjust the recipe. And to reduce the pressure, I made myself rice unloading once a week. Weight went unnoticed, and loved ones celebrate my fresh face and shiny hair »